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Submitting Application for Absentees from School

Sample application for leave of absents to submit in school parents or teachers after uninformed absents.

Leave Application for Absents by Parents

Respectfully stated that my son, Ahmad Ali, is a student of class 3, section D at your school. He had been absent from school last week, the reason was that he was suffering from diarrhea and was admitted in hospital. I was busy there and could not inform at school. His medical certificate is attached with the application. I request you to excuse his absentees from school and allow him to attend the class.

Thank you

Malik Ijaz


Leave Application by Parents After Being Absent in School

Respected Principal,

I am mother of Alishaa writing to inform about the absent of my daughter yesterday from the school. Actually I was not at home due to my mother’s health and there was no one else to drop her to the school in by absence. I request you to please approve her leave of yesterday as inform. So there will be no conflict of attendance at the time of exam registration. I will be thankful to you.


Mrs. Aisha Manzoor

Mother of Alishba

Leave Application After the Absents in School


The Principal,

LGS School, Lahore

Dear Sir,

Respectfully it is stated that I have not been able to attend the school during last three days w.e.f 12.10 to 14.10 due to my illness and because my family doctor had advised me complete rest for three days. You are requested to please grant me a leave for the stated period. I am enclosing my medical certificate from my family doctor herewith for your kind consideration. I also request you to please arrange photocopies of pending homework during my absentees.

I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours obediently,

Obaid Raza,

Roll No. 33,


Submitting Application for Absentees from School

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