Application for Advance Salary for Domestic Use

Sample Applications for Advance Salary are available for employees/teachers/staff members etc. These Applications are written in English language for urgent advance salary requesting from the company or employer.

9 Letters for Advance Salary from Office are available below with different reasons.

Write Salary Advance Request Letter in English

The Principal,
Aitchison College

Subject: Request for advance salary

Dear Sir,

I have been working as a permanent employee of our institute since 2016 as the teaching assistant Urdu Department. The following month, I’ve my daughter’s wedding. For which I want to renovate our home and buy a few domestic items. Therefore, I request you to kindly sanction me my salary in advance so that I can cover the necessary expenses. I have sincerely served my institution for all these years and I am very hopeful that my institution will cooperate and extend all the help that I’ll need.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Assistant Lecturer

Salary Advance Letter to Manager

Subject: Application for Advance Salary from Company

Dear Mr. Ahmad,

I will be grateful to you if you will give me advance salary loan worth of Rs. 20,000 from my Salary. I need it on urgent basis for some personal domestic reasons. Please deduct a sum of Rs. 5000 from my incentive/commission or monthly salary on regular basis onward from June.

I will be thankful to you.
Sincerely Yours,
Executive Officer

Advance Salary Request Letter for Domestic Use

Dear Sir,

I am Isha, Senior News Anchor writing for an advance loan from my salary for domestic usages. I have some urgent tasks to complete at home and facing shortage of finances. In case of non completion of those tasking I may suffer in coming months. In this letter I request you to please issue me a loan of USD $ 50,000/- and deduct it from my monthly salary as an additional support. I would be happy to pay it back in 5 monthly installments starting from January.
Thanking You,

Senior News Anchor

Advance Salary Application for Loan Payback

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I, Mr. Hamza, have been working in your company since June 2016, as assistant to Marketing Manager . Unfortunately, I want to inform you that I am facing bad financial situations as I have to settle a loan on the promised date of 25 of this month. I would like to request you to issue an advance loan from my salary, worth Rs. 18000 and would like you to deduct Rs. 6000 per month from my salary till the amount has been repaid fully. I would be grateful to you for your consideration for my request and of course, would be glad if you suggest any guidelines.

Thank you


Application for Advance Salary
Application for Advance Salary Application for Advance Salary

Advance Salary Application From Office

Ms. FatimaManager HR

Subject: Application Letter for Advance Salary from Security

Dear Ms. Fatima,

It is stated that due to extra charge of tax amount from my monthly salary, kindly grant me Rs. 6000/- as advance from my security deposit and deduct Rs. 2000/- Monthly from my salary. I shall be very thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,
Maryam Sam
Sales Officer

Application for Advance Salary from Security
Application for Advance Salary from Security Application for Advance Salary from Security

Advance Salary Loan Application from Job in Email/SMS

Mr. SamiullahManger Resource

Subject: Short Application for Advance Salary Request Letter from Security

Dear Mr. Samiullah,

Kindly pay Rs 6,000 as advance against my salary for the month of November 2016 for which I shall be thankful.

Truly yours,

Request Letter for Advance Salary in Email

Dear Ms. Saima,

As you know my sister’s marriage is in start of next month. Our company pay salary after 10th of every month. I request you to please pay my salary advance on 1st of the next month. I will be thankful to you.

Resource Officer

Short Application for Advance Salary from Security
Short Application for Advance Salary from Security Short Application for Advance Salary from Security

Write Salary Advance Request Letter

Alex Anderson,
Head of Human Resource Group,
Eco Company Ltd,

Dear Sir,

I hope you are enjoying a good health and prosperous life. I pray for the same.

I am Robin Adam, Manager Finance Department, and associated with the organization for more than Five years.
I would like to draw your attention to the matter that I am in urgent need for funds due to the urgent family reasons.  For this reason I need at least Six months advance salary to entertain my family needs.

I am qualifying for advance salary as per company manual and policy regarding advance salary. The copy of relevant section is also attached for your kind reference. I am optimistic that you will consider my application on priority basis.

Your Positive step in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Thank you with high anticipation and profound regards.

Very truly yours,
Robin Adam,
Manager Finance,

Application for salary advance for Domestic Use

Company name:

Respected Hr Manager!

Sir I have been meaning to talk to you about my financial condition. Recently my wife has left her job due to her medical condition. That has taken a toll on our whole expenses and I have two schools going children at my home and a home whose mortgage I still have to pay. I would be so grateful to you if you could sign on my advance salary slip. I would wait for your reply.



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  1. Dears,
    I’m working in a organization, i wanna apply for 4month salary advance the reason is my father medical treatment in other country not home country.


  2. hi my name is Doreen jacovino I am looking for a loan for 15,000 I need to pay off bills I have accumulated I receive disablty checks and also ss I am willing to sign over my disabltey checks until loan is payed back please help and kindley let me know one way or another thank you Doreen jacovino

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