Letter for School Leaving Certificate

Format of request letter to send to school and asking them to grant you school leaving certificate as you have to leave the school due to financial crisis, moving away or any other reason.

Letter for School Leaving Certificate Due To Financial Problems

Roll no
School name

Respected principal!

Hope you find this in good health. I have been a student in this school right from the nursery and I have maintained good grades since the primary classes. I never imagined that there would be a day where I have to leave this school other than when I graduate. But due to unfavorable circumstances that arise in my home after the death of my father, there is no way I can afford the tuition fees of this school.

With a heavy heart I would request you to grant me a school leaving certificate so that I can continue my studies through private means.



Request Letter For School Leaving Certificate

The purpose of writing this letter is to inform you that I am leaving the school this month.

As you know my father is an army officer and he gets regulars transfers from the Army Head Quarters. This time they have transferred him to Ohio State, which is 800 miles away from this state. Our family has taken the decision to move on with my father. We are leaving this state by the end of this month. I need a school a leaving certificate to get admission in the next school.

Kindly provide me the required document within the time being

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