Job Transfer Letter From Employer Example

Sample Job Transfer Letter template for employees from Employer or company. Sample Transfer Letter for Campus Transfer Letter, Department transfer, area of a job transfer, city of a job transfer, production unit transfer, etc.

Job Transfer and Posting Letter from Employer to Employee

Office Order

I am pleased to assign the duty of (post name) to (Name of employee) in addition to his duties as stopgap arrangements in his own pay & scale, in the best interest of the company in anticipation of the (management approval), with immediate effect as the said post is vacant due to relieving of (name of old employee).

This order has been issued to overcome the deficiency of work and till the posting of a regular incumbent.

Signatory Authority

Transfer Letter to Employee


Mr. Farooq Ahmed
Marketing Officer
SemiOffice Technologies

Subject: Job Transfer Letter

Dear Mr. Farooq Ahmed

(Name of Employee), Marketing Officer, Has been transferred to (New office name) as Sales Officer. To keep the Marketing Activities at Sales Office going, you are hereby appointed as Sales Officer in (New office name).

After being relieved from (current office name) Sales Office, you are directed to report to Manager Administration, (New office name). Your joining report at (New office name) should promptly be sent to this office.

Manager HCD
SemiOffice Technologies

Job Transfer Letter From Employer Example
Job Transfer Letter From Employer Example

Job Transfer Letter From Employer

Mark Simon
Assistant Manager Finance

Dear Mark,

Our company has recently started a new division of automobile parts manufacturing with the installation of a plant in New York. We need passionate, hardworking, and visionary staff to make this initiative a successful venture. Upon request from the head office for a recommendation of such individuals under my domain, I recommended your name to be a part of this new team.

I am informing you with great pleasure that your services are being transferred to the new project as a Finance Manager, and you will be joining at the new location from next week. I hope this new appointment will further nourish your career, and I assure you that your services in this regard will be valued highly.

Steve Smith
Managing Director

Job Transfer Application Due to Mother Illness (Posting from one branch to another)

Respected Manager,

I am sending this application to request a job transfer to the Johar Town branch. As I am a resident of Johar Town, and the branch in which I am currently working is in Bahria Town, so it takes a lot of time to cover the distance.

Nowadays my mother is really sick, and she has been recently discharged from the hospital. Her condition is not very stable at the moment, and as I am her only child so I have to visit her after every few hours to check up on her, which gets really inconvenient for me due to the long distance between my place, and office that I have to cover four times a day. I request you to please transfer my job even if I have to work at a bit lower post at least for a few months until my mother does not get well. I assure you that I will keep on working hard.

You may contact me in case of any query. Kindly help me through this difficult time. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

Employee, IT Department

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