Request Letter for Counselling Appointment

Sample Format Of Writing to Principal, student counselor of a school, or college about the previous session you missed, and in the new one want to ask them about professional advice, and seek help from them in guiding you to the right career path.

Request to Principal for Counselling Appointment

Dear college principle,

I am writing to you because I unfortunately missed my first counseling session. I miss the session is due to the same reason I need counseling in the first place.  I am sorry but I couldn’t prevent it. As you don’t know the full extent as to why I need these sessions I have as a result of the home problem I have relapses, and sometimes I get an attack. This is from my own brain trying to make me forget what happened.  This makes me collapse on the floor in too much pain to move for the next three days I am in bed recovering.

Nowadays they are getting worse, and I have no control over them. I was hoping that going to counseling will help my brain to recover fully, and I can start to have a normal life back. So again I am sorry that I missed my first session, and I hope that you can understand, and give me a new one.

Kind regards,

Mr. Anthony Storm

Request for counseling appointment regarding universities for higher education

September 12, (Date)

Mr. Chris Brown,

Higher Education Counselor,

Glasgow, England

Dear Sir,

I have recently completed my college studies, and now I am planning to continue university education. I have interest in different fields of study, and because of this I am confused about the right selection of degree program. Since you have years of experience in student counseling, I want to discuss my case with you so that I may take the right decision. For this purpose, I request you an appointment on Monday September 17, (Date) at 2:30pm. If this time does not suit you, please suggest any date, and time after September 16, (Date).

Your guidance will definitely lead towards the right track, and I will be able to pursue my career in the right direction.

A confirmation of appointment from your office will help me manage my time accordingly. You can send confirmation reply at my mobile number xxxx-xxxxxxx, email, or mailing address (____________________________).


Thank you,


Yours sincerely,

Alan Parker


Request Letter for Academic Counseling Appointment


Dear Sir/Madam

I have been planning to apply to study permit of Australia for my under graduation, and for that I needed guidance. As you know, that how delicate application procedure is so I don’t want to make any mistake that could lead to my rejection. Your agency is well known for its visa acceptance rate.  I have checked all the details on the internet about the charges, and I am willing to appoint your agency RMT Enterprise as my representative. I request you to check my profile, and arrange an appointment for visa counseling. Also, as I don’t have much time left in my intake so I would like to get done with this stage as soon as possible. I can assure you that I won’t back down in the middle of the process. I am looking forward to a very positive response from you.

Best Regards;

Fatima Aamir


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