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  • Hate Your Job? Start Business from Your Mobile Phone Today

    Most job holders and job seekers don’t know how to start their own earnings from mobile phones. Because whenever we think about business, many questions come to mind like Heavy investment, planning, risk of failure, and losses, staff hiring, office place, and rent, tax, loans, heavy credits in business, the idea are not good, How … Continue reading “Hate Your Job? Start Business from Your Mobile Phone Today”

  • Employers Having Advantage of Unemployment in Pakistan?

    It is a very true reality that the youth which is a majority in Pakistan facing long lasting problems. These problems are being created by unemployment, education system, lack of leadership, political system, and instability in politics, bribery system, and international pressure, and agent politicians. In presence of all these factors, there is the only … Continue reading “Employers Having Advantage of Unemployment in Pakistan?”

  • How to Work With Your Boss? Do You Know?

    The fact is Boss always wants those people who are not much more intelligent. Their performance should not be better than the boss’s. The boss always picks your weak points, and proves you an unintelligent worker. Boss will hide your performance from the senior management especially where the boss is answerable, and report-able. Boss will be … Continue reading “How to Work With Your Boss? Do You Know?”

  • Education System in Pakistan. Will We Succeed?

    Today education has become necessary for everyone’s life; Survival without education is becoming difficult. A recent survey shows that in today’s environment labour level jobs also requiring education to work on machines, to drive machines, and to quantify the work, and calculate the earnings. But in developing countries education is challenge for low earners, especially … Continue reading “Education System in Pakistan. Will We Succeed?”

  • What Happen in Interviews? How to Win an Interview?

    The complete story of a fresh graduate till hiring on the first job. Don’t forget to share after reading this story. Common Interview Questions, and Answers are discussed in this article. This can be life-changing for you. Interview questions, and answers tell me about yourself. Job interview questions with answers. Common interview questions, and answers for freshers. Interview questions, and answers strengths and weaknesses. Tough interview … Continue reading “What Happen in Interviews? How to Win an Interview?”