How to study, and understand the Books?

As technology has developed, and we enter to 21st-century study is simple, and most easy to read, and learn from the books. There are international standards of writing books available. Most of the books meeting the standards I find them very easy to understand, and memorize. Following are the points to read business books especially. Even teachers do not know this method.

Where to start? First of all, you need to know who wrote this book, and what is topic is being discussed. Why you want to read this book, you can judge it from the topic. Try to find the first pages if there mentioned “how to read this book” because most of the modern books have this guide page. If this page is available carefully go through it.

What to learn first? Most of the books have content pages, and all the contents managed in a hierarchy. Try to understand what all hierarchy about. If possible try to draw this hierarchy on a page.  If you will be able to do this I guarantee you that you will understand half of the book, and 50% of the topic.

How to start reading? When you have completed the first two steps, and you have got an idea of what is inside the book. You can start reading it first chapter. According to international standards, most of the book authors summarize the whole book in the first chapter. Before starting any chapter keep its contents in mind with hierarchy, and try to understand the first chapter in depth. If you learn the first chapter of the book that you are reading you will get 80% knowledge of the book. If you completed, and learn the first chapter carefully, the rest of the whole book will not be a problem for you. No matter whether the book contains 500- pages, or 500,000- pages.

What to do with terms, or difficult words? All books have used many terms, and lots of words that you may not understand easily. For this problem during your reading keep in mind to check all terms, and difficult words at the end of the book in section “glossary”

What to do after completing the chapters? At the end of each chapter, you will find an exercise, you must complete this if you really want to learn from the book. When you have gone through the whole book, it will be useless for you unless you exercise it, teach it, or implement where it can be.  You can find larger case studies, and solve them with your own understanding. In this way you will not only read the book in a short time, but you will also be able to memorize it for a lifetime, get lessons from it. And you will achieve the purpose of the book.

What is happening in our classrooms? In most of the universities, colleges, and schools teachers start from the first chapter, shortly go through it, provide an exercise for students to perform, finally in next class more than 80% of the students come without any solution by themselves, 10% copy it from other 10%, and the last 10%, most of them already having knowledge about the topic, some read it from the book, and some understand it from the teacher. In class teachers only teach few chapters, and they don’t care whether the student learned from the teacher, or not. They just try to complete the session. This difference exists in all developing, and underdeveloped countries, and all Muslim countries. This is the reality of our classrooms according to my experience, and that is why we are laggards in the world in education. There are many other reasons but I am not discussing them here.

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