Request for Marriage Certificate

Sample letter to request marriage certificate from govt authority/ union council, district administration etc.

Request for a Marriage Certificate

The Pastor in Charge,
United Presbyterian Church of USA

Dear Pastor David,

My name is John Cena S/O Samuel John, resident of St. Marry Road, Chicago. I have got married with Julia Roberts D/O Robertson on 22-11-20XX at the Church; you were the pastor who has bounded us in God’s name. Pastor because of relocated from the previous location/house, we have lost the marriage certificate during shifting to our new house. I did not noticed but yesterday I went to change the name and address on identity card of my wife, they asked me to bring marriage certificate. They cannot change it without marriage certificate as a proof.

I request you to make a new marriage certificate so we can have it for future process/need. I am writing our names, ages, date of birth, residence address below. Hope to get a quick response from you.

God bless you and all the Church members.

John Cena

Marriage Certificate Application

Respected Registrar sir,

Respectfully, it is my humble request that kindly issue my marriage certificate as soon as possible. I got married 2 month ago and still did not get my marriage certificate. Hope that soon you will act upon my request.



Thanking Letter for Contribution

Sample letter to say thanks for the contribution/ donation/ charity/ work/ financial contribution etc.

Thanking Letter for Contribution

The Chairman,
ABC International School,
DHA Phase v,


We appreciate your indolent and inclination towards our hospital. You have gifted us a handsome amount in this regard. No doubt, this reflects your love and regard for humanity. May God bless you with the showers of his blessings? We strongly hope that you will continue Your this practice in the forthcoming future.

Yours sincerely,


Thank You Letter for Contribution

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I (Ayesha Fazal) am very much thankful to you for helping me in my difficult time. As you contributed so much which is obviously a great favor for me. I’m now out of that difficult situation due to staff’s contribution as well. I can’t tell how much relieved I’m now so once again thank you so much for such huge favor.


Ayesha fazal

Thanking Letter For Contribution

XYZ Children Society,

Dear Society Members,
I am writing this letter to you on behalf of children housing society, I don’t have words to thank you all enough. The smiles that you brought on the disabled children here at our shelter are just indescribable. First and foremost I would like to thank you all from the core of my heart for taking time out of your busy day and dedicating it to the children here. The activities that you held here were admirable and something we look forward to in the future.

Secondly I would like to thank you for your contributions, for the gifts and for the clothes that you spared these unlucky children. Even the infants seemed happy whilst playing with their new toys.
You brought beautiful smiles on beautiful children and we will remember this forever.
Thank you again for your contributions.

Donation Manager,

Thanks Letter for Contribution

Respected Sir,

I would thank you first for your kind act for poor ones. Your contribution means a lot to us. Gradually these kind acts become blessings to us.

Whole heartedly thank you sir.



Thanking Letter for Contribution

Respected Sir / Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your contribution of amount 5000 Rupees. You were the only light when I was in trouble. With your contributed money I pay the dues of my hostel.

Your this kind deed will be always remembered.

Your well-wisher,

X Y Z.

Thank You for Your Help and Support

Sample letter to say thanks for your support. Thank you for your help and support. Thank you for your help and support i really appreciate. Thank you letter for help and support at work. Thank you letter for support and cooperation. Personal thank you letter.

Thank you Message for Support at Work

Dear Mr. Shariq,

Hope you will be all fine. A week ago I asked you to help me by your capital. It was not an easy job to help someone immediately with such a huge amount. At that time you was only a person who support me in my hard time.

I am very much thankful to you for support. And I assure you that I will give back all of your amount which you has been given to me.

I am honored that I have such a cooperative and sincere friend in my friend circle. Once again thanks a lot for your care, support and cooperation.
Thanks and regards,
Yours truly,


Thank You for Your Support

Mr. Mike Paul, hope you are doing good. I’m good too. I am writing this so that I can thank you for supporting me in my project. I was looking for the best company to hand over my final project and you offered me  your company as it is one of the best goods selling company in whole city. Once again thanks for your support.


Mr. Neil John

Application Letter to Principle for Require Fee Structure

Application letter to principal asking for fee structure and fee procedure for admission of your children or to refer someone.

Application Letter to Principle for Require Fee Structure

The Principal,

Please refer to our telephonic conversation just a couple of hours before, and send for me the fee structure for to get admission in the Intermediate class as my son will be visiting your prestigious institution tomorrow .

As discussed on the phone my son has secured 90% marks in the matriculation exams and deserves a reasonable discount in the overall fee structure.

Please send the details to my email address at the earliest so that I can send the amount with him accordingly.

Your quick response in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Request Letter to Principal for Fee Structure

Respected Sir,

Hope you are doing well. I’m writing this letter so that I can ask you to give me the fee structure document, as my father was asking for it so that he can submit it to his office. We need it for official purpose.

Please give me that as soon as possible. It would be so nice if you send me that within this week.


Miss Ayesha Ahmed

Application for Half Class

Sample leave application to get leave of half class due to emergency, going home, event, guests etc.

Leave Application for Half Classes

The Principal,
Aims College Islamabad,

Dear Sir,

It his humbly requested that my father had gone for Hajj a month ago. He is coming back today. His flight will come at noon. We all family members have decided to go to airport for his warm well come along with other relatives. I request you to allow me half classes leave so that I may go to receive him. Thank you.

Yours obediently,

Zarish Hayat.

Application for Half Class in School

Respected Sir,

I (Uswa Iqbal) student of BS.5th semester is writing this application to you so that I can ask for half class permission. Please allow me to go after 1 hour of the lecture so that I can go to my cousin’s wedding i-e on Friday 12th at the end of this week.

I’ll be very thankful to you.



Application for Half Class to Principal

Respected Sir,

I’m writing this to you so that I can ask for your permission for attend the half lecture. Sir, I have to go on a family lunch with my whole family it is so much important for me I can’t miss that. So please allow me half leave on 10th Feb Thursday. I’ll take notes from class fellows so don’t worry about that.

I shall be highly obliged.


Hina Naz

Application for Half Class for Project

Respected sir / ma’am,

With due respect, I am writing this to you for a request that, I have an urgent work today, as you already know that there is a much load now-a-days from university. Lots of assignments and projects we need to hand over our respected teachers. One of my projects is the film making project, regarding this film I have a shoot today I have to go for shooting. Therefore, I am letting you know about that I will not be able to take the whole class, as I have to rush for the shoot today.

It is my humble request that please mark me present. I will be very thankful to you.



Half Day Leave Application the Principal of School to read Friday Namaz

Dear Principal,

I am a student of Riverdale School and I identify as a Muslim. I am a very proud student of this school and am very fortunate to attend my classes here.

I am writing this letter to request that I be excused after a half day of classes on Friday due to religious reasons. As a Muslim, I am required to perform prayers every Friday, just as Christians are required to attend mass every Sunday.

It is unfortunate that the timings for Friday Prayer overlap with school, therefore I am willing to stay at school for an extra hour or two the following Monday of every week in order to make up for any possible missing work in class.

I believe this is a reasonable request as I promise to make up for any missed work the following school day. I would be very grateful if you granted my request.


Muhammad Tariq



Letter of Intent to Open a Business

Letter of intent for business purchase. Letter of intent for business partnership. Letter of intent for business venture. Simple letter of intent. letter of intent for new business

Letter Of Intent to Open a Business

(Enter Friends Name Here),

Dear friend,
I am fine and I hope you are doing fine too. Congratulations on your recent graduation, I couldn’t be more proud of you. Friend, as you know the inflation rate in our country is on the rise. It’s very hard to earn bread and better whilst keeping legality of work in mind.

I had an idea a few weeks back and wanted to discuss it with you. As you know, I am not working for anyone right now and always had plans to build my own business and grow with it. I didn’t discuss my plan with you sooner as I wanted to do some research on it first myself. Although I had a lot of business startups plans in my mind but the plan that hit me the most was to start up my own gaming zone and carry on with it.

The idea for starting up a gaming zone came to me when I met an old friend, as he is jobless himself nowadays he wanted me to associate with him in the field of work. I will be the main investor in our start up. You the main with the brains will deal with all the management issues and come up with solutions to our everyday problems. My other friend will help us in the constructions and maintenance of our site respectively.
All in need from you is an acknowledgement and I hope that I will get it.

Best regards,

Application for Leave from College

Sample application for Leave from College due to illness, marriage, exam, accident, internship or any other reason.

Application for Leave from College

The Principal,
ABC College,


I have been a bonafide student of your college in class—-Roll no —The marriage of my elder brother is going to be held in the next week .I will have to arrange all necessary items in this regard .I have to go to the market to purchase different necessities .

So, I do find me unable to attend my college. You are requested to give me a leave from ———-to ———– .I will be obliged in this context.

Yours obediently,


Application for Leave from College

Respected Sir,

I’m student of BBA studying in 6th semester, as my specialization is just started, I know these days are so much important for me but I want you to give me one day leave as I’m doing an internship and I’ve to go on an office tour to Islamabad on 14th of March. Please allow me one day leave I’ll be thankful.

Hoping for positive response


Ayesha Mudassar

Application for Leave from College Due to Grandfather’s Death

Roll no
College name

Respected headmistress!

Hope you are doing well. Last night I was informed that my grandfather who was ill for quite a time now has passed away and my family members asked me to come there in this time of grief to mourn with them. As this is the peak time of semester and I know taking a few days off will not be a smart decision but right now my family needs me in this difficult time. So it is my humble request that can I take a leave for the whole next week so that I can be present there for all the rituals.

Your student,


Leave Application from College

Respected Sir / Ma’am,

I beg to say that I am suffering from high fever since two days. So, I am unable to attend the college from 22nd December, 20XXto 24th December, 20XX. Kindly grant me leave for three days. I would be very thankful to you for your kind deed.

Yours sincerely,

X Y Z.

Request to Boss for Quotations Accept

Letter to boss request to accept the quotation from the client because we have no more quotations and there are limited number of vendors available.

Request to Boss for Acceptance of Quotations

Ms. Hillary

Chief Executive Officer

ABC Company,


Respected Madam,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health and I am praying for it.

This is to bring into your attention that the IT Department of our Organization submitted requisition for the purchase of 10 laptops of specified brands.

On the basis of request received, the purchase department had pursued relevant laptops dealers for the purposes of obtaining quotes on the basis of their evaluation record being maintained for the said purposes.

After receiving the quotes, the comparative statement has been made on the basis of rates offered, mode of delivery, discount offered, warranty period and after sale servicing facility. For your ready reference, the complete trail of documents is enclosed herewith.

You are hereby requested to consider the enclosed documents and finalize the best option so that we may proceed with processing of order at our earliest.

Thanking your and with profound regards.

Alan Taylor

Purchase Manager

Request to Boss for Quotations Accept


The Procurement Manager,
ZZZ Trading Company,

Subject: Request for the acceptance of Quotation
Refer to our last meeting held in your office to discuss the new project which is to go live from the 1st January.
As advised by you, I called most of our existing suppliers and some new also with good repute in the market. After exploring the market a comparison was done based on quality and pricing and the attached quotations were picked after the consultation with finance and operational teams. These are to procure cleaning materials and related machines on urgent basis.
Please review the quotations and approve the best as per your expert opinion so that we can give a go ahead to the contractors to ensure timely management of the materials and equipment on site.
Kind Regards,
Mohamamd Aamir.

Requesting for Full and final settlement

Sample of request letter to employer for settlement of salary, pending salary, loan, advance salary after leaving the job.

Request for Full and Final Settlement to Employer


The Manager HR,

ABC Group of Companies,

Ravi Road Lahore.


With due respect it is stated that I had resigned from the company in the previous month and has served the mandatory notice period also which ended on 02.12.

Could you please advise the Finance Department to release my end of service dues as soon as possible because I have shifted to another city pursuing my next job.

As a reference, I have attached a copy of the resignation letter and also the vehicle handover form so none of the company assets are under my possession at the moment.

Please do the needful as it is very inconvenient for me to travel from the other city to the company office for the follow-ups.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards,

Mohammad Aamir.

Request Letter for Full and Final Settlement

Mr. Alex Steward

Head of Human Resource

Wall Street Company,


Dear Sir,

I am hoping that you are enjoying good health and I am praying for the same.

It is to bring into your kind attention that I had resigned from my post of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) via resignation letter no. XXXX.   This letter is intended to request for the settlement of my outstanding receivables from your kind side.

For your convenience, I am enclosing herewith my outstanding receivables duly adjusted with the impact of advance obtained for the purpose acquisition of dwelling home and to purchase my Car.

You are hereby requested to reconcile the workings mentioned in enclosed documents with the same being maintained by the Accounts Department. In case of any disagreement, please bring the facts into my knowledge so that I may resolve the matter at my earliest convenience.

I would be really obliged for your kind favor.   Thanking you and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,

Alan Taylor

Chief Financial Officer

Leave Application for One Week

Sample leave application to get leaves of at least one week from office, school, college to attend function, ceremony or relaxation at home like bed rest etc.

Leave Application for One Week

The principal,
Govt. College

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I am a good student of your college and always got positions in my class. Sir now my health is too weak and I am not able to attend my classes regularly. Doctors advised me to take rest for one week. So it is requested to grant me leave for one week.
I shall be very thankful to you
yours faithfully,


Leave Application for a Week

The Manager,
Italian Cuisine

Dear Sir,

I have to join a wedding of my brother which is held on 10th December 20XX. We are two brothers, so I will have to manage and arrange everything on his wedding ceremony and as it would be a first wedding in our family so there will be a huge gathering of our relatives and friends.

I humbly request you to accept my application and approve my leaves for a week. I shall be thankful to you.

Yours faithfully,

Aqib Saqib

Leave Application for One Week for Father Illness


Respected manager!

My father has suffered from cardiac arrest two days back and there is someone who is needed for twenty four seven for the whole next week. My brother has been with him for the past three days and he cannot take more days off as it will cost him his job. I can promise that I will over time when I will come back making up for the lost time but in this dreadful hour my family needs me. I hope you will understand my position and grant me leave for a whole week.