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Short Invitation Letter Sample to Guest of Honor for Annual Day

This is short invitation letter sample to guest of honor. Invitation to Guest of Honor for annual day of school, college, university, office or company.

Short Invitation Letter to Guest of Honor

The guest of honor

Respected Sir,

We are glad to cordially invite you to the Annual Day as Guest of Honor. There are many qualifiers who need to be given certificates and prizes. We would be honored if you consider granting us your presence.

We are looking forward to have your company.


The principal

Invitation Letter to Guest of Honor


Subject: Invitation as Guest of Honour for Annual Celebration

Dear Sir/Madam.

We are celebrating the great annul day at “Company Name” as per our company policy. This celebration will include all the people of all the departments of the company that may exceeds 3200. So we choose the seminar hall as venue for this celebration.

We request you to spare some time and please join the Celebration with other key management personnel of the “Company Name” and see our presentation of the company performance that how we are Committed to Serve the most neglected segment of the society.

Venue:______________ Date:_____________ Time:______________

Looking for your arrival on time



Short Invitation Letter to Guest of Honor
Short Invitation Letter Sample to Guest of Honor for Annual Day

Invitation Letter as Guest of Honor and Speaker

Mr. Henry Grey
Education Commision
California, USA

Sir, with due respect I have to state that there is an annual day being held at Kasper University of Science on 22nd of July. It would be an honor for us if you could attend and bless us with your presence. It would also be a great source of inspiration for the students to hear from a living legend. I genuinely hope you would consider this invitation and notify us as soon as possible so we could put in order the preparations respectively. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jackson Hill
Kasper University of Science
California, USA

Invitation Letter to a Guest of Honor

Honorable guest,

Respected sir,

I am very pleased to inform you that your presence is requested at our annual prize giving ceremony as guest of honor. We are conducting a small event, where different participants will compete with each other in many sports. Winners will be given prize and honored by you. You will also be rewarded with a certificate for honoring us with your presence.

You are warm heartedly invited. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Strong-arm
Manager sports event

Invitation Letter to a Guest of Honor

Respected Sir,

Hope you are doing great. Sir this letter is to inform you about the upcoming event in our university that is welcome party for new batch 20XX. As you are one of the inspirational personalities among youth now a days, so I am requesting you to please come and join us on 10th February 2018 on Saturday at 5 p.m.  It would be a huge favor for all of us if you will join and make that evening more wonderful for us.

Thanks, we will be looking forward for you.


Amjad Khan,

Head of Student’s council


Telephone Message Slip Template

Sample telephone message slip template to record the messages of received calls by the operator, receptionist, or the personal assistant. It is a simple way to record a telephone message for your Manager, CEO and other executives. Normally used by Personal Secretaries and personal assistants in small and large companies/organizations. Just copy the below text paste it in any text editor like Ms Word or Excel and get it printed on the paper after settings and necessary changes.

Telephone Message Slip

Caller Name__________________ Date:____________________________
Call Time:_________________ Call Back Time: _____________________
Message For:_______________ Calling Number:_____________________

Call Received By: _________________

Telephone Message Slip Template
Sample telephone message slip template to record the messages of received calls by the operator, receptionist, or the personal assistant


Sample Telephone Message Slip Format for free download

Telephone Message Slip
Caller Name: Mr. Philip                    Message For:
Desig & Company: CEO : SemiOffice.Com
Message: Wanted to visit for discussing volunteer training program
for employees of fatima group (Requted for Meeting time)
Call Time: 9:45
Call Received By: Number: 12345678
SemiOffice Call Back Number:    Same as above

Image view of the Sample Telephone Message Slip

Sample Telephone Message Slips in Ms Excel Free Download
Sample Telephone Message Slips in Ms Excel Free Download

Download Links:

Advance Payment Letter Format

Sample letter to request advance payment on urgent basis from company for miscellaneous expenses. We write requesting advance payment letter format to use in office, company and for clients, customers etc. You can customize this letter as per your requirements.

Advance Payment Letter Format 1


Ms. Mahnoor
Manager Purchase
OBTC School
Faisal Town,

Subject: Advance Payment Request for Miscellaneous Expenses

Dear Sir,

It is requested that Rs. 20,000/- as advance payment needed urgently for the clearance of Miscellaneous Expenses regarding Teachers Training Workshops. I request you to please issue necessary instructions for payment of Rs. 20,000/- to the concerned. I will be thankful to you.


Manager Administration

Advance Payment Request Letter Format
Advance Payment Request Letter Format


Advance Payment Letter Format for Suppliers


Ms. Mishal Fatima
Manager Administration
OBTC School
Faisal Town,

Subject: Advance Payment Request for Suppliers

Dear Sir,

As we discussed in the meeting to start plain fabric production for Alina & Co. I have got all the quotations from three suppliers of required raw material with discounted rates as compared to our previous orders. All the quotations are enclosed for your review. I request you to please instruct the accounts department to release at least 20% as advance payment for final purchase order. All the remaining dues will be paid at the time of delivery. According to my analysis with these discounted rates of suppliers we will get 7% extra revenue from this production order.


Merchandising Officer

Advance Payment Request Letter

The HR Manager,
XYZ Firm.

Respected sir,
My son was diagnosed of leukemia last year and is in the final stage now. Upon fighting the disease for almost eight months he was found unconscious on the bed last night. I rushed him to the hospital where I found out that his disease is getting worse day by day and that he needs to be medically treated right away.

As you know my salary is limited so I request you to kindly approve me of taking advance payment of this month and the next month so that my son’s treatment can go smoothly without any issues and stresses in my mind.

I hope you will understand my problem and grant me the advance payments as soon as you can.

Thanking you,

Letter for Issuance of Demand Draft

Sample letter to request for issuance of demand draft for payment to vendors, suppliers or any other purchase bills.

Demand Draft Issuance Request Letter

The Branch Manager,
Askari Bank

Subject: Requesting a demand draft for immediately making payment

Dear Sir,

From my PLS account number 0033-999999999 please issue a demand draft of Rupees 5,000/- in the name of Ms. Annum Khan, CNIC 35202-8765309-1, to be sent by registered post at DHA, Phase 3, Lahore.

Kindly issue the demand draft as early as possible and make it payable at your bank branch located at Askari Bank, DHA, Phase 3, Lahore.

Thank you.

Muhammad Rafay Mir

Request Letter for Issuance of Demand Draft for Payment

Respected Sir,

We are registering our company for Licensing with PTA. I request you to please issue the Demand Drat worth $150/- in the name of PTA. PTA registration fee form is attached with this request. I will be thankful to you.



Letter for Issuance of Demand Draft
Letter for Issuance of Demand Draft

Letter for Issuance of Demand Draft

The Revenue Officer,

Respected Sir,

I am humbly stated that I need to complete my documents for my job application at a company. A demand draft of 70 USD is needed with application. Kindly issue me the demand draft against my account number 12345678910111of the stated amount in favor of Barley Noodles Pvt. Ltd., 10th Floor, Burj Dubai.

Thank you


Resignation Letter Sample With Notice

Resignation letter sample with notice and reason for any job or position like manager, executive, officer, department head, teacher, marketing officer. First paragraph explain about your resignation and terms/notice to the company. Second paragraph explain the reasons of your resign. Third paragraph explain about your experience in the company since you joined. You can use this as template “How to write resignation letter”.

Resignation Letter With Two Months Notice

Chief Executive

Subject: Resignation Letter With Notice
Respected Sir,

I am Minahil, Manager Communication and Industrial Relations tendering my job resignation from the job. As per requirement of two months resign notice in advance, this resignation starts from 4-Jan-2017, and 3-March-2017 will be my last working day at

Although I wanted to say much more, I strongly believe the reasons leading to this decision are not forcing me to resign, but here is a matter of respect of mine and my colleagues, and I will therefore leave them untold at this time.

I appreciate and very happy having had the opportunity of being a member of “Company Name” for more than two years with all of my devotions and best performance. I also offer my best wishes for the continued success and growth of this company.

Warm Regards,



Resignation Letter Sample With Notice
Resignation Letter Sample With Notice

Resignation Letter with Notice

The HR manager

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that due to unforeseen conditions I have to resign from your company. I was hired on contract of five years, but I have to leave one year earlier. As per company regulations I am writing this letter with a notice one month prior to my resignation.

It has been a great experience working at your company. The professional environment here has allowed me to learn more and enhance my skills. However, I have to move to another state and I cannot come to work from there. I am exploring other job options for which I have to resign from here.

I hope you will understand my position and grant me a resignation certificate along with an experience. It will really add value to my career and make it easy for me to search next job.

Thank you for much for taking time to consider my application.

Yours sincerely

John Bill

Job Description of Marketing Manager template

Sample job description of marketing manager in hospital, fmcg, manufacturing company and industry to explain the duties and responsibilities of the marketing manager.

Job Description of Marketing Manager

We are looking for active and experienced applicants for post of Marketing Manager. The job includes variety of work which ranges from office work to sales promotion in field. The Marketing Manager will also be responsible for advertisement of the company. Applicant should be willing and capable to handle working with a team as well as an individual.

Age of the applicant should be between 20 to 40 years at the time of applying this job. Candidates with Master’s degree in relevant subject and having more than 5 years of experience will be given preference.

Job Description

Name: _____________

Title of the position: ______________

Department: _____________________

Reports to: ___________________

Overall responsibility: Supervise department staff and find ways and means to enhance funding for the organization.

Key areas of responsibility

  1. Working on all the possibilities of fund raising
  2. Dispatching letters and emails on timely basis
  3. Arranging meetings and executing campaigns which are necessary for institute

Consults with

  • All levels of management


  • Good organizational skills
  • Cooperative behavior with staff as well as with donors
  • Well defined marketing tools
  • Handle elusive tasks given by management

Resource Development Manager

Job Description of Marketing Manager

Dear Mr. Sam


Reference to your job application about marketing manager, I want to inform you that we are considering your application, but before we call you for an interview we want to describe the duties of marketing manager.

  • The person should be masters in marketing from well recognized university, and should have at least 5 years of experience in this field.
  • Marketing manager will be responsible for marketing of all our products, including new and old products.
  • He will be responsible for planning and designing of new marketing strategies.
  • The selected person should be able to prepare marketing campaigns and should be capable enough to implement it.
  • He should be well aware of online marketing and should also be expert in social media marketing.
  • The selected person should be independent in decision making, hence he would be considered responsible for all decisions.

Hope the above description is enough for you to understand the seriousness of this job. I wish you good luck in your interview that will be conducted on 25th December 2016.

Best Regards

HR Manager,
Hair International

Manager Job Description

Job Description of Manager Fundraising

  1. Name: ___________
  2. Job title: Manager Resource Development
  3. Department: Resource Development
  4. Job location: _________________
  5. Reports to:President and Vice President
  6. Purpose of the job: Fund Raising and Marketing


Job Duties & Key Responsibilities

  1. Follow up Calls to New & Old Donors
  2. Preparation and Dispatch of Letters
  3. Preparation of Monthly Sponsorship Lists
  4. Preparation of Annual Sponsorship Lists
  5. Managing, Sorting and Record keeping of donors and sponsorships
  6. Working for Registration of SMS Short Code Donation
  7. Working for Online Donation via Banks
  8. Working for promotion via Radio and TV Channels
  9. Supervise activities of Volunteers time to time
  10. Managing and Updating Website of AH Foundation
  11. SMS Marketing
  12. Sending Letters & Emails to prospective and old donors
  13. Execution of Zakat Campaign in Ramazan
  14. Executing Schools Campaigns
  15. Sponsorship of Promotional materials like Brochure and Newsletter



Manager Resource Development

Fuel Allowance Application Form in Excel and Word Free Download

This Fuel Allowance Application Form is to request daily and monthly fuel expenses for the company. This form is available in ms excel and word formats. Excel form is available with auto calculation of rates and miles/km, but in word form you need to perform manual calculations. You should put all the required information like company name, month and your supervisor or manager’s name. You can download the attached fuel request form in excel and word.

Fuel Allowance Application Form Format

Company Name


Fuel Request Form

“Name” Requested Fuel for the Month Of __________
Sr # Date Visited Place Km Rate/Km Amount Signature
1 $ 3/-
2 $ 3/-
3 $ 3/-
4 $ 3/-
5 $ 3/-
___________________ ________________
Prepared by Approved by:
Name Name
Designation Designation
Final Approval by:
Fuel Allowance Application Form in Excel and Word Free Download
Fuel Allowance Application Form in Excel and Word Free Download

Fuel Allowance Application Form in Excel Free Download

Fuel Allowance Application Form in Ms Word Free Download

Minutes of Meeting Sample Template

Sample format of Minutes of Meeting. This is general format you can customize it according to your needs. This is specifically designed for SMS Fund Raising Campaign for an NGO but it is a very good example of minutes of meeting.

SMS Fund Raising Campaign
Minutes of meeting                         24-03-2010                             Time: 03:05 pm


Meeting called by: Name (Public Relationship Manager)

Type of Meeting: Official

Facilitator: Company Name

Attendees: Name: Manager Creative Work, Name & Designation and Name & Designation,
Duraton: 45 Minutes

Topics Discussed


Discussion: Introduction of Marketing Department of “Company Name” and the “Company Name” Team

Introduction of the campaign by Name & Designation like when it is going to be executed, its mechanism, benefits and outcome. “Company Name” wants to do this because of its corporate social responsibility. Name & Designation introduce the department and give the details of functions performed by the department; Newsletters, Brouchures, Corporate Letters, Email Messages, Banners and Steamers and all communication means with individuals and corporate sector.

Campaign Execution

Discussion: SMS Campaign Execution

Briefing about the joint Fund Raising campaign going to be executed in last week of March. All departments at “Company Name” meet to exchange the full mechanism of the campaign and duties and responsibilities will be assigned before the final execution to achieve the goals and launch it successfully.

Placement of message in newsletter & brochure etc

Discussion: Place and Position of message on newsletter , banners, steamers

Creative Manager of “Company Name” team suggests that the SMS charity message can be placed at the front page of newsletter. It may not be suite able for the banners and steamers.


Discussion: “Company Name” team will help to design our newsletter, brochures. (if required)

Warid team will help to design our newsletter and brouchure if it required in future to make it more attractive and posting the message that how the readers can donate for AH Foundation from their mobile.

Frequency of newsletter and brochure

Discussion: Details of the additions of newsletters, brouchures, and their frequency

Issuance of newsletter after every four months and the brouchure can be reissued after any up-gradation at “Company Name” or according to the required quantity.


Discussion: Coordination between “Company Name” and “Company Name”

Marketing Department of “Company Name” will remain in coordination with “Company Name” Team and provide them all kind of support to execute this campaign successfully.

Prepared By: Name & Designation

Advance Payment Letter For Vehicle Maintenance

Sample of Advance Payment Letter from Company to Auto Maintenance Workshop. This letter can be used to request payment issuance in advance for vehicle, motorcycle, car or bus maintenance from the company/employer.

Application for Advance Payment for Maintenance

Finance Director
OBTC School
United Kingdom

Subject: Request for Issuance of Advance Payment

Dear Sir,

It is stated that VAN No. 6462 Hyundai Grace’ engine need to be repaired. Total expense for repair of VAN Engine is $ 4,000 and we need to pay $. 3,000 cash payment as advance. I request you to please issue the payment as soon as possible.

Assistant Manager Administration

Request for advance payment from company
Request for advance payment from company