Agenda Meeting Template

You can customize this sample agenda meeting template as per your needs. We recommend you should print this on the company letter head. This sample can be used for any meeting of CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managers and supervisor meetings.

Company Name and Address
Participants:President/ CEO:   ___________
Vice President/Dir:  ___________
General Manager   ____________
Finance Director    ____________
Marketing Director ___________
Information Secretary ____________
Committee Members
____________Adviser Audit & Accounts
Hon. Legal Adviser
Date: ____________Agenda for Executive Meeting

Dear Members,The meeting of the Executive Members of the “Company Name” will be held as under:

Date: ____________
Timing: ____________
Venue: ____________

Following is the Agenda:1. Recitation By
2. Naat By
3. Issue No. 1,
4. Issue No. 2,
5. Issue No. 3,
6. Tea Break
7. Issue No. 4,

Issued By:

Agenda Meeting Template
Agenda Meeting Template

Salary Increment Letter from Employer Free Download

Sample Salary Increment Letter From Employer available for Free Download. Annual Salary Increment letter for employees including Basic Salary, House Rent, Conveyance Allowance, Special Allowance, CLA + Indexation, Medical Allowance, SESA/PESA, Gross Salary per month, Bonus, Provident Fund, Vehicle Fuel and R/M. You can customize this letter by putting all employee information, changing dates and putting increased values in the relevant fields. You can add or remove the items that are necessary.

Salary Increase Letter to Employee

Date:                                      ___________
Employee Name               ___________
Employee Code                 ___________
Designation                        ___________
Department                       ___________
Date of Joining                  ___________
Date of New Increment ___________

 Subject: Salary Increment for the Year 2017-2018

The management is pleased to inform you that your salary has been revised w.e.f July 01, 2017 for the fiscal year 2017-18

The details of the increment are as stated below

Revised Salary$ Current Salary$ Increase$
Basic  ______  ______ ______
House Rent  ______  ______  ______
Conveyance  ______  ______  ______
Special  ______  ______  ______
CLA + Indexation  ______  ______  ______
Medical  ______  ______  ______
SESA/PESA  ______  ______  ______
Gross Salary per month  ______  ______  ______
Bonus  ______  ______  ______
P.F  ______  ______  ______
Vehicle Fuel and R/M  ______  ______  ______
Total Salary per month  ______ ______  ______

The above gross increment of $ ______ includes
$ _______ as Normal Increment
$ _______ as adjustment increment

We take this opportunity to thank you for your valuable contribution in view of the challenging circumstances imposed by the external environment and look forward to your continued support & efforts to make the year ahead even better in terms of our shared vision.

Authorized Signatory

Salary Increment Letter From Employer Free Download
Sample Salary Increment Letter From Employer Free Download

Salary Slip Format in Excel and Word

What is salary slip? How to create salary slip in excel? We will guide you and provide you Salary Slip Format and Templates for free download. Salary Slip Sample in Excel include all the functions for Companies, Organizations, Institutions and Factories for their employees. Free Download Salary Slip/wage slip Templates in Excel and Word Format from links at bottom.

Directions for Use of Salary Slip

Download the attached files of Salary Slip in your desired format in Ms Excel or Ms word from bottom links. If download link is not showing at bottom please copy and past the below salary slip in word or excel sheets. Put the desired values in the amount column. You can change, add or delete the items as per your requirements for your employees. Ms Excel format makes auto calculations so it just need to add or put your desired values in the relevant columns. After adding values your salary slip is ready to be printed on the plan paper and get it signed from the relevant authorities.

Download Salary Slip Format in Word

Company Name                         Pay Advice for January 2017
Employ#____   Name________                         Department_______Designation________ Salary for __ Days__________
Pay & Allowances Deductions Other Details
House Rent_______
Other All_______
Over Time_______
Other DED 2______
PF Count Bal______
Gross        _________ Total DED    _______ Net ________
Salary Credited to Your Account#                            _______________
Bank Name   ___________                             Branch______________

_______     ___________   ____________

Accountant            Finance Manager              Chief Executive

Print/Image views of Salary Slip Format in Excel

Salary Slip Format in Excel Free Download
Salary Slip Format in Excel Free Download

Prints/Image views of Salary Slip Format in Ms Word

Salary Slip Format in Word Free Download
Salary Slip Format in Word Free Download

Functions and Options in the Salary Slip:

Salary Slip format for employees include all options like Basic Salary, House Rent, Conveyance Allowance, Medical Allowance, Special Allowance, Over Time, Bonus, Arrears, Tax and Others Section to mention any special amount. These Salary Slip Formats also includes a deduction section where you can deduct amounts like PF, Counter, Other DED 2, EOBI and Security deduction options with tax deduction facility as well. You can use our salary slip in Ms Excel with formula for auto calculations and Ms Word for manual calculations.

If you need more options with auto calculation just write in the below comment form.

You will also learn how to make the salary slip in excel and word with latest tax calculations from the above samples.

Purpose of Salary Slip

Salary Slip is a business document issued by companies to the employees and staff with monthly salary. It is a proof that company has paid the salary including all the allowances and tax deductions. Employer keep a copy of salary slip for future record and the employee can keep it as record and present it for negotiations on new jobs. This can also be used as legal document with company stamp and signature in case of need in lawful requirements and labour courts to settle any disputes with employers/employees. Normally it also include tax deduction details of tax paying employee and the employees should keep it in record for income tax department and for submission of tax returns.

Salary Slip Download Links:

  1. Download Salary Slip in Excel Format Free
  2. Download Salary Slip in Word Format Free

How to Use Salary Certificate Format in Mail Merging?

Please download the Ms. Format  and Put your all data in to Excel Sheet and use the mail merging function of Microsoft Word. We will post more details with Image tutorial very soon to create salary certificate for employees, company employees and staff members.

For More Salary Slip Templates Click Here

If you have modify our templates and want to share at our site. Please send your templates at this email: or if you need any help to modify this template you can write in the below comments form. We love to hear from you.

Remaining Payment Letter Sample

Remaining Payment Letter Sample for payment of arrears to client, vendors or customers.

Letter for Remaining Payment

Mr. Name
Vice President
Company Name

Subject: Application for Payment Issuance

Dear Sir,

“Company Name” had launched the Donation campaign in the month of Ramazan. “Sponsor 1″ and “Sponsor 2” sponsored steamers for Zakat Campaign of [company]. Both of the sponsors have sent us the payment. Payment details are given in below table:






Sponsor 1





Sponsor 2






Total payment of the printing agency was Rs. 59,800/-. We already paid Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 2,000/- as partial payment after negotiations to Balance Ad Agency. I request you to please issue the remaining payment Rs. 32,500/-of the Balance Ad Agency.

Prepared By                                                                      Approved By
Name                                                                                   Name
Manager Resource Development                            Vice President
Company Name                                                               Company Name

Application for Payment Issuance Letter
Application for Payment Issuance Letter

Outstanding Payment Request Letter

The Finance Manager,
Alpha Developers

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that our last invoice no 1325 for an amount of $5000 on account of purchase of development software by your firm has been settled partially. You owe a remaining amount of $2000 yet to be paid. I request you to pay the outstanding amount as early as possible to continue doing business with us. This will help us care for you even better.

Sincerely yours,
Finance Manager
Charlie Software Solutions

Remaining Payment Letter

Company name

Respected Hr Manager!

Sir I had taken an advance loan on my month’s salary due to personal financial conditions and I am really thankful that you approved my request. But I have still some small amount pending from this month’s salary which I have not been yet given. I would be grateful again sir if you will look into this matter and grant me this month’s remaining.


Employee’s signature

Employee Salary Change Form Government of Punjab

Sample Change Form / Payroll slip for Punjab Government employees. Just download it and get it printed on one page/both sides.Punjab Govt. Employee salary change form. Change Form & Payroll System Amendment Form for Punjab Government.

Payroll Form Government of Punjab front
Employee Salary Change Form Government of Punjab
Payroll Form Government of Punjab back
Payroll Form Government of Punjab back

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Inauguration

Sample Invitation letter to chief guest for inauguration ceremony. You can customize this letter as per your needs by changing the underlined words. In first paragraph you must introduce your business, organization, school, university or whatever you are sending the invitation letter from.

New School Inaugration Invitation to Chief Guest

Mr. Danial
Education Minister

Subject: Invitation as a chief guest at a new school’s inauguration

Dear Sir,

It is to humbly invite you as our esteemed chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of Unique Academy School on 1st September, at 10:00 am. We initially started from a coaching academy to facilitate the students, after continuously delivering successful results we expanded our services at 4 different areas in the city. Assessing the outgrowing needs for education, we decided on setting up a proper school for students where they’ll be provided with high quality education standards and learn in a competitive and challenging environment.

Your graceful presence at the inaugural ceremony as the education minister will be a source of inspiration for the youth. Kindly accept our invitation.
Looking forward to your kind response.


Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Inauguration

Minahil Qasim
Director FT Group
Model Town,

Subject: Invitation as Chief Guest for Inauguration

Dear Minahil Qasim,

We gratefully appreciate your regular support to AH Foundation during past years. AH Foundation a project of SemiOffice Corp came into existence in 1990, Lahore. It has now successfully blossomed into a state of the art AH Foundation for Education serving more than 800 children with intellectual impairment, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and visual impairment. It is now the largest purpose built institute of its kind in Pakistan serving most neglected segment of the community. We are providing education, vocational-training, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy sensory integration and speech therapy of international standards through our two campuses located in Model Town & Defence.

Opening of Training Program

To serve larger number of special children we are promoting the concept of inclusive education in Pakistan. As first step to achieve this goal, we started training of regular school teachers in “Inclusive Education” with assistance from Lafarge Pakistan.

Now we are starting similar training with the assistance from Bhandara Foundation. It is indeed a great pleasure to invite you as Chief Guest for Inauguration/Opening/Closing of Ceremony of Inclusive Training Program at Model Town Campus. Your presence will be a source of encouragement for Participants as well as Staff and management of AH Foundation.

Looking for your favorable response

Yours Faithfully,
Mariam Ijaz
Event Manger
AH Founcation

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Inauguration
Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Inauguration

Invitation Letter to a Guest of Honor for Inauguration

Mr. Francis Bacon,
Magistrate, First Class, London
May 9,

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for the donation which you have sent for completing construction works of our school at London.

Sir, with your favor and help, we have completed all mandatory tasks and now inauguration of our school is going to be held on 15th of next month. This ceremony would be vapid in the absence of our well-wisher and the most respectable person in contemporary society whose intentions are always to help the mankind.

In brief, I would like to invite you sir, one of the greatest Philanthropist of modern age, on inauguration ceremony of our school on 15th June.

Your arrival would be an honored for us. It would certainly enhance our morale and passion to enlighten our children with the power of knowledge.

Principal, Unique Schools

Sample Quotation Format in Ms Word

Sample quotation format in ms word for shop, business, company and office is available for free download. You must put the logo of your company in the Microsoft word file and make necessary changes in the quotation format as per your requirements.


Design Edge

A Printing Company

ATT: Mr. Muhammad Samiullah
SemiOffice Corp



SIZE            3 x 7 FEET
FLEX          CHINA
PRICE         RS.500/-each

We trust you will please confirm your order and give us an opportunity to serve you to the best of our capability.

Ms. Ayesha
Manager Client Services
Design Edge

Quotation Template in Word File 2

SemiOffice Corp
D.H.A Lahore.


Specification      Qty          Rate             Amount

Cloth Banner                           100                      250/-                        25000/-

Size 12×3 Color

Total                         25000/-

Muhammad Sulman
Creative Head

Sample Quotation Format in Ms Word
Sample Quotation Format in Ms Word for shop, business or company

Instructions to Use Quotation

Quotation normally issued before sale to give rates of specific product, discount and availability of the product or installation time. Quotation rates must be for specific time period for instance, rate are valid for one month, 15 days etc.

Please copy the above quotation data and paste it in Ms Word file. Adjust data as per your needs. Put your company name and other information, name of the products, estimated or final prices for approval from the client with terms & conditions of the order. Don’t forget to mention validity of the given prices or specific time period.

Download Links:

Sales Invoice In Word Format Free Download

Sales Invoice In Word Format available for free download. This is the best sales invoice template for selling goods from business, shops, stores, online stores and electronic shops. This invoice taken from an IT Company. You can view the sample below and download attached file.

Sales Invoice in Ms. Word


 Your LOGO
AMCY5 Business ServicesGrow Online with Microsoft receipt #Date: December 16, 2017
Flat # 3, 50-C-1, Faisal Town, LahorePhone +92 300 8477388, 042-6114209Email:


sold to Name CompanyAddress Customer ID


payment method check no. job


qty item # description unit price discount line total
1 3 Development of Website: 2000 2000
Total discount
Subtotal 2000
Sales Tax
Total 2000

This sales invoice include three sections. First section includes Seller information. Second section includes Buyer information. Third section includes payment methods, Quantity, Description of items, Unit Price, Discount, and Total with Sales Tax deduction options.

Sales Invoice In Word Format Free Download
Sales Invoice In Word Format Free Download

Download Links:

Opening Ceremony Program Schedule for Chief Guest

Sample Opening Ceremony Program Schedule for chief guest of program. Opening Ceremony Program Schedule can be used for guests, participants, clients and customers.  The complete schedule is attached in MS Word file. You can customize it according to your requirements.



Opening Ceremony

“Program Name/ Ceremony“

19th December 2017, Time 9:00 AM


Address and Tel Numbers

Chief Guest:                        Guest Name

Chief Executive

Company Name

8:30 am                Registration of Participants

8:50 am                Participants to be seated

9:00 am                Arrival of the Chief Guest & Presentation of Bouquet by name

9:05 am                Briefing about Projects/Ceremony

9:15 am                Visit to the Facilities

9:40 am                TILAWAT

9:45 am                Welcome address by: Chief Executive Officer/Chairman
9:50 am                Inauguration of Course by Chief Guest

Guest Name

9:55 am                  Vote of thanks by:




10:00 am               Refreshments

10:15 am                Departure of Chief Guest

Inauguration Ceremony Program Schedule for Chief Guest
Inauguration Ceremony Program Schedule for Chief Guest

Download Inauguration Ceremony Program Schedule for Chief Guest

Acknowledgement Receipt Format Free Download

Below are the Acknowledgement Receipt and letter Formats for Payments, Goods, Equipment and Refunds in Offices, Production Units, Clients, Customers or personal use. Many Government offices also using this Acknowledgement form for keeping official records of goods and documents delivered to any other person or office.

Acknowledgement Receipt Format 1


Acknowledgement Receipt

Received by Cheque Rs._____________________________

From the: ______________________________________

In Payment of my Bill No. ____________ Dated.__________

On Account of ___________________________________

Station_________________Signature ________________

Date: _______________ Designation: _________________

Name of messenger to whom

Payment is to be made  {_____________________________

Signature (or thumb impression

of the messenger)  _________________________________

To be taken by the audit office

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Format Free Download
Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Format Free Download


Acknowledgement Letter Receipt Format 2

Acknowledgement Receipt Letter

I, _________________________S/O____________________________NIC No.____________________ Designation_________________ of _____________________________ hereby acknowledge the receipt of _____Cash/Documents/Degree/Vechicle etc____ dated ___________ of_________________ for____ Company______ at________[place of receiving]_____.


  1. Signature             __________________________
  2. Name                    __________________________
  3. NIC No.                __________________________
  4. Contact No.        __________________________
  5. Email Id               __________________________


 Acknowledgement Letter Receipt Format Free Download
Acknowledgement Letter Receipt Format Free Download


Acknowledgement Receipt Format in MS Word Free Download

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Fromat in Ms Word