Employee Joining Form Format

Sample Employee Joining Form Format for keeping office records of hired staff. Sample New Staff Joining Form for companies to hire new staff and staff record management for HR departments. The Form is available in MS Word Format for free download. This joining form based on three sections. First sections includes hiring company information like company name, address and telephone. Second section includes personal bio-data of the applicant like name, post, address and contact information. Third section includes Qualification, Post or Scale, Job Type and recommendations by the HR Department or selection committee.


Employee Joining Form

“Company Name”

Address of Company or Office

Dated:            _______       

Interview for the post of                             ____                                                  

Name of Candidate Mr/Ms.                                    _____                                    

S/O:                                                                __                                   _______        

Res. / O:         ___________________________________________


Contact No.                       ___                Cell:                    ___                               

Qualification:                                                                            _

Selection Committee has selected

Mr.  _________________           For the post of                      ____              

In pay scale of Rs.    ________    Dated             _______  Regular / Trainee

______________                                              ________________ 

HC Manager                                                               Assistant HC Manager



Chief Executive

Employee Joining Form in word free download

Employee Joining Form format Free Download
Employee Joining Form format Free Download

Employee Joining Form in word free download

Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for opening ceremony of training program, school, education centre, training centre, production unit, shop, shopping centre, office or factory. Please customise the below letter to invite chief guest in programs of the company within office or outside venues.

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Opening Ceremony

Dr. Mati Ur Rehman

Chief Executive
H. Engineering Services
Ferozpur Road,

Subject: Invitation as Chief Guest for Opening Ceremony of 2nd Course on “Inclusive Schools and Education”

Dear Dr. Mati Ur Rehman,

AH Foundation, dedicated to care, welfare education and rehabilitation of special children for the last 27 years.

To serve larger number of special children we are promoting the concept of inclusive education in Pakistan. As first step to achieve this goal, we started training of regular school teachers in “Inclusive Education” with assistance from Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (NRSP, SRSP, ERRA) and we trained 200 teachers during 2016-2017.

Now we are starting similar training with the assistance from USAID through National Rural Support Program (NRSP). 2nd Course will be from 12th December to 16th Dec. 2017. You are requested to kindly grace the Opening Ceremony as Chief Guest.
Date, Time: December 12th December 2017 at 09:00 AM
Venue: Company Name, Seminar Hall, DHA Campus,
Address: Lahore Cantt.

Your presence will be a source of encouragement for the participants & staff of AH Foundation. Program of the event enclosed.

Sincerely Yours,
AH Foundation

Chief Guest Invitation Letter

Ms. Anushka
Kalma Hotels

Subject: Certificates Distribution Ceremony of 12th Annual Summer Internship Program at Abdul Haq Foundation Mumbai

Dear Ms. Anushka,

As you know that Abdul Haq Foundation is serving the noble cause of Special Children in Pakistan for last 30 years.

Abdul Haq Foundation also holds Summer Internship Program in the month of July every year for last 12 years. A & O-level students of elite schools of Lahore, students of various colleges & universities participate in the program. This program provides an opportunity to regular students to learn about strengths & weaknesses of children. This year due to Summar Vocation, we started the program from 23rd June. Closing and Certificates Distribution Ceremony will be held on July 12, 2017 (program of the ceremony enclosed)
It will be an honor for Abdul Haq Foundation and great source of encouragement for students & internees if you could kindly grace the occasion with your kind appearance.

With regards,
Dr. Amjad Hussain

Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest
Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Sample Invitation Letter to Guest



Dear Mr./Mrs Jackson

I am writing to you to invite you to come to my home for a big dinner party. This is to celebrate the biggest deal in our company. As you have a major part to play in securing this it would be my pleasure for you to be our guest of honor. There will talk amongst ourselves and then dinner and entertainment.

Date 12.01.17 time 7pm. I hope you would consider and get back to me soon.


Clients name

Internship Application Form Format in Word

Sample Internship Application Form format in word for registration of internees from schools, colleges and universities to avail an internship opportunity in companies or organizations. This application form includes all options for bio-data collection like Personal Information, Institution, Contact Information and department to join the internship program.

Internship Application Form

Organization Name                   LOGO

Reference No. RS/3165/3/9 8jan17

Serial No. ________________                          Date: _______________

Name: ________________________________ Sex:   Male   Female

Qualification: _________________________________________

Institute/Organization: __________________________________

Institute/Organization Address:   __________________________

_____________________________________ Tel: ___________

Father’s Name: ________________________________________

Father’s Profession:   ____________________________________

Residential Address: ____________________________________


Tel: __________, Cell: ____________ Email: ________________

I volunteer my services to the Organization Name, a project of Organization Name. I would like to work in:

Vocational Training Dept.                      Music & Cultural Activities

Weaving                                                          Sports

Embroidery/Tailoring                             Computer Section

Silk Painting                                                 Group activities in class rooms

Soft Woodwork                                           Resource Development

Italian Dough Work                                  Finance

Marketing                                                     Human Capital Management

IT Department                                           Training



E-Mail: example@gmail.com,  Website: www.semioffice.com

Terms and Conditions will be applied

Internship Application Form Format in Word
Internship Application Form Format in Word for registration of internees

Internship Application Form Format in Word

Sales Invoice Format in Ms Excel and Word for Garments Business

Sales Invoice Format in Ms Excel and Word for Garments Shop is available here to download. This sales invoice includes Company Information (Seller Information), Products Description, Quantity, Rate/Price of the Product, Sales Discount and total amounts. This sales invoice in excel makes auto calculations.You can customize these formats for your garments shop, company or any other business.

Sales Invoice in Excel

Company Name Here

Sales Invoice

Address: You can post address here or at bottom of the invoice

Sr. #

Products Description




Sale Disc.

Net Total


Dress Pant







Dress Shirt






Sale Invoice Totals






Grand Totals


Amount Received


Balance Amount


  • Exchange will be made within 7 days only
  • Alteration and used items will not be returned
  • No exchange without bill
  • Sales Person

Date:__________         Time:____________     Page: 1 of 1

Sample Sales Invoice Image View in ms excel

Sales Invoice Format in Ms Excel free Download
Sales Invoice Format in Ms Excel free Download for garments business

Sample Sales Invoice Image View in ms word for Garments Business

Sales Invoice Format in Ms Word Free Download
Sales Invoice Format in Ms Word Free Download for garments business

Please download your required format and make all the necessary changes as per your business needs and category. Don’t forget to change company name and address.

Download Links:

Certificate of Appreciation & Commendation

Sample Certificate of Appreciation Format for Teachers, Employees, Clients, Customers, Guests, Volunteers with sample wording. What is a certificate of commendation. Commendation certificate meaning.  Commendation certificate wording.  Certificate of commendation template usmc, navmc certificate of commendation, Certificate of commendation marine corps.

Commendation Certificate Sample and Wording

LESCO hereby confers commendation to Mr. XYZ, Assistant Manager (OP), Bund Road Sub Division, in recognition of his meritorious services rendered by him beyond the call of normal duties during the quarter ending June -20XX


Chief Executive Officer

14th August, 20XX

Commendation Certificate Sample and Wording
Commendation Certificate Sample and Wording

Sample Appreciation Certificate

Company Logo Here

Certificate of Appreciation

This Certification is presented to


In Recognition of

Participation in providing unstinted and invaluable services

to the community and to the cause of

“Event/Program Name”

___________________                            ___________________

President                                                                      Director

Address 1:__________________________________________________

Address 2:__________________________________________________

Sample Appreciation Certificate
Sample Appreciation Certificate
Certificate of Appreciation Format free download
Certificate of Appreciation Format in Word for Free Download

Certificate of Appreciation for Employee

Dear Mr. Hamid Majeed,

This is to acknowledge you support in Value Chain Mapping of wheat crop of our Electronic Trading Platform for Agricultural Commodities project. We have found your work extremely professional and you have worked very admirably despite the tight timelines.

Please accept our sincerest gratitude for the superb job you have done. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours and we hope to work with you again in future.


Chief Executive

Certificate of Participation Format for Free Download

Sample Certificate of Participation Format for free download. This certificate is available in ms word format for participants of conference, event, workshop, training program, or any other type of volunteer program. You must change the logo and put all the required information in the fields. You can also modify the fields as per your needs.

Participation Certificate Template

Performing Arts & Theatre ’14
Letter of Merit

This letter is to certify that _________________________ has participated at Performing Arts & Theatre ’14 and has achieved great heights.

The institute and the management congratulate you.

Manager Marketing

Sample Participation Certificate

Company LOGO Here

Certificate of Participation

Mr./Ms.:_______________________ S/D/O:____________________


Participated In:___________________________________________

Held On:________________________________________________

His/Her Performance Was:__________________________________

_________________                            _______________________

President                                           Director

Address: _______________________________________________

Certificate of Participation Format for Free Download
Certificate of Participation Format for Free Download


Payslip Format in Excel For Company Free Download

Sample Payslip Format in Excel Sheet with auto calculation formula for office, business, production units and factories in Asia,UK, USA and Europe. This free payslip template is taken from a multinational company. Free download this sample payslip template from below link in excel file. You can visit salary slip format in Excel or Payslip Format in Word for more wage slip options. You can write us back for any suggestions and improvements in the available samples or other letters and applications.

Instructions for How to Create Payslip

Download the pay slip from the links at bottom of the page. If the download format in excel is not available don’t worry just copy and paste the below format in excel file and make some required adjustments as per your need. Put all the required information in the first section like name, month, working days etc and finally put all the values in the amount section of the payslip. You can break down your salary items like advance, allowance, arrears etc. If you downloaded the excel file it will calculate all the amounts automatically but if you copy and paste the payslip then you have to make the calculations manually.


Pay Slip for the Month of July 2017 Head Office

Name: ________  Gross Salary: _______ Net Pay: ______  Designation:_________

Processing Month: ______   Working Days: _____ Absence: ____ Leave: ______



Description             Amount Description                   Amount
Basic Pay              Rs.__________
Allowance              Rs.__________
Arrears                 Rs.__________
Income Tax                  Rs.__________
Van Fare                      Rs.__________
Security                        Rs.__________
Total Earning       Rs:__________ Total Deduction          Rs:__________


                                                                                    Net Payment        Rs:___________

                                                                                     Payee’s Signature ………………..

 ______________                     _______________                              ______________

Accounts Officer                   Finance Secretary                             Chief Executive

Download Sample Payslip format in MS Excel from below link

Payslip Format In Microsoft Excel Free Download
Payslip Format In Microsoft Excel Free Download for UK, USA and Europe

Details of the Payslip

Payslip Format for download includes all the options like Basic Pay, Allowance, Arrears, Income Tax, Van Fare, Security Deposit and a deductions Section. You can add anything else that you want as per your requirements. Excel format of payslip includes the formula for auto pay calculations. The top section of this payslip includes gross pay, net pay, working days, leaves and absents for the particular month.

If you need any more option or want us to customize the free payslip download. Just leave your comments in the below form.

Payslip and Salary Slip Difference

Payslip is common business document widely used across the world and well renowned in UK, Europe and America. Asian people call this same document as salary slip but in western world it is know as Pay Slip. Payslips always issued by employers, companies, organizations to their paid staff members of any designation.

Download Links:

From the above ready you came to know what is a payslip? How to create Payslip in Excel? and Elements of Payslip used in Europe and Asia. If you have any question regarding pay slip you can ask in the comment form or If you have better format and want to share at Semioffice.com you can send us in email.

We also request you to post your comments about the available format of payslip. So we will improve this after your suggestions and requirements.