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Public Speaking Speech Examples

Example of short speech about life. Example of short speech about friendship. Speak in front of public. How to speak in public without fear?

Address People in Public

It is said that a man is known by the way he behaves. A man who takes care of moral principles is always respected by the others. He is always remembered in good words by his elders. Due to his politeness and courtesy he not only earns his name but also gets his place in the society.

We should always respect our elders in society. We should be well mannered to them. For example, if you meet someone on the way, you should try greeting them first. This is symbol of your humbleness and respect to elders.

When are in a meeting, we should speak when we have a subtle and apt points to tell. We should avoid speaking all the time as this leaves a negative impact on the other attendants and makes your point of view less effective. We should speak when we really need to speak. We should always think before speaking. Thus, others will also get a chance to present their view point. It is most likely that problem under discussion is solved.

When you are in a party or at other event of such kind, you should try your possible efforts to be polite and humble. When you are meeting a man who is senior to you in respect of age, you should use the word “Sir” to address him. In the same way, when you meet a woman, the word “Madam” is probably the most suitable word to start. If you are host, you should welcome every guest and should move to the other one after giving some time.

When one is at any public place, one should do one’s best effort to be cooperative when the need arises. If someone requests you to do something and you don’t want to fulfill that, you should apologize in such a way that the requester does not feel it.

Financial Aid Request Letter Sample

Sample Financial Aid Request Letter for sports, education, financial aid appeal letter. Good appeal letters for financial aid. Financial aid appeal letter essays.

Application for Financial Help for Education

Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

Respected Chairman,

I am studying in the final semester of session 2013. I have passed all seven semesters with distinction. Moreover, I have also obtained highest Cgpa in one of semester results among class students. Recently, the university has decided to abandon scholarship of all Merit base students in order to meet up financial crunch. I belong to a poor family so, it would be hard for me to pursue my semester course without scholarship. My passion for studies compels me to ask for financial aid from your end. I humbly request you to grant me scholarship for the last semester. As it would be a golden opportunity for me to complete my studies with distinction. At the end of day, I will definitely materialize my dreams by paying my best services for country after getting graduated from the University. I am looking forward for your kind support.

Yours sincerely,
Abbas Raza

Appeal Letter for Financial Aid from Government

To the Counselor,

I hope you in good health and safety with the blessing of my beloved God. Last time when you came to our area, you were on your election campaign. You were looking for the voters that would vote you and make you a successful candidate in the preceding elections. You came to our village and assured us that you would provide our village with basic needs such as health, education and other necessities.

Thanks to God, we have fulfilled our promise of voting you and way of victory for you. Since that time, we have been looking forward for some kind of betterment of our village. But unfortunately we have yet not got any kind of help from your resources. Last it rained heavily and water has accumulated in the streets and looking like ponds. The people are very worried about this situation because this resulting many fatal diseases.

Moreover, you promised to the young people of the village to provide them a ground where they could play volley ball which is their favorite game. You know well that games are very important for the youngsters. They help them build their character and get a sense of competition. But our village is totally deprived of any game facility.

All above mentioned things are not a complaint. Their purpose is just to remind you. So please solve our problems or provide us some funds so that we could fulfill our needs on our own. We have an intention to buy a piece of land where we would make a ground of volley ball that will be a start to strengthen the field of sports in the country.

We hope to get some financial relief from you soon.

Your well-wisher,


Request Letter for Financial Help for School Fee

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you from Panch Gali (area’s name). I am writing this to you so that I can tell you my problem that I am studying in Saint Mary Christian School since last 5 years. Last month my father died in a road accident and now i can’t afford my school fee, I want to continue my studies for my siblings and for my mother so that I can earn for their living.

Please sir, pat my school fee it would be a great help and act of kindness if you do this. Please it is a request helps me.

Hoping for positive response

Following are my details, if you agreed on paying my fees.

Saint Mary Christian School,

Ahmed Ali Khan,

Complaint Letter for Shortage of Water Supply

Sample Complaint Letter for Shortage of Water Supply to competent authority.

Complaint Letter for Shortage of Water Supply

The Chief Executive,
District Bloomsbury, London.

Dear Sir,

A report to the district chief executive about an acute shortage of water in your area and suggest three possible solutions

Kindly refer to the subject cited above.

We are writing to inform you that we are residents of Satellite Town, Bloomsbury and have been facing acute shortage of drinking water for last six months. In fact every member of the society is disturbed on account of unavailability of water supply which is the basic need of every human being. Everyone has to bring water from a filter plant installed at the distance of five kilometers away from our colony. Previously, this problem was also get into the notice of the town officer but no remedy was taken by him, so far.

It is further stated that we have a few suggestions to resolve the issue of water shortage in our area.

A separate bore should be made with installation of a heavy motor for sucking water. This sucked water would be stored in water tanks from where entire society will be provided with water supply.

Water carrying vehicle should be sent at least two times a day from nearby government office to fill empty tanks.

A new pipeline should be laid in all streets and proper water supply may be started in our area.

Sir, we have suggestions but you have the authority to implement them and definitely can provide better solution to our problems regarding the shortage of water in our area. We all request you earnestly to please resolve the aforementioned issue of water shortage at Satellite Town Bloomsbury and oblige all of us.

Your immediate action in this matter is required which would certainly be admired by every member of our society.

With thanks,


Complaint against Liquor Shop/ Wine Shop

Sample Complaint letter against Liquor Shop/ Wine Shop in society. Remove  Liquor Shop near school campus, students appeal to collector.

Complaint against Illegal Liquor Shop

The Collector,
District Bloomsbury, London.
May 17,

Dear Sir,

This is to draw your attention to one of the most serious matter in our society i.e. opening of a liquor shop.

We are residents of Model colony and all are educated and own families and children as well. About two months ago, a liquor shop was opened in our colony which is like a bolt from the blue for all parents.

First of all the starting of any commercial activity in a residential colony is banned by law and secondly, this liquor shop has attracted our young children and the customer of this shop are increasing rapidly that is the matter of grave concerns for all parents. Our children are being addicted to alcoholic liquid and wasting their time and health in unethical activities.

Sir, we cannot see the ruining of our children’s future in front of our eyes.

It is therefore requested that necessary action may please be taken against the illegal opening of a liquor shop at model colony.

Thanking you for your time.


Complaint against Liquor Shop

The collector,

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that last week 2 men has started a liquor shop in our area and it is very disturbing for all the residents of the area. It is promoting the usage of liquor among youngsters which is very dangerous for the society. Being a good citizen our moral values do not allow us to have such shop in our area.

I request you on behalf of the society to take a serious action on this issue as it is not promoting anything good among the society. I expect that you will take our concern under your consideration and will take a serious action as soon as you can. We shall be really grateful to you. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. A Malik

Letter on Bad Law and Order Situation

Sample letter on bad law and order situation. Deteriorating law and order situation in the city. Letter to editor on law and order situation. Report on law and order situation in Pakistan.

Letter on Bad Law and Order Situation

The mayor, Minnesota US

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about the law and order situation in your state. We have elected you because you made us sure about the betterment you will bring in your area but we are not satisfied.

There is no proper traffic system; we have to face so many issues while going to work in the morning. The traffic signals are not working properly and there is no one to check. We are unable to buy anything from the market because there is no proper pricing and everyone is selling goods according to their own price and it has now become difficult for a poor man to feed his family. There should be a proper check and balance. If we complain to the police they also do not pay that much attention to our request.

What should we do now? Stop living? I am sorry but this is the current situation of our state. I request you to ponder upon my request because being a citizen it is my right to get every facility provided by the government. I shall be grateful to you for a quick action. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Mark William,
Minnesota US

Complaining About Bad Law and Order Situation

Every country, village, town and city has the law and order system. It’s the government’s responsibility to keep the order. Time means that they have to make the public abide by it. Law is there for a reason and the world is a mess without it. Here are just a few examples of bad law and order…

  • Traffic light in Pakistan. Traffic lights make sure that there is order on the road going both ways and so that there are no road traffic accidents. Absolutely not one person pays attention to this looking this way or on their phones or talking to someone. Most of the time there are traffic wardens at crossroads where there are traffic light. This is a waste of resources.
  • Innocent people. When it comes to murder the law is very strict. This is wrong. Especially when it comes to innocent women, children and even new born. Donald Trump in America has made its civilians scared and fearful of Muslims. And in the United Kingdom are afraid of them because they think that they are terrorists. As a result of this they are being murdered in their homes, in the streets and coming out of the Masjid after Jumma prayer.

These are just two examples of many. Over time there are thousands all throughout history such as Jack the Ripper in London streets of 1888. This is clear proof that we as a world need to improve our law and order system.

Welcome Speech to Employees

Welcome Speech to Employees. Welcome address to Employees. Welcome Speech to new Employees. Welcome address to new Employees. CEO Welcome Speech to Employees. Welcome speech for employees or employee award ceremony is also available.

Welcome Speech to New Employees

Dear candidate,

I hope you all are doing well. Today is a big day for all of you as you have become a part of the number one multinational company. It was a very hard decision for all of us to select best out of best and you have proved that you are one of the best. You will be facing many challenge, working under pressure, but trust me you will learn a lot from this.

These things polish mans’ qualities and abilities. I have experienced many cases where some slow people became the most demanding people in the market. Working in a normal place and working in a multinational makes a lot of difference in broaden your horizon. We work as a family and we try to satisfy our employees. But we also expect the quality of work, dedication towards your work because you will be one of the reasons behind the success of our company so enjoy tonight’s dinned and brace your selves for tomorrow.

I wish you all the very best.


Letter to Explain Reasons for Not Going Abroad

Sample explain letter to friend giving reasons for not going abroad.

Reasons for Not Going Abroad

Dearest friend Mike,

Hope you are doing well? How is everyone at home? I am good and everything is fine at my end.

I have received your letter last week but due to some important piece of work I couldn’t reply to you. I have got to know that your business is going very well and you want to expand it and for that you need a trust worthy person and I am glad that you have considered me by putting all your trust in me. But sadly I cannot accept your offer because there are some solid reasons of my refusal.

First of all as you know I am a family oriented man and I just cannot leave them here, parents my kids my wife everyone needs me here. The other reason is that I have started my own business that I have already told you about. By the grace of GOD my business is running successfully and I am planning to hand over it to my elder son but for the supervision I have to be here.

Last but not the least as I have told you already that there are some disputes in our family over the property and if I will leave the country they will overtake my parents property which I cannot let happen. So because all of these reasons I cannot come to you.

I know you will feel a bit sad but please try to understand my situation. I am all bounded. I hope you will understand my position and this will never hurt our friendship. Take good care of your health and pay my regards to everyone at home.

Yours truly,

Rex Duke

Explain Letter to Friend for Not Going Abroad

Dear Kamran,

I hope you are doing well in health, I am good too. As I have received your letter this Monday, in which you have invited me to Europe. I know you are working there, for about 4 years and you know much about the work there but the thing is that my family won’t allow me to go there and earn living in totally different continent. Secondly here I am earning a good amount of salary monthly and I do not need another job. Lastly, living without family is very difficult as you know I am very close to my parents.

Thank you so much for offering me this, but seriously I am very happy and satisfied with my life.

Take care.

Amjad Butt

Why To Join Military?

Sample letter to join military. Why to join the military after high school? Why to join the military after college? Why i joined the military essay? Why i want to join the military essay? Why to join military police? Letter why to join military intelligence?

Letter to Join Military

The chief of defense staff, US

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that I have applied to the defense department this year. I have recently completed my studies and now I believe that I am all set to be a part of our prestigious armed forces. It was a dire wish of my father to make me a military officer as he was a true patriotic.

He always wanted to join military but his hard luck never allowed him but now I wanted to fulfill his wish. I am a true patriotic and I am always ready to sacrifice my life for the sake of my country’s pride. I will prove myself if I will be given a chance. Please find attached documents for further proceedings. I shall be overwhelmed to receive a positive response from your side and I will never let you down. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Frank Martin

The Chief Officer,
National Defense Center,
May 16,

Dear Sir,

letter why to join military? with reasons

With reference to your advertisement for the post of a military officer at national defense center, I seek your kind permission to apply for the same. I have recently passed my A Levels examination with distinction in all subjects and intend to be a military officer after acquiring training from your center. As my qualification and physical structure absolutely meets the required criteria for the post of military officer I have some other reasons to prove myself eligible and suitable to enter in military service.

  • I have strong ambition to serve my country and nation by joining military service.
  • I have military background as my father is a retired major from army and has always encouraged me to join military service and serve the country.
  • I have already acquired trainings of civil defense, disaster management and a short volunteer course offered by army, and passed with exceptionally good grades.
  • I possess a strong interest in the field of military service and certainly be good for my country if given a chance to serve as a military officer.

Sir, it is my earnest request to please consider me eligible for the said post and provide me one chance to work as a military officer under your command.

I look forward to hear from you in this regard.


Letter to Chief of Defense Why You Should be a Military Officer?

Dear chief of defense,

I am writing to you because I would like to become a military officer. I know that to become one I have to be physically fit and be mentally prepared and I’m ready. I think that I should become a military officer because you would not find anyone more determined at completing the impossible tasks and facing challenges.

I love to help people and I feel that the best way to do this is to help protect the country they live in and help keep them safe from enemies. My father was also in the military his all of life but retired now and I would like to show my father that I am a good person. Also when I was a kid he always told me how pathetic I am and how I never had the guts for being a military officer. So I would love to prove him wrong and this makes me all the more determined to succeed.

This would also give me the opportunity to improve my existing skill and learn new ones such as tram working, agility, fitness and meet new people and so on. So please help me accept me for the first stage training as a military officer.

Many thanks.

Client’s name

Application for Allotment of Room

Sample application to principal, manager, supervisor, director or any other related person  for allotment of sports room, allotment of booked room, allotment of apartment, allotment of flat, allotment of room for residence.

Application for Allotment of a Sports Room

The principal, Lawrence garden school

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that our previous sports room has been taken by the music society and we are having trouble in managing our thinks. We have no proper place. I request you to allot us a new sports room so we can manage the things properly. Please take a quick action. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Carter Mark,
Sports H O D

Application for Allotment of a Sports Room to Director

The Director Operations,
Sharjah Emergency Service,
May 16,

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to the subject as cited above.

It is submitted that sports activities are being organized among employees of Sharjah emergency service for keeping them fit, active and up to the standards of the service. As we are a part of an emergency service, maintenance of fitness is necessary for all so that rescuers could take apart actively and avidly in all rescue operations and related tasks.

In this account, undersigned has been given an additional charge of PTI (physical training instructor). The undersigned has organized various events of games among employees and purchased sports items as well. In order to keep all sports items at safe place and prevent from being stolen and keep them secured from weather effects, a separate sports room is required on urgent basis.

It is therefore requested to you to please give approval for the sports room in the premises of headquarters so that all related goods could be placed with safety and security. These items would be issued to our employees on their demand from the said sports room.

Your immediate response to this matter is required.

Emergency Officer,
Sharjah Emergency Service.

Application for Allotment for Sport’s Room

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to discuss the empty allotments. I would like to rent out the allotments to create or make a sports room for me and my college mates to have some where to keep our sports equipment. On occasion me and my college mates will have a day out of a week and hang out by the allotment playing some sports on the field, football or tennis maybe small game or cricket. I do have the necessary funds to pay weekly or monthly however you would prefer. Many thanks for your help and I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,


Driving License Renewal Application

Sample application for driving license renewal to the concerned authority.

Application for Driving License Renewal

The Chief Traffic Officer,
Chennai, India.
May 10,

Respected Sir,

I wish to apply for the renewal of my license (LTV No. 0000) as my current license is going to be expired next month.

You are requested to please give approval for the renewal of my license at your earliest so that I could be secured from any sort of problems while driving my personal automobiles.

An early action in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,


Driving License Renewal Request Letter

To The DMV Team,

I write request the form for renewing my driver’s license for the next five-year period. If any new photos or information is required, please do not hesitate to inform me via email or text message.


Benjamin Thorne

Driving License Renewal Application for PSV

The admin officer, City traffic control unit, NY

Respected sir,

With all respect, I would like to request you to renewal my driving license as I have a transport business and I need to get my license renewal on urgent basis to carry out my business. I have already known the procedure and I am all set to give my driving test. Please notify about the date and time of the test. Please find attached my previous license and documents. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. George Mark

Driving License Renewal Application

The Administrator,
District Municipal Authority,

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, it is stated that my driving license has been expired last month. The issuance date of my license was Oct, 1st and the expiry date mentioned on it is September 30th. Because of the expiry of my driving license, I am unable to drive my vehicle on road freely.

You are requested to renew my license as soon as possible. The copy of expired driving license is also attached with the application. Please make it sure that the driver’s category must be A class as I had never violated any traffic rule neither I had been fined by traffic sergeants for rash driving.

Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely,


License Renewal Application

To whomever it may concern,

I am writing to you because my driving license is running out soon next month. I would like to renew it if possible by the end this month. I do have car insurance and everything for my car is all up to date. I have never had a road accident or have been involved in one. I would much appreciate it if you could fast track it as I have taken my all of family on a road trip holiday and don’t want to let them down. I am willing to put extra for fast track.

Kind regards,