Application for Backup Class

Sample application for backup class to principal, headmaster or dean of faculty. When a student misses one class due to health problem or any other issue and then he/she wants teacher to give him/her extra time so that they could learn what they have missed this application format will apply.

Application for Backup Class for Missing Chapters

The headmaster, kinder garden school, NY

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to make a request to you for arrange a backup class for our remaining chemistry chapters. As you know our final exams are approaching and we are left with 2 chapters and it is not possible for everyone to complete these chapters by their own so please arrange a backup class for us. I shall be really grateful to you. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Maria George,
10th C

Application for Backup Class

The Principal,
XYZ College
New York, USA.

Dear Sir,

It is to request you that the credit hours for biology classes of 2nd standard senior group have not been completed because of the absence of biology professor as he was gone abroad to represent our college in a seminar.

There is only one month left in send-ups. It is requested that please conduct some back up classes for biology subject so that the credit hours must be completed before send-ups.

Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,

The Senior Procter

Application for Extra Class

Respected Head Master,

With due respect, I would like to inform you that I have not been able to come to school past week as I was not feeling well. I had measles along with a very high temperature. My mother informed the management of school the reason of my absence. Even if I wanted to come to attend classes after feeling a bit better, I could not because as you know this disease is viral and could have spread, sickening my class fellows too. I have missed a lot of course and it is quite difficult for me to keep up with the classes and understanding the lectures. As being the topper of my class, I request you to arrange backup classes for me so I am not left behind and my academic profile is saved from inevitable damage. I do not want the entire missed lecture as I know that it is not possible so just a bit guidance and highlights of the missed topics would suffice. My mother has requested a medical certification from the Hospital and I will get it by tomorrow and send it to your office as soon as possible. I am hoping for a very positive reply from you. I would be thankful to you if you help me in my difficult time.

Best Regards;

Fatima Aamir

23-September 2018

A level Year 1

Request for Backup Class to Review the important Topics

Student Affairs Department

(University Name),


Respected Sir,

This application is from the class 1-A, ________ department. We requested our honorable professor Mrs. _______ to help us in reviewing the important and difficult topics of our course and she has very kindly approved our request. Now your approval is required so that we may take this backup class and perform excellent in our examinations.

Your kind favor will help us score better marks and get an excellent GPA.

Thank you

Yours obediently,

Sarah Anderson

Class Representative

Class 1-A,

Department of ___________

Simple Job Application Letter

Simple job application letter sample. Application letter for job vacancy. Simple application letter sample for any vacant position. Job application letter for any available vacancy.

Simple Job Application Letter

The manager

Dear Sir,

I hereby write to express my interest in applying for a job in your company. As per your advertisement, I fulfill the requirements and consider myself fairly suitable for the job. I have all the required qualifications along with extensive experience in the given field of work.

Although my resume is attached to this application, however it will not be enough to truly reflect my potential. Therefore I will call within few days to confirm availability of an interview. Further information or reference can be provided on demand.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



Simple Job Application Letter

Miss Julia,
HR Manager,
ABC Pvt. Ltd,
South Carolina, USA.

It is requested that I have seen your ad on by which I came to know that more than 10 vacancies for sales representative are vacant in your company. I think I am pretty fit for one of the vacancies as per the requirements describes in the advertisement. My complete bio data is given as under.

Name: XYZ
Qualifications: MBA
Residence: ZK society
Previous Experience: 2 year experience as Sales Representative in MK distributors and Co.

Please allow me to have a seat with you so that you can conduct my interview. Feel free to contact me on my mailing address for any quires.

Yours Sincerely,


Flexible Cover Letter for any Type of Job

Whomever it may concern,

My name is ———–. I am 25 years old and I am looking for a job that fits for my personality. It can be full time, part time, permanent or temporary. Even the type of job can be anything as I want to learn new things and get into a new career that I enjoy. I work well best independently however I can work well in a team. I’m a good learner and I love facing challenges that seem impossible because I like to prove people wrong which makes me more determined. I am also very motivated. I don’t have much experience in anything apart from accountant and sales but again want to learn something new. I look forward from hearing from.

Kind regards,

Client’s name

Letter on Water and Electricity Crisis

Letter writing on shortage of water. Letter for water supply problem. Complaint letter on load shedding. Letter on load shedding in Pakistan. Letter on unregulated load shedding in your area.
Letter on frequent power failure in the Delhi city.

Letter Describing About the Water and Electricity Crisis

Dear Rizwan,

I could really reply you earlier, but I have never been in good mood settle myself to sit and reply your letter, actually I used to avoid giving reply in bad mood now you would definitely ask the reason behind my anger so dear the prevailing crisis of Shortage of water and Electricity has ruined the temperament of every citizen of Pakistan in the present hot and humid weather.

No one can stay away from AC but we are unable to have Cool comfort of this gadget. Everyone needs to rush towards the bathroom shower but the taps are producing air instead of water so my dear how one can be in a good mood, you are living in the heaven of CANADA but unfortunately our heavenly Pakistan has become heaven for our ruling elite who is enjoying every facilities but not the common man of this country.

Dear pray for us to have reasonably comfortable life.

Your friend


Letter to Friend Describing About the Water and Electricity Crisis


Hi Asif, I hope you will be fine and enjoying a prosperous life. You had inquired about my health and current status. By the grace of Allah, I am fine. I have completed my engineering degree with good grade.  Now, I am preparing for CSS exam. However, one thing is causing irritant in my life here. There is dire lack of water shortage here.

The available water is even not potable. Moreover, there is acute power outage here. I cannot study here properly. But local authorities have assured us that this issue will be resolved soon.

I hope there will be no issue of water and power outage soon.


Letter about Water and Electricity Crisis in the Town

Dear Michael,

I hope you are doing great in health, I am good too. I am writing this letter to you so that I can tell you about the crisis of electricity and water in our town. It is going to be the third month the whole society is facing this problem. Water supply is almost to an end, we are using water containers for daily use. Some of society members using water tankers.  And the second major issue is of electricity, electricity is usually off in day time. The whole society is so much tensed due to these two issues because without these two we cannot do many of our daily routine things.

We have submitted the application to the head of committee members and waiting for their responses. May God help us and resolve this issue as soon as possible. Say hello to your mother and father and, Take care of yourself.

Yours’ truly,

Paul James

Letter about Water and Electricity Crisis

To my wonderful friend,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you about the water and electricity crisis in my town. I thought that I would write to you because of your type if work and where you work. The town’s people have to put up with no water for days on end and as you know from living in this town as a kind that water is vital to the lives of the people.

We need it to wash to cook our food to drink and most importantly to water our crops. If we have no water for a short period of time then our crops will wither and die and most people will go without food or money from selling the crops. This is a farming town and everyone here are farmers of one this or another. We all work together and together we will succeed.

The electricity is another bigger problem we literally have no electric. For the past three weeks we have had to make do without and if this continues into the winter then we will freeze to death. Gas is very expensive and to warm your home up for the entire winter will cost a fortune. So we need the electric to heat our homes and we have sick and elderly and new born babies to care for.

I am sorry for this disturbing news but please help us and I look forward to hearing back from you and seeing what action you can do.

Kind regards,

Your childhood friend

Application for Change of Examination Center

Sample application for  Change of Examination Centre. Application for centre change. Application letter for change of examination centre to admin or controller examination.

Application for Changing of Exam Centre

The admin, Board of CIE examination centre

Respected sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I have received my roll number slip and the center allotted to me for the examination is very far from my house and as I have a serious transportation issue it will not be possible for me to go there. My father is also not in the city so he can take me there. For this I request you to change my exam center to somewhere near to my resident. I shall be really thankful to you for this favor of yours. Please find attach my roll number slip and my address. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. John mike

Change of Examination Centre

The Controller Examination,
Lahore Technical Board,

Dear Sir,

Due to bad weather conditions and heavy rain fall it is not possible for me to appear in diploma exam at Gulberg center. It is therefore I kindly request you to please change my exam centre from Gulberg to Faisal Town centre. It will be easy for me to reach the centre in this extreme weather conditions. My particulars are below mentioned for your kind action.

Name  ( Xing Ming )  :   Wasi Haider
Roll No. ( Xue Sheng hao ma )  :  1730  ( yi qi san ling)

Yours obediently,

Wasi Haider .
Qi yue shi Si hao.

Application to Change Examination Center

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you to discuss my current area of my examination center. At the moment my examination center is more than fifty miles away from where I live. Which means nearly two hours by bus and money each trip than I cannot afford. I have to take this trip every day for the next month as I have my final exams coming up and they are very important to my career, I don’t want to miss one because I couldn’t afford the travel.

Please I would like to request a change in my area of examination center as this would make it much easier for me and affordable as it would be closer to my home. So I would really appreciate it if you could help me in this situation and change my examination center. I look forward from hearing your reply.

Yours sincerely,


Application for Changing My Examination Center

Respected Sir,

I am writing this to you so that I can share my problem, Sir you have allotted me Shalimar center for final papers. And I came from Gulshan colony which is far away. So I want you to change my examination center from Shalimar to any other near to Gulshan colony. It would be so much helpful for me.


Amna Illyas
Student of Biology

Paragraph on Pollution, Its Kinds, Causes and Remedies

Sample Paragraph on Pollution, Its Kinds, Causes and Remedies.

Paragraph on Pollution and Its Types

Country like Pakistan has one of the biggest problems is POLLUTION, We have all sorts of pollution as we are self-sufficient in this sort of issues namely Dust pollution, Noise pollution and moral deficiency pollution. The Pollution is destroying the face beauty of our Country Pakistan is a beautiful country but with the time  flux of Increased population and lack of attention on the part of our Government ever since of its birth to keep the country pollution has never been  priorities of our ruling elite.

Pollution can be minimized of any kind by Plantation of Trees and forest, using safe way of power generation and effective family planning measures and better implementation of Vehicles passing rules so that the vehicles producing smoke pollution and noise pollution could be controlled.

Causes of Pollution and Its Remedies

Now a day, pollution has become a dilemma for all nations of the world including Pakistan. Pollution is creating serious problems for human beings. Pollution has various types, such as environmental pollution, noise pollution and water pollution.

There are numerous reasons responsible for these types of pollution. Deforestation, throwing of garbage at public places, throwing of industrial water in rivers, and release of detrimental gases by vehicles is the same reasons which cause pollution in our environment.

We can minimize the harmful effects of pollution by taking some steps such as growing of more trees, proper recycling of waste material, and proper disposal of waste water by industrial units. In this way, we can make our environment neat and clean.

Paragraph on Pollution its Kinds Causes and Remedies

For healthy life we need to be in a healthy environment first. But the question is that in today’s world no health area or place is left. Every place is full of pollution.

If we talk about land, the garbage of societies are disposed of in empty area and set that material on fire, but this is not the proper way of disposing off the garbage. If we talk about ourselves we are responsible for this too, as we throw the packaging of any eatable on roads and in streets. This type of pollution on land is known as Land pollution.

Secondly if we talk about fresh and healthy Air, so it is again very difficult to have fresh Air for breathing. That is why a lot of breathing problems and diseases are spreading among people. The cause of it is usually factory’s smoke and the car’s smoke which is the major cause for enhancing the Air pollution.

Lastly if we talk about water, it is again difficult for us to have fresh and pure water for drinking. The polluted water from factories and sewerage from cities is, directly gone into the rivers and sea.

The remedy for it is that we have to be careful for our own acts too. For example we should not throw the wrappers on roads and plant more trees so that we can have some fresh and healthy air. Lastly there should be a system of canal through which polluted water of factory’s and cities can be easily removed.

Paragraph on Pollution

Nature is very precious to human beings life as trees provide us with the very thing that we need to live oxygen.  Pollution on a global scale has reached an all-time high over the last few years. This is due to fossil fuels such as coal, oils, and natural gasses for example methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Humans are using these daily for petrol in vehicles, for heating in power plants even in agriculture when they use chemicals like ammonia one of the most deadly gasses in our atmosphere. There are four types of renewable energy sources they are hydro-power, geothermal, wind, and solar. Solar power is the most commonly one that is used aside from wind. Solar energy generates electricity from the light and heat that panels harness from the sun.

This is one of the alternatives to fossil fuels. It is clean energy that doesn’t cause any pollution and is very reliable. Solar panels use little to no water at all whereas power plants use steam to generate electricity and harms the landscape around it.  The actual panels that are used make no sound and are completely silent. This is just one of the solutions on how we can stop pollution however we need to do this as a whole world if everyone helped even a little bit then eventually things will change.

Permission Letter for Blood Donation Camp

Permission letter format for blood donation camp. Request letter to conduct blood donation camp. Sample request letter for blood donation camp. Organizing blood donation camp. Blood donation permission letter.

Permission Letter for Organizing Blood Donation Camp

Manager of Finance Department
Packages, Lahore

Respected Sir,

I would like to thank you for your motivation about the service of humanity in the annual meeting of office employees in last month. As there is no doubt, that no religion is higher than humanity. In the wake of mankind service, I have a plan of arranging a blood donation camp in Kasaur on 20th July. This plan waits a green signal from your side.

This step not only serves the humanity but also makes awareness of company among the people. Furthermore, a person who donates blood is supposed to be healthier than an ordinary man. As far as implementation of plan is concerned, I need only two employees along with some budget for materialize this plan. I am looking forward for your permission in shaping this activity.

Best Wishes

Abbas Raza
Employ id no. 2771

Permission Letter for Blood Donation Camp

The Chairman
Committee for Co-Curricular Activities,
Department of Law,
California University

Dear Sir,

It is to state that I am the president of Blood Donation Society of University. The society has planned to conduct a blood donation camp to collect blood for the patients of thalassemia. The university blood donation society conduct such type of blood donation camps bi-annually. This will be a three days camp conducted in hockey ground of University.

You are requested to allow the blood donation society to conduct blood donation camp so that the blood for patients of thalassemia must be collected.

Yours Sincerely,


Seeking a Permission for Blood Donation Camp

Respected Dean,

Sir, hope you are doing great in health, I am writing this letter to you from Blood donation Campaign Program. We want you to allow us to arrange a blood donation camp for students so that we can collect blood from youngsters. It would be so great if you give us permit for 2 days so that we can collect blood from majority of the students and to arrange it in the first week of next month. It would be a huge favor.

Hoping for the positive response


Program Head,
Ahmed Khan

Cover Letter for Crane Operator

Sample job application for crane operator, overhead crane operator, offshore crane operator with experience and without experience.

Cover Letter for Crane Operator

The recruitment officer,

Dear Sir,

I wish to apply for job of Crane Operator in your company. As per advertisement I find myself fit for the job. I have been working on heavy machinery for a long time. Under various project I have gained immersive experience.

I have a license for operating cranes as well as good experience which is mentioned in the resume attached to this letter. Also, I am a healthy and physically perfect in shape to handle this kind of work.

For any further queries please call me. I am looking forward to have an interview as it will give you a better idea of capabilities.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



I have 16 years of experience in steel plant and various shops as an overhead crane operator.

Cover Letter for Overhead Crane Operator with Experience

The manager,

Dear Sir,

I hereby write this letter to apply for a job in your company. I have an extensive experience of operating cranes in different plants and multiple shops. My working experience spans over 16 years in field.

During my work, I have mastered the skills required to handle steel, metals and all relevant materials in a very professional manner. I was a regular crane operator in steel plant. I also have worked with many shops on multiple projects in my free time.

With my enhanced skills and field hardened experience, I believe I am a true fit for the job. I seek a professional environment where I can put my talents to good use. I want to improve my skills even further with working in better environment.

I am very hopeful to meet in person so that we can exchange details of work and required experience.

Thank you very much for time and consideration.


Application Letter for Receptionist Position

Sample job application letter for receptionist. Application letter for receptionist position in hotel. Cover letter for hotel receptionist with no experience.Sample cover letter for receptionist position.Front desk receptionist cover letter.Sample of application letter for hotel receptionist fresh graduate.

Job Application Letter for Receptionist

The Deputy Director (HR),
Tiger Courier Service, Mumbai.

Dear Sir,

With reference to the subject cited above, it is humbly stated that applicant wants your permission to apply for the post of receptionist in your company.

The applicant got apprised of the subject post from advertisement in a newspaper. The applicant feels as though he is eligible for this job as his qualification and experience of five years a receptionist make him a suitable candidate, altogether.

Therefore, you are earnestly requested to please consider this job application and grant him one chance to show his potential and skills for your firm. Applicant’s curriculum vitae and academic details are attached herewith.

Thanking in anticipation,


Sample Cover Letter for Receptionist Position

The Recruitment Officer

Dear Sir,

It came to my knowledge through an advertisement in newspaper that you have a seat open for title of Receptionist. As an interested person, I am writing this application to apply for the mentioned post. I have all the desired requirements suitable for the job along with relevant experience in the field.

I graduated last year and after that I have been working in sales department in a popular firm. Therefore, I have good experience with dealing and directly handling the issues with customers on first hand basis. I am a good looking person and I have good communicational skills. My personality is pleasant and friendly.

All the documents and experience letters are attached to this application; however, I seek an interview before I can join.

Please contact me as soon as it becomes possible for you to conduct an interview.

Thank you


Letter for Receptionist Job

Designation that applying for:

Respected HR manager!

Hope you are doing well. Recently I have seen your advertisement for the job of receptionist for the mentioned office, I have read the requirements and I must say I posses all the mentioned skills. I have been working as a receptionist for the past five years and recently I shifted my home that ended in me leaving that job and finding a new one.

I am a very responsible and efficient person which are the key qualities that every employers look. I have a diploma in communication studies from a reputed educational institution. My computer skills are top notch, I am proficient in ms word, ms excel sheets and the other mentioned apps.

I have invented a new filing system at my previous job which can organize all the tasks and meetings due without any hassle. I think I can be an excellent addition to your company.

Hope you find an interest in my application.



Application for a Receptionist

Manager Finance,
ATS Co Ltd,

Dear Sir,

I have come to know that there is a vacant seat of receptionist under your kind control. I have two year experience of this position. I will spare no pains to satisfy you, I will work hard, honestly and with high commitment. Please give me a chance to work in your prestigious organization.

I shall be highly grateful to you.


Application for Receptionist

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you because I heard from a very good friend of mine who works at your establishment says that you are looking for a receptionist. I would like to apply. I can work full time any time if the day or night. My past work experience is working mainly in hotels as waitress staff but often I would have to fill in for reception when we were busy.

I also used to work in a library and as a dentist receptionist. If you need any reference letter or pay slips please let me know. Also please find attached a copy of my C.V with all my contact details if you wish to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Client’s name

Applicant for Receptionist

Dear manager,

I am writing to you because I saw that you have a job vacancy open for a receptionist in your new clinical practice. I did apply two weeks ago but got no response. And I see that you are still looking. I do have very good receptionist experience and I would love to work in a different environment. Usually I’m in a dentist or an accountant.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

Client’s name

Application for Receptionist Position in Hotel

Respected Sir,

I am writing this application to you to inform you that I want to apply for the job of receptionist in your hotel Las Vegas (hotel name). I was working as a receptionist at hotel William James for about three years but that was a contract based job and it came to an end after three years. I have an experience of 5 years as a receptionist, so please go through my application and you will find that I am eligible for this job.

Hoping for the positive response



Application Letter for Hotel Receptionist Job

Dear Sir/Madam,

I sent this letter for applying for the post of receptionist in your hotel. I saw the vacancy of job available in the Dawn Newspaper and got this email address from there. I have recently done my bachelors in Computer from _____ University. Even though I do not have an experience in this department but I can assure you that I am capable for this post. My participation in various events and extracurricular activities has polished my communication skills and as my degree is also in computer so I would be easily able to handle the records in the computer or other data.

I have attached my CV with this letter which contains further details of my qualification and experience. I hope you consider me for this post. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor