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Why You Want to Become a Police

Sample reasons to explain in job application or letter to apply for police job. The reason Why You Want To Become A Police. Why I want to be a police officer in UK or why did you choose to be a police officer essay.

Why Do You Want to be a Police Officer


The concerned department, Punjab police head quarter, Lahore,

Respected sir,

With due respect it is stated that I am Mr. Zahir Ali, fresh graduate with a degree of BS sociology with major of Criminology,  sir I got to know from the newspaper that you are hiring new batch of police force. Sir I would like to apply for this post as I am very passionate about this field and the patriotism in me is forcing me to do this. Sir I am a sensible and concerned citizen of Pakistan, the crime rate is increasing day by day and our country needs loyal, active and pro police officers in order to maintain law and order.

Sir I assure you that I possess all that qualities you are looking for a perfect police officer. It’s my dire wish to serve my country whenever it needs me. I am aware of the fact that people usually don’t rely on police because of corruption, but I want to eradicate this thought out of their mind. I know our department is working hard and I wanted to be a part of it. Sir I would highly appreciate and shall be really thankful if you consider my application, considering my love and passion for this job and my country, looking forward for a positive response. Thanks.


Yours sincerely,

Zahir Ali,


Leave Application During Examination

Sample of leave application during examination in school and you need to appear in next school examination. Leave Application for missing exam in school, college or university.

Application Letter for Not Appearing in Exam on Death my Sister

The headmistress, XYZ College, pune,

Respected madam,

With due respect it is stated that my family had a serious accident last week and I would like to inform that my sister couldn’t survived the injuries and has passed away last night, it’s a very hard time for my family, they are suffering from mental trauma and they need me there.

I am aware that my exams are starting from Monday and I will not be able to attempt my papers. I want leave from 6th June to 16th June as I have to be busy in the funeral services of my sister. I take full responsibility not attempting my exams. I am ready to take re exams as soon as I will be back. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness. Thanks.

Yours obediently,

Ali Khan,
Class 9th h,

Leave Application during Examination

Mr. Smith
Oaks High School
Texas, USA

Sir, I am Jackson Smith and I am a student of 10th grade at your respectable institution. Last week, I had to attend the book fair held in town and we decided to eat outside as well. The food was good but unfortunately unhygienic. I got stomach infection which made it hard for me to prepare for the mid exams.

However, I still showed up for the exam but I got sick during the exam and had to rush to the hospital. Therefore, I would like to request you to grant me a leave application and retake the exam if possible. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Jackson Smith
10th grade

Leave Application during Examination
Leave Application during Examination

Leave Application during Examination

The headmistress, Oxford College, US

Respected Madam,

With due respect, I beg to say that I met a serious accident yesterday on my way back to home. I have got my right arm and leg fractured and I am not able to move from my bed. I request you to grant leaves and allow me a retake of my last exam which held today.

I am being advised a complete one month bed rest by the doctor. Please find attached my medical report and medical certificate. I shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours sincerely,

Martin John,

C 2, Oxford College

Job Application Letter for Sales Girl

Sample of English job application letter for sales girl in Mumbai, Dubai, Delhi, London, Sydney, or New York or any other city and star hotels etc.

Application Letter for the Post of Sale Girl

Recruitment manager,

Dear Sir,

I am a fresh graduate looking for professional environment where I can learn and enhance my skills. I seek a post where I can contribute my efforts to company. Therefore I am applying in your company for the post of Sales Girl.

I have all the required qualifications you need and stand up to meet the standards of proper market trends. I have been fairly active during my business studies. Also I have a good experience in sales as assistant in your company already.

Please find all documents attached and verified to this application. Any further information or reference can be updated on demand.

With regards,

Hannah Mckay

Application Letter of Employment as a Sales Girl in a Restaurant

The HR department, Arcadian Café, lahore,

Respected sir,

With due respect it is stated that, I am Maria Ali; I have recently completed my intermediate degree from college. Sir my father had a cardiac arrest last year and now he is not able to do his job. I have 3 younger siblings who are in their schooling period.

Sir we are suffering from a hard time, we are living from hand to mouth.  There is less income are expenses are more that we can afford. Sir I saw your ad that you need a sales girl, you have asked for one year experience but I have no work experience as I have done nothing except studies, I am not forcing you but insisting you that please give me a chance to prove myself, I assure you that you will have no complaints from my side.

I will take care of my responsibilities as I can assure that I am a responsible person and understands the reputation of your restaurant. I shall be really thankful if you consider my application, looking forward for a positive response. Thanks.


Maria Ali,

Application for a Sales Girl in a Boutique

The manager, the hanger, LA

Respected sir,

With all my due respect I beg to say that I have recently graduated from college and now looking for a job, I belong to a poor family and I order to fulfill the family needs I am applying for the job you have posted on a website. Sir I would like to tell you that I have 1 year of experience in the relevant field. I have attached my documents along with this application. I hope you will consider my request. I shall be really thankful for this favor. Thanks,


Anna Smith,

Application Letter for the Post of Sale Girl in an Organization

The Manager HR,
Super Biscuits
May 15,

Dear Sir,
I assure you that I could enhance your sales with the techniques which I have learnt in the subject of marketing during studies and from the practical experience of previous jobs.With reference to your advertisement with respect to the subject post of a sale-girl in your organization, allow me to address the subject vacancy apply as my qualification and previous experience of jobs is quite right for this post.

I look forward to hear from you.

Thanking you.


Job Application for Sales Girl

The manager, L’Oreal, New York

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that I have applied in your outlet as a sales girl. I got to know about this job through a friend. I have 3 years of experience of working as a sales girl in one of your competitive brands. I left the previous job because I have shifted from that area.

I have good personality, brand knowledge, marketing and spoken skill. Please find attached documents required for the further processing. I shall be thankful to you if you give me chance to show my skills. I will be looking forward to a positive response. Thanks


Mrs. Mary Watson

Application for the Post of Sale Girl

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can send you my CV for job. I have seen your ad online on a website and applied for sales girl post in your organization online. They shortlisted me and want me to write letter to organization so that you will able to know about the submission of form online, and want me to send my Cv with it. I have attached my Cv with the letter please go through my Cv.



Anum Ahmed

Letter Asking Unpaid Leave

Sample letter to get long leave from office to visit abroad or some other reason without salary or without pay of leave days.

Application for Long Service Leave Due to Training Workshop

Respected General Manager,

Sir, it is stated that I am working in Orient Electronics from last 3 years and my designation is Production  Manager. I have to go to London for about 8 months for the training of some new technology machines which are being used by other multi-national companies. So, it is informed to you that I will not be able to be on my duty for further 8 months.



Unpaid Leave Request Letter UK


London, UK,

Respected Sir,

With utmost respect, I want to say that I want to have an unpaid leave due to some personal problems I am suffering at home. I am asking about the unpaid leave because I intend to have a leave for a longer duration and when I will not be working for a long time then there is no point for a salary and secondly, all my paid leaves are finished. I shall be very thankful to you if you grant me the leave.

Yours Respectfully,


Letter Asking Unpaid Leave


Mr. Wayne Richard



Florida, USA

Sir, this is Mr. Nial Frederick and I am an employee in the Sales department. I have been working at this company for the last 5 years. I have had the honor of working alongside you that has made me even more skillful than I ever was.

You might be aware of the fact that my mother had been very sick last month and I had to go and take care for her because of which the limit of my allowed vacations reached. However, the doctors have informed me today that her situation is very critical for that I have to go and take care of her. For that purpose, kindly grant me unpaid leave for 3 weeks starting from Monday 5th of December to 26th of December. I wish to continue working for you as soon as the well-being of my mother is ensured. Thank you for your kind attitude.

Yours sincerely,

Nial Frederick

Employee, Sales Department

Letter Asking Unpaid Leave
Letter Asking Unpaid Leave

Sample Letter Reminder Deadline

How to write a letter to boss reminding him of deadline for production order by the clients or customers. You can use friendly language to inform your boss to remind or recall of deadline for the project or production order.

Sample Email Reminder Deadline

Production Manager,
XYZ Company

Subject: Remainder of production deadline from AZ distributors

Dear Sir,

I am bringing this matter to your attention that we are 2 weeks behind our production target of batch 34-AG16 which was due on 20th march, 1994. The delay is a result of devastated fire last week in our warehouse resulting in the damage of 70% of the Raw material. The next shipment of the raw material is expected to arrive next week which will result in further 3 week delay in production.

AZ distributors are our main buyers and we can’t afford to lose such an important client, so it is requested that kindly permit me to buy the raw material from the local market to overcome this shortage.

Respectfully yours,

Assistant Production Manager

Letter to Boss Reminding Him of Deadline

Polite and gentle reminder email to boss sample is below

Mr. Smith, Manager nestle corporate department, UAE,




1 Submitting the proposal for women’s day project

2 Meeting with the media team

3 Preparation of the next month board meeting

4 submitting the tender.

Sir I have made a rough schedule for your appointments please go through it. I have also prepared the sample for the tasks mentioned above.


Julia Ann

Letter Reminder Deadline to Student

Dear applicants,

We would like to remind you about the fee submission date of new session that is 5th of April, 2017. We encourage the early submission of fee to avoid any sort of inconvenience. No late fee submission will be accepted and chance will be given to the next student. You can submit the fee only on college accounts office. No external bank submissions will be accepted. Thanks


Accounts office, Kingston College

Write an Apology Letter to My Wife

I would like to write a letter to my wife for apologizing of my mistake and convince her to join me back.

Sample Apology Letter to My Wife


My dearest wife Jane,

Dear Jane,

I hope you are doing well. How’s everyone at your home? It’s been 3 years you have left me alone to suffer in this hard time. I miss you and the time we have spent together. I miss all the things you use to do for me. Taking care of my each and every thing, cooking food form me, I know you have moved on and you are now busy in your new life. I hope you are having a wonderful time and I really hope that it lasts forever. We have been great friends; we used to share everything, every secret and all.

I know I have done mistakes and I am paying for them. I was so busy in my daily routine and office work that I forgot you; I forgot that my lovely wife was waiting for me on a dining table with my favorite food. I forgot that you left your family for me; I guess I took you for granted and I lost you but I guess it was good for you and your future. I know it’s not appropriate to ask but I would be happy if we can see each other occasionally as friends, may be by this I feel healed. Life is full of surprises when we have something we don’t value them and when it’s gone we wonder what just happened, well ups and downs are part of life and life goes on this way. I have no complaints; I have accepted my life this way.

I wish you all the best for your upcoming life. I shall be thankful if you forgive me for what I have done.


Yours James

Goods Delivered by Mistake

Sample letter to client whom to delivered by mistake or wrongly due to name confusion or address confusion.

Letter for Goods Delivered by Mistake


Mr. Laurent Diaz

HZ2 furnishers

Texas, USA

Sir, this is Kevin Smith from AJC Electronics. With full regret, I have to inform you that due to a mix-up of information, we delivered 3 cartons of light bulbs along with holders at your given address on 4th December. It came into our knowledge when our client asked for the goods that we had delivered to your address by mistake. I have sent my officials to your current address to pick up the goods early by tomorrow. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and we will make sure that this does not happen again in the future. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Smith

Managing Director

AJC Electronics

Parcel Delivered to Wrong Address

Muhammad Faisal.


Subject: Excuse for Wrongly Putaway

Dear Mr. Faisal,

I am feeling extremely sorry about the wrongly dispatched goods that our company has sent to you. In response of your complain number 20bk09 we have checked your order and found a typing mistake about your delivery, as you have ordered a pair of shoes article 2h7 and you had been delivered with a pack of shirts article 2t7.

The order was delivered to you wrongly as the operator mistakenly wrote “t” instead of “h” which is a human mistake. I have personally dealing with your complain and I assure you that next time you will be provided with due care.

Your original assignment has been delivered to you with a coupon of worth Pkr 500/- as a gift which you can use at any of our store. I once again say humbly sorry for the mistake done by my team.


Nasir Aziz

Manager HR

BnB Accessories

Application Letter for Release of Fund

Sample application letter for release of funds or release of installment of your scholarship, sponsorship to submit your fees or deposit bills etc.

Request Letter for Release of Funds

Mr. Tariq Mahmood Dogar,

The Manager Finance,

Punjab Education Endowment Fund,


Subject: Application for Release of Funds


It is to be stated that I am a PEEF scholar and my PEEF code is OM 012–75. I am a student of law department in Punjab University. My registration number in Punjab University is 2012. I was chosen as PEEF scholar in 2012 and till now I have been awarded with 7 continuous installments of the Fund granted by PEEF.

My 8th installment was due on PEEF on date June, 1st but unfortunately I have not received my 8th installment till date. I have complained against the finance department of the university but in vain. I have also moved an application against the university to CSR in PEEF reference number 5B7 but no fruit was awarded to me.

I request you via this application that kindly release my fund due on PEEF from the June, 1st as three months have been passed from the due date.

Yours Sincerely,

Zafar Ali

Application for Release of Funds from University

The Vice Chancellor,

University of Wales.

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to the subject as cited above.

Having learnt that university has begun supporting the students of MPhil to proceed to further studies in PhD program. I wish to apply for the admission in PhD program as I have already passed MPhil from the same university.

In this regard necessary funds may please be released so that I could be able to continue my studies leading to PhD.

I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Anton Chekhov

Request Letter for Release of Funds
Request Letter for Release of Funds

Application for the Release of Blocked Funds


The Vice Chancellor,

Punjab University,

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that I am a student of law and had qualified for a scholarship program announced by Chief Minister of Punjab last year. According to the policy I was to be paid 200000 for further study in 10 installments. I have already received 5 of them. Other students have received their 7th but from last two months I did not receive even my 6th payment because my funds had been blocked. I have met the concerned department many times for this purpose but none of them is helping to solve this issue. I request you to take an action and release my funds as soon as possible so that I could pay my studies expenses as well as my hostel dues. I shall be highly thankful for your kind attention.


Bilal Zia

Job Application for Bank Manager

Sample job application letter for bank manager position to apply for jobs in banks and related institutions.

Cover Letter for Bank Manager Position

Hiring Manager,

Habib Bank Pvt Ltd,

43 Mall Road,


Subject: Job Application for bank

Dear Sir/Madam

I have seen an ad in Dawn newspaper dated August 26th by which I came to know that a post of relationship manager is vacant in HBL Muslim Town Branch. I feel myself a perfect match for this position.  I always wanted to work with HBL as this bank is the most perfect bank in private sector, allow the employees to flourish in completely professional atmosphere.

My resume will tell you about my qualification which is quite appropriate to your requirement. My 8 years work experience in MCB has allowed me to flourish my skills regarding customer care. I will prove an asset for your Bank as I can also handle the group tasks easily.

Please consider my application for further formalities and allow me to visit you for the interview. You can also contact me on my number 921234567890 for further quires or you can contact me via email on

Thank you very much for your time that you gave to my application.

Yours sincerely,

Asad Ali

Request Letter to Reduce the Rent

Sample letter to owner to reduce the rent of shop, flat, house, office or commercial building which you are using as a tenant.

Letter to Flat Owner for Reduce Flat Rent


Nadeem Fayyaz, Cant Lahore

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to you to ask for a favor, as you know my income is not up to the mark. I have 4 children and all of them are school going. In this hard time of recession I am not able to afford an expensive house. The rent I was paying from last years was pocket friendly but as now you have asked me to increase it, I am afraid that I will not be able to pay it. We are living in your house for from many years, we actually don’t want to leave this place. All I can say is to please consider my request and keep the rent low. I expect that you will understand my situation and help me out in this hard time. You have been a very helpful person. I am expecting a positive response from you. Thanks.


Nadeem Fayyaz

Request Letter not to Increase Rent

Mr. James Smith,

Owner of Flat#40, Civic Center,

Robert Street, London.

Subject: Request for no increase in rent


I hope my letter finds you in the best of health. Due to the increase in billing rates and keeping the market position in view, It would be a great help if you could review your agreement and not increase in the rent for the coming months i.e. July 2016 to August 2016.
Hoping for a positive response from your side.


John Abraham,

Robert Street, London

Letter to the Landlord to Reduce the Rent

Muhammad Ahsan Danish

Shahdara, Lahore

Subject: Request to Flat Owner to Reduce the Rent of Flat

Dear Mr. Ahsan.

As you know I have shifted in your flat last week and now I am struggling to live in this flat. It is not as good as I had thought it would be but for the matter of time I am adjusting here somehow.

The room is not white washed as you had promised me that it would be. The adjacent washroom is also in miserable condition. The water taps do not work in proper way. The shower system is also not working properly. There is also no system of hot and cold water as I have to use the same. The window panes are also broken. Because of broken windowpanes I remain busy fighting with mosquitoes the whole night.

But one good thing about your flat is that I like the surroundings here. The greenery across the window and the garden near to it makes me feel good. The mosque is also on footsteps distance so I can easily go for offering prayer. As I am an early riser so I can go to garden for morning walk as well.

It is to inform you that the rent for the flat that we had decided earlier is excessive as compare to the condition of the flat. I request you to renovate this flat or to reduce the rent of the flat and readjust it according to the condition of the flat.

Thank you for giving your precious time that you gave me while reading my letter. You can also contact me on my number 3458768765 for any quires. I will wait for your reply.

Zafar Ali