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Letter Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Sample letter to friend for wishing his/her birthday through a message on letter or sending email.

Letter for Birthday Wish to Friend


Miss Faiza Khan, Lahore,

Dearest Faiza,

How are you? Hope everything is good at your end. I am also fine and my parents too. Do inform me about your fathers’ health as you have told me in your last letter that he is not well.

I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, I was so excited to wish you on call but due to some reason I wasn’t able to call you, hope you understand. I wish you may live many years with good health and wealth, my parents are also wishing you and paying their regards. I remember we celebrated your birthday last year, it was fun. I hope I was with you this time as well. Anyway, when I will come back we will meet and will cut your birthday cake. As you have grown up now, I expect you to be responsible and a mature person now. I hope you had a lot of fun with your family.

Pay my warm regards to your family, lots of love

Yours truly,

Kinza Khan

Congratulation letter happy birthday

Model Town,

Lahore, Pakistan,

Dear Hazel,

I hope you are doing fine and I wish you the best of health and happiness. I wish you a very happy birthday. And I pray that you stay happy forever and may you have many more achievements and happy moments in your life.



Letter Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Ahmad Ali

Shahdara, Lahore

Subject: Letter to Brother Wishing Him on His Birthday

My dear Ahmad,

The day has come when you have crossed your teenage and now you have step forward in adulthood. Now you have come to manhood and not been a child anymore. I wish you a many many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday to you my dear brother. On this happy occasion I pray to God that you get your hearty desires fulfilled and May you succeed in each and every field of life.

Dear Ahmad life is not a bed of roses. Now you are grown up and a man by now. You will be happy to know that this year I have arranged a tour for you to UK. The purpose for this tour is of course recreation but the most important thing that I want to tell you is that I am sending you alone so that you can experience the life as a man. You should realize the situations and learn how to handle them.

Now you have turned to twenty and soon you will be a professional man so I want you to experience life first at your own. As your elder brother I can say you only one thing that the key to success in life is the hard work. With the hard work you can achieve every goal. Be contented for what you got and be patent for what you lost.

I am sending a package with this letter in which there is something which you will love the most as your birthday gift. I would not tell you what it is as it is a surprise. Stay blessed.

Your loving Brother,

Muhammad Ali

Farewell Letter to Boss Who is Leaving

Sample farewell letter for boss on his promotion and increment or change of country or department etc.

Thank You Letter to Boss on Farewell

Mr. Ajmal Khan
Manager Finance
Zahoor and Co, Pvt, Ltd.

Subject: Farewell Letter to Boss in Advance.

Dear Mr. Ajmal,

I am very happy to know about your increment and the promotion. I came to know that from mid of the October you will work for the USA branch and going to shift in New York next month. Surely this is very happy news for you and your family.

I still remember the first day of my Job as chief accountant 10 years back and you were the person who welcomed me. You teach me each and everything about the company. You treated me like an elder brother. You always helped me in any uphill task that appeared before me. I always enjoyed working under your kind supervision and never thought my work boring. Not only I but you were like a father for all other employees in our department.

But as this is obvious that there is nothing permanent here. Everyone has to move on in his life. The day has come for us to say you good bye for now. The earth is round and I hope someday we will meet again.

I pay you regard for the precious contribution that you have made in the progress of the company. I congratulate you for your promotion and transfer in USA and I also wish you best of luck for your future. Please accept my farewell wishes in advance. I have also tend to give you and your family a farewell party.

Best Regards

Muhammad Talha

Farewell Letter to Boss Who Is Leaving Sample

Mr. Andrew Michael, Head of accounts department, Nestle

Respected sir,

We have come to know about your leaving as you have shifted to Canada. We are happy as well as sad because you were a great inspiration to all of us. You have been a great support to all the employees and you have always encouraged the team. No doubt you have giving your best to the company and we are really thankful to you for your love and effort for the betterment of the company.

We will surely miss you as it will be very hard for us to find a boss like you. You will always have a special place in the company as well as in our hearts. It was a wonderful experience working with you. We wish you all the very best for your upcoming life.

With lots of love and prayers,

Team Accounts department, Nestle

Letter to Friend About the Profession You Wish to Adopt

Sample letter to inform your friend about the profession that you want to adopt or wish to adopt for further education and as a career.

Letter About Profession You Wish to Adopt

Muhammad Adnan Aziz

76 k Faisal Town Lahore

Subject: Letter to friend to inform him about the profession I want to adopt

Dear Adnan,

I hope you are doing well. I am also feeling happy as I have switched off to a new place and had left the old one. I have received your letter yesterday in which you told me that you have completed your high school studies and now you are going to get admit in university. I am glad that you have chosen electrical engineering as your major. It suits you well. It is quite up to your taste as you were in love with electronics from the beginning.

My dear friend as far as the question you have asked me about  my studies so I want to tell you that I have completed my studies in law school and now I am going to enroll myself as a solicitor  in District Bar Council. You know well that I had craze of being a lawyer since the start of my high school therefore I want to adopt this profession for my future.

As you know the advocacy is a profession which is thought to be the profession with prestige and high earning. The solicitors are paid well as well as they are respected everywhere. As well as it was the profession of Lords in United Kingdom. I want to continue this as profession as it is the dream of my parents too. I would serve the humanity as well as give fair name to my family and my country.

I wish you best of luck for your future too. Please write me back as soon as you start your classes in university. Pay my regards to your family.

Yours sincerely,

Asif Ali

30 B Iqbal Town Lahore

Letter About The Profession You Want To Adopt

Iqra iftekhar, Lahore

Dearest Iqra,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. I am also fine. Do inform me about your mother’s health as she was not well.

I Am writing this letter to tell you about the profession I want to choose, as you asked me in your last letter so I am telling you that I have chosen software engineering for me. As you know the world is becoming a global village and everything is converting into new technical thing. The world is moving fast, it’s a computer era and I want to be a part of this moving world. I have applied in many good universities of Pakistan and also abroad. I am preparing for my entrance exams now days. I am hoping to get admission in the best university, all I need is your support and prayers, I have also researched many companies who offer good jobs after completing degree in computing. I expect you to choose a good profession for yourself also.

Pay my regards to everyone at home. Lots of prayers


Faryal Shahzad

Application for Cleaning the Waste Garbage

Sample application letter to city municipal administration for cleaning of your street, cleaning of your town, cleaning garbage center, cleaning garbage from your house front, clean garbage from office front or clean garbage from shop front etc.

Request Letter for Garbage Cleaning

The Assistant Commissioner

Tehsil Municipal Committee


Subject: Application for Cleaning the Waste Garbage near My House


Respectfully it is stated that I am living in Bilal colony Sector 5. I want to inform you via this application that the sanitary conditions in my street are miserable. The hacks of garbage are laying everywhere. There is a lot of pollution because of the sewerage water which has been spread on the roads because of the blockage in the gutter system. The duty sweepers had not been seen in our colony for months.

Sir the garbage and the boiling gutters are causing cholera and other diseases. More ever this has been the hub of mosquitoes which cause dengue fever. You are requested to send some sweeper who cleans out this mess. I shall be grateful to you.


Asif Ali

Street No. 3

Bilal colony, Kasur

Application for Cleaning the Waste Garbage near My House

The Manager Operations (East Zone),

Glasgow Waste Management Company.

Dear Sir,

I would like to draw your attention to the failure of staff working under your supervision on subject matter.

I am the resident of super town; there are two wastebaskets of your company placed in a vacant plot adjacent to our house. Having seen the quantity of garbage thrown by the residents in these baskets, these baskets should have been emptied on daily basis but your staff forget to clean them and often come for aforementioned work once in a week. It fills the entire street with filthy smell and our beautiful town looks a disgusting area where nobody likes to live.

The condition becomes worst in rainy days when the garbage mixes with water and makes safe havens for dengue mosquitoes and other insects. I am afraid there is a possibility of the eruption of epidemic in our society.

In the light of above mentioned circumstances, you are requested to make necessary arrangements for the proper and timely cleanliness of wastebaskets placed in the east zone of super town.

An early action in this regard shall be highly praised by the entire residents of super town.

Thanking you,

Anton Chekhov

Request to Clean Waste from our Street

The  District Manager

Lahore Waste Management Company

Lahore, Pakistan.


Respected Sir,

It is stated respectfully, that I am a residence of Muslim Town House No. 4, Street No.3. I have observed that your waste collection team has not visited the area since last week. There is a lot of garbage mount up making bad smell and ailments. I request you kindly to remove the garbage from this area on urgent basis. I shall be very thankful to you for this.

Yours Sincerely,

Waheed Ali

Application for Return of Original Documents

Sample Letter to Request the return of your documents, visa documents, certificates, degrees from embassy, home department, govt office, school, college or university etc.

Request Letter to Return Original Documents

Mr. Robert
The Principal
District High School
West Street Park

Subject: Application for Returning of Original Birth Certificate

Dear Mr. Robert

With due respect I beg leave to state that I have been qualified for the district soccer team but my coach has directed me to bring my original birth certificate so that my name can be registered in the competition. Sir I had submitted my birth certificate to school authorities when I had got admission in this school.

I request you kindly return my original birth certificate so that I can register my name in the district soccer team and play the competition. Please return it before September 12, 2016.

I shall be grateful to you for this favor


Zem Lolaby
7th grade
Enrollment number 2k45

Application Requesting Return of Original Documents

I am a student. I want to write an application to principal sir to give back my original date of birth certificate to me. Please give me the total format along with the body of application.

The Principle,
XYZ college.

Subject: Request for Original Date of Birth and Character Certificate.

Dear Sir,

Respectfully it is submitted that I was student of in your college during session 2014-2016. I graduated last week and need my original date of birth certificate along with a character certificate to apply in Mcom. Kindly provide me the requested documents so I can proceed with my admission application.

Yours respectfully,

M. Abubakar

Give Back my Original Documents

The Principal, D P S Lahore,

Respected sir,

With due respect I beg to say that I have by mistaken submitted my original birth certificated along with my other documents at the time of admissions, Sir I request you to return me the original copy as I need it for passport purpose on urgent basis. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness. Thanks.

Yours obediently,

John Michael,
8th B

Letter for Return of Original Documents from College

Mr. Wilshere Atkins
Oak Side High
Houston, Texas, USA.

Sir, i am Heisenburg Smith and i was a student of A’ level Part 2 of 82nd Batch at your college. This institution has made me feel like home and has never made life hard being a boarder. I have enjoyed my stay at this remarkable institution as well as learned enough knowledge to get in any university i want. For that purpose, I would like to have the original documents of College so that i can get admitted in a good university and start a new chapter of life. I wish to keep in touch. Thank you for your wise words and respect.

Yours sincerely,

Heisenburg Smith
Sugarland, Texas, USA.

Letter for Return of Original Documents from College
Letter for Return of Original Documents from College

Application for Requesting Original Documents from College

Dear school principle,

I am writing to you because I would like to request for my original documents. I have recently been accepted into a new college and they are requesting that I give them my original documents from your college. I need the document for the 12th of next month. I hope this is okay for you. This new college is the perfect opportunity to learn the right skills and knowledge and experience that I need. I hope that you understand and give the relevant documents. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Kithara Lane

Leave Application for Sunstroke

Sample Leave application due to sunstroke during summer by the advise of doctor to stay away from sunshine or stay indoors etc.

Leave Application Due to Sunstroke


The Headmistress, Elite public school, Karachi

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is stated that I, Maha Ali, class 9th H.  Had sunstroke last day from my way back to school. I am not able to move and attend my classes. Doctor has advised me bed rest and strict medication for next week. I assure you to keep track of my daily work with the help of my class fellows. Please grant my leaves for 5 days that is from 5th June to 9th June.

I shall be really thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours obediently

Maha Ali,

9th H

Leave After Sunstroke

Mr. Robert

The Manager

Seal Bank Ltd

Harley Street

Subject: Leave Application for Sunstroke

Dear Mr. Robert

It is stated that I am working as a Cashier in your Bank branch under Id number 3843h3. I was not feeling well for several days. So on an appointment with my physician he diagnoses that I have been attacked by sunstroke that is the reason my health has got seriously damaged.

The doctor has advised me to take rest for one week. The medical report has been attached with this application. For this reason I would not be able to attend the office for one week. You are requested that kindly accept my leave application for one week from September 7th 2016 to September 14th 2016.

I shall be grateful to you for this favor.


Joseph T. Eliot

Leave Application For Sunstroke


The Principal, The City School, Shalimar

Campus, Lahore


Most respectfully, I beg to say that I had a sunstroke due to high temperature and as I had to stay away from the sun because of some personal circumstances. The doctor has advised me to have a bed rest for two days and has stressed for the need to stay indoors. Kindly, grant me the leave for two days. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

Fizzah Mamoona

O Level 1

Termination Letter for School Principal

Sample letter to termination for principal of school, college due to poor performance, mismanagement to fire or sack the principal from job.

Termination Letter for School Principal for His Poor Performance


The Headmistress,

LACAS School System,


Respected Madam,

With due respect it is to inform you that the school is not satisfy with your Performance, the system is disturbed because of your half day leaves. Because of this the staff is also not regular and there is no check and balance rule. We would like to bring it to your knowledge that the committee of headpersons has decided to end your tenure at this school in order to run a better institute and to assure the quality. We wish you good luck.


School administration

Termination Letter to School Principal for Poor Performance

The Cadet Frontier School

Miss Candy

Alabama Street

Subject: Termination letter for poor performance

Dear Miss Candy

It is to inform you that you have not been attending the school for two months. The school discipline committee has found that during your six months tenure with us you have very irregular and never followed the rules of punctuality. Along with this the discipline committee has also found that you used to smoke cigarettes during lectures in the classrooms. You also use inappropriate language in the class that does not constitute a good impact on the students.

You have been sent notices for three times with warnings to uplift your repute but you never put an ear to it. You were also provided by the chance to submit your written statement before the school committee but you never tried to avail it.

So for now the board of directors has decided in the light of findings of school discipline committee to terminate the contract with you.

You need not visit the school from tomorrow.

For any quires please call me on my number 2321128998


Jason Dothrox

Invitation Letter to Invite Parents Abroad

Sample invitation letter to parents inviting them to visit your abroad. This letter can be used to process visa applications in embassy etc.

Invitation Letter to Invite Parents to USA

Western USA,



Dear Mother and Father,

I hope you are doing well but I know that you must be missing me badly as I am missing you guys a lot and I am being homesick too. It is becoming very difficult to live without you guys as I keep on thinking about you both as I know that old age is affecting both of you.

The weather in Utah is very pleasant, and it is a very lush green area and also has interesting spots to visit. I know you must tired of hot weather and blazing heat in Pakistan. Why don’t you try coming to Utah, USA? It will be a very nice trip. So, now I want you both to pack your bags and come to Utah. I will wait for you guys and this time no refusals. I will also send you the tickets. Hope to see you soon.

Your Daughter,


Invitation Letter to Your Parents


London, UK,

Dear Father and Mother,

I hope you are okay. I want to say that I want both of you to come and meet me in the UK. I cannot come by myself to meet you because of so much workload. And also, coming to UK and meeting me would also be a good change for both of you. I wish to see you soon as I miss both of you immensely.

I wish to see both of you soon. Pay my regards to brother Jero and sister De Burca as well.

Your Son,


Goodbye Speech to Students in Primary School

Sample farewell speech by teacher to students in primary school who completed their primary education and moving for higher education in new school.

Sample Speech to End a Term in Primary School

Dear Students,

You all look very fresh, may be it is because you are free from the exams and have finally completed your term. I hope your exams went well. Now after your primary school end term, you have entered into a different world, different in the sense that you should start to get mentally more mature after this and this is the crucial time when you start to prepare yourself for the bright future your parents have been dreaming for. Some of you might be thinking of becoming doctors, some of you engineers, police officers etc. But one day when you will become something, you will still think of your primary school days, that, what carefree days these were and how you used to be involved into playing, studying and many other things you now do. These precious days will never come back. And you should enjoy the best of yourselves and focus on your studies as well, as you have entered a different level now. I pray that you are able to achieve what you and your parents have dream of.



Farewell Speech Kindergarten Graduation

Dear Children,

I see you all fine and happy. And I know the reason of this happiness too I guess. You must be happy because your Kindergarten has come to an end and thus you are all gathered to achieve your graduation certificates for it. Don’t you feel a little grown up? I think you do, as you have crossed your stage one, and now you are going to enter a proper school with a uniform on and which will require much more discipline and hard work. From tiny little seeds you have grown into a little plant which still needs a lot of time and effort to grow up. I hope that you will do well in your next stage.


Your Principal

Speech to End a Term in a Primary School by Teacher

Respected teachers and staff, good afternoon to all, as you all know that I have done my Masters and now I am promoted to high school therefore I am leaving the primary school. It’s been a wonderful time with you all, it was a wonderful experience with you and my sweet students, but life goes on. I have given 3 years of my life to this school and got back much more than expected.  I believe that apart from studies I have learnt a lot from this school. I got to learn importance of time and management. I give credit to this school for making me a better teacher. I feel I have groomed a lot. I would like to thanks our headmistress who encouraged me for doing masters in the relevant field and because of her support I am here today. She is my inspiration. I believe that education has no end. The more you learn the more you get curious. Education is the only thing to take you to the heights of success.

Of course I am going to miss you all and specially my students whom I consider my own kids. I wish you all the very best for the future and I would like to suggest that you all should continue your studies to get the heights you want, Best of luck and thanks.


Miss Jamie Ann

Complaint Letter for Product Quality

Complaint Letter By Customer to company for bad quality product which damages you or your business with side effects or bad reactions.

Sample Letter of Complaint for Bad Product

Respected Producer/Company,
Oriflamme, Switzerland,

With due respect I have to inform you that I have suffered a harsh skin reaction by the make –up product known as the foundation, I had bought from your Barket Market Branch, Lahore. The reaction was severe enough to leave marks on my face despite the fact that I do not have a sensitive skin.

All this has been caused by your Oriflame Foundation I applied a few days ago on my face. More importantly, I have been using that foundation regularly being your regular customer and when I checked the date of that foundation, it turned out to be expired. This behavior of negligence from your side is truly unexpected for me.

I thereby request you to improve your quality standards and if there is some negligence or fraud going on from the side of the staff then please have a proper check on your staff, otherwise, you might face a case filed against you in court, which you will not want in order to save your reputation or some other action might be faced by you. Kindly, take a proper notice of this matter so that the customers don’t suffer in the future.

Thank You

Your Customer,
Carolyn De Lochlain

Complaint Letter for Product Quality

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I have ordered some of your beauty products from your website, but they are very low in quality and my skin burn when i use it. So please improve the quality of products, it would be great for all of your customers as well. Thanks but I have gone through very bad experience with your products.


Maheen Javed