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Job Application For Students Free Samples

Sample job application for students available for free download. Student job application Letter can be used for  jobs of university students, college students, school students, elementary students and the students want to work part time in a foreign country or abroad.

Student Job Application Format

Dear Ms. Ayesha,
I am student of Msc Computer Sciences at Cambridge University. On last Sunday i read a newspaper advertisement for opened job vacancies in your esteemed company related to my field of specialization (desktop application developer)

I have record of achievements in the educational and extra curricular background. I attached my certificates for your review. Furthermore I have worked as volunteer at various organizations and currently serving the youth club in university as president.

I request you to please give me a chance to appear in the interview and I assure that you will find me most appropriate candidate for this post.

Sincerely yours,

Ayesha Lone

How to Write Job Application for Students

Dear Mr. Ahmad,

I have seen your advertisement on and it was eye catching to me as I have same field of interest. I am Sana Ali and student of Comsats Institute, Lahore. My degree program is MBA sales and marketing. I did internship for six months in ABC organization and it proved too much valuable for me. I learnt to improve my skills and I have shown my capabilities which in reward helped me to gain the award of Best Internee among many students.

Currently is my last semester, and till now I am a good scorer achieved CGPA of 3.82. My academic skills are worth considering. Being a creative and intellectual person I have joined hands with many organization to be an supporting arch for them. Along with this I have been an active member in arranging and organizing various events.

As, it is the final semester of mine and to seek job right now would be beneficial for me. You have vacancies in finance department as mentioned, and I have related experience required. If I get a chance I will prove myself to be a competent person and loyal to my work. Attached is my resume and copy of NOC provided by university.
I shall be looking forward to hear good from you, thank you for your time.

Yours truly,
Sana Ali

Job Application For Students Free Samples & Templates
Job Application For Students Free Templates

Job Application For News Anchor Free Samples

Sample job application for news anchors available for free download. Job application format for TV news casters, program hosts, news analysts, news reporters and columnists. If you are applying in the news channels or international media channels please change the application as per your requirements.

News Caster Job Application Email Format

BOL Chanel

Application to Work as an Anchor Person


I am a journalism student and also working in radio channel as a news caster from last two months, but now i want to work in front of camera, because I have abundance of knowledge and confidence, and want to explore it in front of world. I have my family background from middle class, that’s why i know   the problems of people well, because i have much social interaction with middle class. And i want to start program on your channel in which i want to bring the problems of middle class in front of Gov. I am fully confident to work on my idea, u can give me a chance and see the results, I have attached my all document with the application form, so kindly give a chance to work with your channel.

Your sincerely


Job Application for Anchor Person

Dear Ms. Minahil,
I read in a newspaper advertisement on Sunday that your TV channel have vacancies for news anchors.

I fulfill all the educational and professional experience requirements you are looking for. I graduated from Harvard University in mass communication and have 3 years work experience as news anchor with CNN International in United States.

Next week I am visiting your country and I can have an interview during my visit. My documents are attached in this email for your review.

I will look forward for an interview call.


Ayesha Sam
News Anchor

Job Application for News Caster

Dear Sir,
By viewing your advertisement on internet for vacant posts of News Anchors in your esteemed TV channel, I have taken the opportunity to write up to you for job application. I am graduated from NCA, in media and mass communication. I did my Masters in same profession from NCA. I am professionally linked up with media since two years. Along with my studies I joined ‘Geo-news TV Channel’ and worked there behind the camera.
Since last year, I am working there as TV anchor, for news telecasts. My expertise is in the same field and I am passionate about my work. I do possess all the job requirements mentioned by you. I am young and talented guy along with fluent communication and language skills.
The job nature matches with me and I am confident that providing me a chance would prove to be the best choice and it would be an asset to you. Enclosure contains my resume and CD having my anchoring clips. Hope to get a pleasing gesture from your side.
Thank you for your time.

Adeel Sheikh

Cover Letter  for News Anchor

The HR team, BBC news, US

Respected sir,

With all due respect I would like to inform you that I have recently completed my masters in mass communication with 3.7 CGPA and now looking for a job. I have seen a job ad by your agency and for that I am applying for the post of news anchor. I would like to inform you that I have done internship with CNN as well and I have 2 year job experience in local news channel. I have attached my certificates and other documents along with this application, I request you to consider my application and give me a chance to serve your channel with my talent, looking forward for a positive response from your end. Thanks.


James John, LA

Job Application For News Anchor Free Samples
Job Application For News Anchor Free Samples

Job Application For Web Developer Free Samples

Sample job application for web developer available for free download. This job application letter for web developer format is for PHP Developers, ASP Developers, .Net(dot net) Developers, Java Developers, HTML Developers, CSS Experts and other web development forums. This application can also be used for software developers or desktop application developers.

Web Developer Job Application Format

To Whom It May Concern

Dear sir,
I came to know from a newspaper that some positions are vacant in your company for experienced web developers. After reading all of JD and JS requirements I believe that I am the best person for this.

As per your requirements, I have php, java and asp developer certifications from a well renowned institution and experience in multinational firms like Net-sol. During my tenure I worked for various international clients like Mercedes Benz and Citi Bank of United States.

As my experience is showing I have strong knowledge of above mentioned web development applications and platforms. My first experience was in an ISP so I also have advantage of web server management, application hosting platforms which add extra value to my career.

I have much more to show you from my achievements in an interview. So I will be looking for interview call from you company.

Sincerely yours,

Sobia Sami

Job Application For Web Developers Free Samples
Job Application For Web Developers Free Samples

Job Application For Supervisor Free Samples

Sample job application for supervisor available for free download. Supervisor job application with experience and without experience for all supervisor positions like immediate supervisor, housekeeping supervisor, site supervisor, former supervisor etc.

Job Application for Site Supervisor

Dear Sir

It is submitted that I have come to know through daily news that you need a site supervisor in your firm to supervise your ongoing projects. Sir I want to let you know that I can be your right selection for the subject post.

I have done my diploma of associate engineer from the best technical college of our city securing outstanding marks. Afterwards I remained affiliated with one of the top most builders company of our country for three years. Now I am personally fully confident that I supervise the sites of any type of the projects independently.

I have attached my CV, experience certificate and attested copies of my testimonials herewith for your consideration and favorable action please. It is expected that your highness will give me a chance to prove my skills and abilities.

Thanking you in anticipation


Application for Job of Supervisor in Factory

Dear sir

I have come to know through reliable resources that your department urgently require supervisors for your day and night shifts in your factory. It is submitted that I have ten years of experience in the same job. I have been performing the same duties in a prominent factory of this city but due to some domestic issues I had to leave that job. I am hopeful that you will give me a chance to work in your factory and prove my abilities.

Yours obediently,

Anum Ahmad

Supervisor Job Application Format

If you do not know the name of hiring person then you can write
To Whom It May Concern

But if you know it then you should write

Name of the Hiring Manager
Company name

Dear Ms. Fatima,
I am writing to apply for the post of electrical supervisor advertised in newspapers and online job websites on Sunday 3 May 20XX. As per your job advertisement i fulfill all of your job requirements in terms of experience, education and interpersonal skills.

I have done Msc major in Electrical Engineering from NUST and 3 years experience in a reputed multinational car production company. I am requesting you for a chance to present myself in interview where i can give more details about my job experience, my strengths and interpersonal skills. I assure you that you will find me most appropriate and eligible candidate for this supervisor position. Please find the enclosed copies of my educational and experience certificates for your review.

Looking for an interview call.

Sincerely yours,

Madeeha Jan

Sample Job Application For Supervisor Free Format
Sample Job Application For Supervisor

Appointment Letter for Teacher From School

Sample Appointment Letter for Teacher Job from school free download. Format of teaching appointment letter is free and very good example for school, college and academy teachers.

Job Appointment Letter to Teacher

The City School,
Gulberg, Lahore,

Respected Miss Nicholas,

It is to inform you that on the basis of your education and other skills, our School has decided to appoint you as a teacher. Please confirm other details related to your job from the administration block of our School.


School Management

Appointment Letter for School Teacher Job

Respected Sir,

This letter is written to you as an appointment letter for the job of our school. You have been selected as the teacher to our junior classes. You are requested to join as soon as possible.


Beaconhouse School System

Teacher Appointment Letter

Ms. Minahil Qasim
Assistant Teacher Physics
LGS School


Dear Ms. Minahil Qasim,
I am pleased to inform you about your selection and teaching job confirmation for the post of Assistant Teacher for Physics for A Level at LGS school with the effect from 13 April 20XX. All the terms and conditions with other benefits are mentioned on the attached employment agreement form.

I congrats you and welcome you on behalf of all the teaching and administration staff of LGS School. Now you are the family member of LGS teaching staff and I hope that we together will work very hard to achieve the goals of our school.

Sincerely yours,

Manager HR Services

Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Dear Ms. Kanza, Congratulations!
This is to notify for your appointment as English teacher from 18 July 20XX. We welcome you on behalf of our school, teachers and administration staff members at faculty of Beacon House School System.

Please report to your section head Mrs. Tanzeela on 18th July with your original educational certificates. You are also requested to fill the enclosed employment biodata form required for this job and submit it to the HR Department.

Your probation period is for three months starting from 18th July 20XX. After your probation you will be able to get all the benefits officer by school to its permanent faculty members. We wish you best of luck.


Head HR Department

Appointment Letter for School Administrator

Dear Ms. Fatima, Congratulations!

With reference to your interview on 12th July 20XX. You are requested to join our school immediately as administrator and report to HR Department. All terms and conditions are enclosed with this appointment letter. We again congratulates you for your appointment on behalf of teaching and administration staff.


Head HR Department

Appoinment Letter for Teacher From School
Appoinment Letter for Teacher From School

Sample appointment letter for school teacher, principal, private school teacher, secondary school teacher in India, Pakistan, Europe, USA, UK, EU, UAE and middle east countries. Best letter of appointment for hiring teachers for school job at any position with salary and confirmation of job offer.

Appointment Letter Format for School Teacher

Respected Ms. Laraib Sami,

Writing this letter on behalf of OBTC School System, we are pleased to inform you that on grounds of your interview and the tests that you qualified, the school management offers you an opportunity to serve as a computer teacher at our school. The salary offered to you is Rs. 40,000 per month. Its an honor for us to hire a competitive candidate like you. You are advised to give proper notice of your intention if you want to join the job offered by us.

Thank you

Principal & Signatory

Teaching Appointment Letter Sample

On behalf of The Trust School, Sabzazar campus, we are hereby pleased to let you know that the School Management Committee is offering you an exciting opportunity to serve as a Junior School Teacher at our campus. You are selected on merit after conduction of your test, interview and demonstration.

The monthly salary offered to you is PKR 17000/- with free pick and drop service. It is a best opportunity for you to work in a competitive and challenging environment and prove yourself as well as avail the chance of grooming yourself.

Please let us know about your consent by a formal thanks letter within one week, if u wish to join the school with the salary and services offered. Thank you

Appointment Letter for School Teacher
Appointment Letter for School Teacher

Appointment letter for School Teacher of any subject like computer, math, English, science, physics, chemistry, biology of any position like senior teacher, junior teacher, or principal etc.

Employment Confirmation Letter for Permanent Employees

Sample Employment Confirmation Letter From Employer for permanent jobs. This letter is to be issued after or at the end the probation period for welcoming the employees as permanent staff of the company. The job confirmation letter for employee or staff can be used for any post like, officer, executive, manager, supervisor, director, CEO or contract based job.

Job Confirmation Letter from Employer

Mr. James Docks, Alex Traveller, US,

Respected sir,

I would like to inform you that your trial period is off now and you have done a perfect job. We hired you on weekly salary basis in order to check your performance but now company has decided to make you a permanent employee and fix your salary on monthly basis. We wish you a good luck. Thanks.


Team HR, Alex travellers, US

Employment Confirmation Letter Format

Dear Atif,

This letter is to inform you that you have been made permanent employee of our company. The probation period of two months had come to end. After analyzing your work company have decided to make you a permanent employee of our company. From now on wards you can mention your designation and our company name with your signature.

Further you have all the perquisites which are provided to our permanent employees. You are liable towards your job to the company. From now you are required to provide a notice of a month when you are going to change your job. we hope you would work with great motivation and determination.

Sincerely Yours,

M. Haroon, Head Group HR Policy

Letter for Permanent Job Position

Ms. Urooj Ashraf
Microfinance Officer,
The First Bank


Dear Ms. Urooj Ashraf,
I have pleasure in informing you that you have successfully completed the probationary period and your employment with the bank is confirmed as Micro-finance Officer with effect from March 15, 20XX. You will be accordingly entitled to all facilities and benefits embedded in the appointment letter dated December 19, 20XX and other terms and conditions as stated in the appointment letter will remain unchanged.

I take this opportunity to welcome you to the family of The First Bank Ltd and look forward to your long and enriching association with the bank. I believe that you can contribute greatly to the achievement of the Bank’s goals. In doing so, I am sure you will find this experience rewarding and enriching.

Truly yours,

Manager HR Service

Employment Confirmation Letter Format from Employer

Dear Mr. Philips

It is intimated that you have been on probationary period since last year. Your performance regarding your professional knowledge and its practical implementation, your behavior and interaction with your superiors and colleagues has very closely been monitored /evaluated which is found satisfactory.

I am therefore pleased to inform you that your probationary period is hereby terminated and you are permitted to continue your service in the existing position as a permanent confirmed employee.



Employment Confirmation Letter From Employer
Employment Confirmation Letter From Employer

Experience Letter For Software Developer Free Download

Sample Experience Letter For Software Developer Free Download.Software Engineering in C++, Java, Oracle and Ms Dos software developers can use this letter as sample experience letter.

Software Engineer Experience Letter

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Kanza Faisal worked as Manager Software Development for NetSole Soft Limited in software development department department.

She is expert in application development using Java, Oracle and C++. She developed many software for our clients and proved herself an excellent software developer.

We wish her success in her career.

Signatory Authority

Job Experience Letter For Software Engineer

Experience Letter For Software Developer Free Download
Experience Letter For Software Developer Free Download

Experience Letter for Software Developer

To whom it may concern

We are pleased to certify that Miss Maria has been a part of our software development team for a period of one year. Her areas of responsibility were primarily front end development; designing templates, maintaining SEO, and programing back end codes.

During her stay here, she has shown extra ordinary skills as a committed, hardworking and creative software developer as well as great personal traits. She has a jubilant personality and always contributes positively towards a rift free work environment. She has been a part of many successful projects under our banner. We wish her a pleasant and successful life ahead.


Admin Manager


Experience Letter For Web Developer Free Download

Sample experience letter for web developer for desktop and mobile website applications. PHP and ASP OR Open Source web developers can also use this experience letter to show their experience with a particular organization or company.

Website Developer Experience Letter

To Whom It May Concern
This is to certify that Ms. Maryam Sami has worked as Web Developer at AMCY Soft Tech Limited for three years since 20XX. She worked as ASP.Net Developer for mobile applications and desktop applications for our clients.

She is expert in ASP.NET and completed bundle of website applications successfully. She is also good in coordination and supervising the junior staff. We wish her success in life.

Signatory Authority

Experience Letter For Web Developer Free Download
Experience Letter For Web Developer Free Download

Experience Letter for Librarian Free Download

Sample experience letter for librarian free download.

Librarian Experience Letter

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Urooj Ashraf employed as Librarian at NUST University since 20XX. We found her very good librarian. She managed our library in a beautiful way. She was excellent to control the internal environment of library and implementation of library rules and regulations.

She also introduced a new computerized books issuing method and with the new technology our library expenses were dramatically reduced. She depicts good manners and proved herself an excellent librarian.

We wish her success in life.

Signatory Authority

Experience Letter for Librarian Free Download
Experience Letter for Librarian Free Download

Library In-charge Experience Letter

To Whom It May Concern

This is certified that Ms. Urooj Ashraf worked as Library In-charge at University of Engineering and Technology. She joined as Assistant Librarian and after two years she was promoted to Library In-charge. We found her very good controller and administrator. We wish success in future endeavor.

Singatory Authority

Experience Letter for Assistant Librarian

To whom it may concern,

It is verified that Miss Maria was an employee of the New York Public Library for a period of two years. She was appointed at the post of Assistant Librarian. Her primary responsibilities included sorting and monitoring new arrivals in the library, maintaining issue register, sorting new books in the online and eBooks section of the library.

She also assisted chief librarian in maintenance of overall library record which also included physical stock taking. During her period of work, she was found satisfactory, punctual and committed to her work. She possesses strong communication skills and is a great team player. My best wishes are with her for her successful career ahead.

Chief Librarian

Experience Letter for Librarian

The Manager, Oxford Library, New York

Respected sir,

I have come to know through newspaper that you are hiring librarian for your library. Sir I am a certified librarian and I have been working from last 5 years as librarian. I have a very good experience. I am leaving the previous job because I am shifting in this area. I have attached my certificates and ID. I expect an interview call from your end. I assure that if I will be given chance to serve your library I will give my best. Thanks


Miss Lisa Hex

Sales Associate Cover Letter for Resume

Sample job application for sales associate, retail sales associate and executive, salesman, sales officer, sales clerk or assistant sales executive in companies, marketing agencies, distributors and suppliers for free download.

Cover Letter for Sales Executive

Dear Recruiters,

I hope this email finds you well. I’m interested in working at your organization MDK Corporation Japan as a Sales Executive. I have recently graduated from IBA and I have returned to Lahore. Please find a copy of my resume attached to this e-mail which could be considered for this position or any opportunity at your company that seems relevant to my profile. I’m also available for interviews on Skype or in person given an adequate time period’s notice. Looking forward to hear from you.


S. Hasan

Sales Associate Job Application

Director Sales
Semioffice Corp.
Faisal Town,

Subject: Application for Sales Job

Dear Sir,
I am writing to apply for the post of Sales Associate advertised in newspaper on Sunday. I am business graduate and sales was one of my major subject during studies. Because of my high interest in sales and clear concepts I am sure that I can perform excellent sales job. I am enthusiast to work in professional environment for achieving assigned goals and growth of the company.

Further more I did my internship in sales department of an FMCG and proven my abilities with company sales associates. My internship experience letter with excellence remarks from my supervisor is also attached for your review.

I request you to please provide me a chance to present my self in an interview. I am sure you will find me best candidate for this job.

Sincerely Yours,

Saba Chaudhry
Kinnaird College

Sales Associate Cover Letter For Job

Dear Sir,
I am interested in the position advertised for Sales Associate. My resume enclosed for your review, given my related experience and excellent capabilities. I would appreciate your consideration for this job opening. My skill is an ideal match for this position.
My skills or qualification:
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials and experience again thank you for consideration.

Shumaila ghulam Nabi

Cover Letter in Email for Sales Executive

Dear sir,
Your advertisement for a Sales Officer  interested me because your requirements closely parallel my working experience. I’ll be happy to tell more about my experience in an interview.I attach my C.V and cover letter with this E-mail.I shall be very greatful to you.
Yours sincerely,
Job Application for Sales Executive
Job Application for Sales Executive