Request Letter To University To Transfer Credits

Format of application to send to previous university for sending you the credits that you have gained while studying there and transferring it to where you are studying now

Request Letter to Transfer Credits

To the HR Admin,

Institute name


Respected sir,

It is stated that I (name) student of bachelor in computer science has completed her 1st year (2 semesters) at your university. Yesterday we got to know that my father has been posted to Karachi for 5 years. We all are planning to shift with him to Karachi. In this situation when all my family is shifting along with him, it’s impossible for me to continue my studies alone here living miles away from my family. As you know I have already completed one year of my degree and I don’t want to waste my time so I request you to transfer my credits of completed courses to Karachi university through HEC as I am planning to get shifted there in my second year. The time I had at (institute name) is unforgettable but sadly we have to lay down our weapons in front of fate’s decision. I hope that I will come back here for my masters in this remarkable institute.

Kindly look forward to my application as soon as you can so, I can in a little while move with my family to Karachi and continue with my studies.

Yours obedient,


Essay on Education

Format of essay to write on the topic of education. Education is what changes people’s lives. It is the only way to make your life better , its what that change societies and shape them to be a better version of themselves.

Sample Essay on Importance of Education

Education is not only confined to the books that you read at educational institutes, it is much more than that; education comprises of everything that you do in life and it covers all the aspects. If you are an educated person you will have manners and your behavior determines your level of education; it is reflected in how you treat others around you. Main purpose of education is to make you humble and dignified.

            There are different functions that are performed by education, as Bertrand Russell remarks, “Education has, broadly, two main objects first to impart certain skills, from reading and writing upwards; and secondly make people fit to be citizens. But the second is conceived very differently under different kind of systems.” Education gives you an exposure of life and teaches you how to be a sensible and responsible citizen of the country. If you are and educated person and you still do not follow the rules; such as traffic rules, we see many people breaking traffic rules because they are in a rush which causes many unfortunate accidents and innocent people lose their life; this happens due to lack of education, you need to follow the laws in order to call yourself an educated person.

            Moreover, another crucial aspect is about the kind of education that is being given at schools. These days education is one of the biggest businesses in the world, schools are paying more focus on the amount of money that they can make instead of paying attention on the quality of education that they are providing. Many students who are incapable to pass out there grade are given extra favors due to involvement of their parents who do not let their child fail because they have an agenda of paying high fee so they don’t let an institute take any action against their child. Same is with the system of schools they want money so they do whatever the parents ask them to do, which is morally and ethically a wrong act.

            From quality one has to pay attention to the quantity as well, presently the schools that are running are pressure-rising their students to choose all the subjects which are mostly contrary to their interests which results in lack of their attention; if a student does not like what he studies he loses his focus and is not able to perform well. We need to change our system and let students choose subjects apart from compulsory subjects of their own interests; it will not only help them to learn well in fact they will be able to perform well in other subjects as well.

            Due to lack of resources we have two kinds of institutes one that is fully equipped which would be called an A grade school and the other which lack resources due to financial problems which are considered as B grade schools. These divisions within the schooling system create a sense of insecurity among the students and they are not able to get the kind of education that is a right of every student. These distinctions need to be removed for a better quality of education.

            As aforementioned, if the role of education is properly served the students which is the future of world can turn out to be the biggest and successful names in the world. Very strong and influential words are written by Joseph Addison, What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul. The philosopher, the saint, the hero, the wise and the good, or the great, very often lie hid and concealed in a plebeian which a proper education might have disinterred and brought to light”; this is the role played by education, it finds out diamonds from coal mines.

            Another issue that needs to be highlighted is the role of an educator, the teacher who is the main source of information for the pupils. A teacher can instill in the minds of students what no one else can do; she can place the love of knowledge and education in the hearts of her pupils so that they can learn in a better way. A teacher is a person who influences her students the most, they look up to her. The way she treats her students leaves imprints in their heart, so a teacher needs to be very careful about her behavior, “The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil.”(Ralph Waldo Emerson).

            With a proper system of education and responsible attitude of teachers education can serve its purpose and enlighten the minds of many people. For a prosperous future and a civilized society education is a must and people seeking education should also be responsible and sensible about their duties; together we can flourish and reach the sky and education gives you the wings to fly.

Essay on Gender Discrimination in our Society

Template of essay on gender discrimination that still plagues our society in modern times. Essay discusses its origin, the everyday situations people face because of it and how we can eradicate it to make our world a better place for all genders to live in.

Essay On Major Issues of Gender Discrimination

Today we stand on a different level in this global village where everyone is inter-connected, where there is a huge ocean of knowledge and information that is easily accessible. People are more educated and aware of their rights then they were before. But even in 21st century when we are at the heights of technology, when we have reached space and making new discoveries day by day, deep down in the hidden areas there lies many issues which are often highlighted but mostly deliberately forgotten or avoided; one the major issues that still needs to be resolved is the Gender Inequality.

Before adding light to the major issues of gender inequality it is important to understand what is Equality or Equal Rights? By the law of nature, every human being is born different, they are physically different from each other, their features and personalities are different but does that mean their rights as individuals are not equal?; The answer to this question is very simple yet very twisted and complicated, many struggles have been made from centuries to find an answer to this question. Every human being holds equal fundamental rights in their lives; that involves right of basic education, job and their proper place in the society, these rights should be equal for everyone, regardless of their gender or social background. Every human being should be given their basic rights to live their life and make their own place in the society. But the question that arises here is; is everyone getting equal rights and opportunities in their lives?

From centuries women have been fighting for their equal rights, Feminism is a very hot topic till this date. Now, women walk freely, they get their education and place in the society, it was not always like this. Feminism itself contains three waves, first wave of feminism was at the very beginning of late 18th and early 19th century at that time women could not even think about education they were only confined to their homes, they were given no identity or any right to vote, but few women stood out and raise their voices to get their basic rights of living; later on in the second wave women struggled for their right of education and jobs during the 19th century but they still faced back lash they could only serve as teachers or caretakers at different homes of wealthy people whereas, 3rd wave of Feminism is still going on and the main aim of it is to get equal job opportunities, educational opportunities and mainly equal pay because if a women is a CEO of any company and a man is doing the same job she will be made much lesser than a man for equal amount of work which is completely unfair. They deserve equal pay for the same job. Moreover, women are not being offer jobs at any higher level, it very rare that they get any chance because they are considered physically incapable of doing stressful jobs.

As aforementioned, the struggle for equal rights of women is still going on; it is a major issue of concern in almost every county. Women of west consider herself more free than the women of east. But just because they are free to wear the clothes they like and go out whenever they want; does that makes them more free and independent? The basic problem still lies there, women are supposed to be the homemaker, she has to make meals, take care of her children’s needs and be there for them 24/7 with that if she chooses to work she gets no support from her family and at work she works tirelessly just like the man of the house but she is paid less than what she deserves. These are the issues that still need to be resolved.

Who are the people who are making laws for the rights of women? Who holds the right to pass the rights? The dilemma is that even the lawmakers who hear the voice of women are men, they are controlling force. Even if a women wants her rights to pass on she has to make it approved by the men, because they govern their future.

Till now women are given much more rights than before, now she can acquire education and choose her career and become financially independent.  It is true that they are still being treated unfairly but there is another side of the story because of which the women who deserve equal rights suffer the most violence both at domestic and social level. Many women are using their rights for evil purposes, they accuse men of harassment if they want to play with their rights, because when a women speaks up about the character of a man whole world pay attention, because of which they misuse this right to threat many innocent men; and the women who need these rights suffer because many people start judging them that why they are playing the WOMEN CARD for their own personal greed, they hide themselves behind the social movements such as “MEETOO” movement which has recently cause many controversies.

Another important part of our society which is still mainly neglected is the transgender community, in the west they still have some rights of basic education and jobs but in Middle East countries like India, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq or Pakistan they are not even considered as a part of society. They are not given their identity cards which make them non-existent; they are forced to beg on street, remain uneducated and reduced to the business of prostitution. What is their fault? No one raises their voice for them. They still need to struggle for their rights; it is very rare that they get any job, even if they make it they get harassed by everyone. Just like women of the society they also deserve equal rights, they do exist. Their life is as important as anybody else, they should be given the right to their identity so they would be able to cast vote and play their role in the development of society.

These are the dark and stark realities and issues of our world regarding inequality that lies everywhere even after the progress that we have made in the science. As Plato, remarks, “All men are by nature equal made all of the same earth, by the same Creator, and however we deceive ourselves, everyone is as dear to God.” Proper measures are to be taken to create equality among everyone; each gender can co-exist in the same society and move towards the progress together. A monitoring force should exist who will make a check and make sure that no one does any misuse of their rights so that this world could turn into a happy place where every human being is given equal opportunity and right to live their lives as they want.

Essay on Knowledge Demands Love as its Compliment

Sample essay on how knowledge can be experienced, it can be gained and what it means to be a knowledgeable person.

Essay on Knowledge demand Love as its Compliment

Knowledge is a key to the darkness of ignorance. Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something, such as facts information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning. Due to the light of knowledge, the world ushered an era of discoveries resulting in series of invention that changed human race.

With the enhancement of knowledge, people have many more options in professional and personal lives. It allows the freedom to express the thoughts and be aware of the rights and duties as individuals. A knowledgeable man does not bear unjust behavior from anyone and does whatever makes him or her happy. Unlike the physical entities, knowledge never deteriorates. It builds on the existing information base. Your car might break down or money could run down due to hyperinflation but the understanding of mind remains intact and increases with enhanced social interaction.

Importance of knowledge cannot be denied, but the question that arises here is, how to acquire KNOWLEDGE? Education can be acquired through institutions but knowledge is earned through LOVE and dedication. To acquire knowledge, one has to be passionate about it. As it is said by Bertrand Russel, The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge”; love here means passion- a prerequisite for a successful life. We have to work hard, with dedication and passion in order to gain knowledge. Knowledge cannot be attained without love and passion for it. No doubt, struggle and passion are the laws of life, both in the world of nature as well as man. Some people do not take life seriously. They do not try to understand its meaning and purpose. But life is not to play, to dream, and to drift away. We are not to waste its precious moments. It is a bed of thorns and we have to struggle to convert it into bed of roses, we have to learn how to grow a flower out of weeds.

Love is inseparable from knowledge.” (St Makarios of Eygpt). We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. We are born to love. It is the law of our being, the living principle that carries men forward. All that is great in a man comes from love, hard work, passion, dedication, devotion and knowledge. What is the secret behind all the successful and famous people in the world? People that have risen on highest ranks are those who worked hard to achieve what they loved. There are various examples in this world of people with highest grades and exceptional academic results working for the ones who were thrown out of their colleges because they were disinterested in studies. Those people might have acquired education from best institutes but they failed to inspire themselves to gain real knowledge. We fail to attain our goals because we do not love what we study at educational institutions. We may get a degree but remain ignorant in the ways of life since our knowledge is restricted to cramming books to get good grades in exams.

Many famous, well known personalities like Steve Jobs owner of Apple INC, Bill Gates founder of Microsoft Corporation is, who instead of getting degrees concentrated on acquiring knowledge. They turned out to be the biggest names of this world because of their love for knowledge. They struggled and worked hard for the love of acquiring knowledge and then disseminating it to others.

Another aspect which must be highlighted here is the kind of knowledge that should be gained. In the 21st century we highly depend upon the ever-developing technology, we use internet as a medium of knowledge and information but whether it is useful or not is debatable. There are positive aspects as well as negative what we are learning through social media is making us idle, lazy and less hardworking. The knowledge and information that we get through internet is quite vast but presented through particular perspectives given on twitter, face book and the like. Proper guidance and reading books and journals of quality can enhance the understanding of the affairs of the world. It will also help in forming critical thinking which is essential for gaining knowledge.

This means that love or passion alone is not sufficient to attain fruitful knowledge, we need to learn to use our common sense for the comprehensive understanding of the world around. Hard work is the key to happiness. It sweetens life as poet says,

Absence of occupation is not rest

A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed.”

This again emphasizes on getting knowledge through love or passion. Islam our religion has laid great emphasis on knowledge; It is our religious obligation to acquire knowledge, to work hard not to waste our precious life idly.

 Our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said,

Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Jannah easy for him.” Islam is also based on knowledge, and Quran is the best source to attain knowledge. In order to get closer to Allah we must learn to get knowledge. We must enlighten ourselves with the productive knowledge; it will bring good to us in this world and the world hereafter.

Allah swt says in the Quran,

Allah will rise up those of you who have emaan and those of you who have knowledge, in ranls, and Allah is fully aware of what you do.”(Al- Quran)

Knowledge brings and insight into the reality of our existence and shows us our weaknesses and limitations. We try to overcome those weaknesses and learn to accept the limitations in others as well. This inculcates a sense of goodness and humanity.  A loving heart therefore, is the gateway to all knowledge. Love for knowledge is a support and consolation for a sorrowful life and an antidote to despair. It is certainly the noblest thing in the world.

This life is not to be trifled and to be wasted. Its noblest blessing is the love to acquire knowledge. We cannot afford to waste life in idle sloth or in pursuit of useless pleasures. It is therefore, by knowledge alone, and by our hard work that we can hope to leave the world a better place than we found it at our birth. This world is full of vanity, trickery, deceit, lying, dishonesty, evil manners and vices in different forms and shapes that need to be fought against. We have to end all injustices and evils to make this world worth living. This can only be achieved through knowledge that demands love as its compliment.

Proposal Letter for School Bus Service

Sample format of writing proposal for acquiring a school bus service to the principal\headmaster of school to make parents life easier in the morning as they have to be on time to their work as well which is far away from the school

Proposal Letter to Arrange School Bus Service

To: Principal Robert
California Heights Secondary School
California, United States

I am writing on behalf of multiple parents living in the new Meadow Hills area. It has come to our attention that there is no school bus service that serves the route from our new home in Meadow Hills to California Heights Secondary School.

This is a major inconvenience for all the parents with students living here, as we have to drive a great distance every morning to the area of the nearest bus service.

We respectfully request that you add a school bus service that serves the Meadow Hills area.

Claire Dawson
Meadow Hills, California
United States

Proposal Letter for School Bus Service

Respected Principal,

I am writing this letter with a proposal to please arrange a bus service for our school community. Many parents cannot pick and drop their students from school. A lot of students do not have cars to reach school and many students have to walk many blocks to reach the school or go home. Using public transportation everyday is very expensive so I request you to arrange a service that will make the student’s lives easier and allow them to reach school on time. With a bus service, students will easily be able to get off or get on the bus at stops and walk to their houses from there. I hope you will consider my suggestion and try to help the student body.

Please do take action and try to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Field Trip Permission Letter Format

Samples of Permission Letter To Ask Laboratory Head To Arrange An Educational Tour For Students

Request Letter For Educational Tour To Head Of Department


Designation name

Institution Name

Respected Dr. George!

Hi sir! Hope you find this letter in good health. I am writing this letter on the behalf of our whole environmental sciences department. We have been following your research work from the past eight years. We have added your books to our latest curriculum and our lectures are all based on your documentaries that you have shot in various countries. You have served as a huge inspiration to our student body and you have showed them that every subject can be made interested if one puts his heart into it. Your commendable achievements have served as a motivation to all the students who want to learn about environment and want this Earth to be a better place to live. We hope you will consider our request to come and have a look at your research facility and they way environmental sciences is being implemented in real world.



University stamp

Field Trip Permission Letter Format

Dear Father,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. How is everything back at home? I am writing this letter to ask you permission for a field trip my school is organizing. It has been scheduled for 15th November, 2018.  Our teachers and coaches will be accompanying us, along with the Principal. All of my friends are going and I wish to go too. We will be going to a Water Park near the outskirts of Lahore. The water slides and swimming pools at the park are completely safe so you do not have to worry about anyone getting hurt. The park has their own lifeguards in case of emergencies so we will be in good hands. The water park is beautiful and has many other activities as well. We will be able to do horse riding, go carting and we will also have a lunch by the end of the trip. I hope you will let me go.

I will be anxiously waiting for your reply. Take care!

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Your son

Notice Regarding Change of College Timing

Draft a circular letter to be circulated among your staff and students regarding the change in timing of college due to winter season.

College Timing Change Notice

To all staff, students and parents,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you all regarding the change of timing of college due to the winter season. Since the winter season is here it means that the sun or natural light of the world will disappear sooner and night will come sooner. So due to this the timings of college have changed. Instead of coming in at nine AM you will come in at eight AM and instead of finishing at you normal times for whatever course you are on you will all finish an hour earlier in the afternoon.

This will give you all enough daylight to get back to home safely. I hope that this works out better for you all and I look forward to seeing you all bright and early Monday morning eight o’clock.

Yours sincerely,

College Principle

Notice Regarding Change of College Timing

 Dear Parents,

Due to immense requests from parents and students we are changing the timetable. Due to the winter fog many students are not able to reach the school on time. Many students come from far areas and the slow driving makes them late. Please note the change in the college timetable below. From now on, college will begin from 9 am instead of 8 am due to the fog in the morning. However, please pick your children up from school at 2 30 pm. For Friday the timings conducted will be 9 am till 12 30 pm. Students from Year 12 will have extra classes on Saturday as well and the timetable for that will be provided soon. Please pick up your children accordingly and note the new timetable down so it does not create any hassle for you or your child. The same timetable will be followed until further notification. Thank you for your co operation. For further inquiries you may contact the admin office.


Best Regards,


Complaint Letter for Illegal Construction of House

Sample format of writing a complaint to legal authorities for the illegal construction going on in your area and when you have proof that the land that they have acquired is not by any lawful means.

Complaint letter for illegal construction

To the Mayor

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing well. With all due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about the illegal construction of a house opposite to our home. Recently, the government issued a column in the news paper about illegal property areas of various towns. The plot opposite our house was also mentioned, but recently a construction of a house has begun there. Builders are working nonstop from day to night piling bricks and cementing floors. I informed them about the newspaper column and asked whether they knew this land is illegal for property, they got worried but then shrugged off the matter saying they had permission from a government official. If such is the case, please do let me know. I think it is important to bring this matter to your notice. Considering the government is doing such a difficult job to get rid of illegal properties, I consider it my duty as a citizen to keep a check on this too.

I hope you will look into the matter yourself and come up with a solution. For further details you may contact me at the number below.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Model Town resident

Complaint Letter for Food Quality

Sample of writing a complaint letter to a catering service\hotel\restaurant about the quality of food they serve  and how they should maintain a high quality of food as it is directly related to people’s health.

Complaint Letter for Deteriorating Food Quality

Respected Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter with much disappointment to inform you about your pathetic services. Yesterday, my husband and I visited your restaurant with much hope to have a nice and relaxing dinner. We were impressed by the set up and ambiance of the restaurant and decided to order our food. We ordered three items and a molten lava cake for dessert. When the food arrived I was very disappointed, the cheese pizza barely had any cheese. The spicy crispy chicken that my husband ordered was not crispy and was soggy instead. It had such a bland taste and had no spices or flavor in it.

The pasta was bland as well and the cheese in it was all sticky. Overall the quality of the food was not appetizing at all and our trip to your eatery was not worth it. The food items were very over priced too which made no sense.

I hope you will improve your food quality so that customers are pleased with your services.

Best Regards,

Amna Waqas

Complaint Letter for Food Quality

Respected Manager,

I sent this letter to file a complaint regarding the food quality of our company’s canteen. In the beginning when I joined the office, they food was very tasty and healthy; however, as the time passed by the quality started to worsen. It was not only felt by me but also the other employees. We all ignored it thinking that it was temporary but that was not the case. The food they are providing us now does not only taste bad but is also very unhealthy and causes us stomach ache. I really hope you look into the matter as it is very inconvenient to work with the stomach pain and many employees cannot even come to office due to sickness.

You may contact me in case of any queries.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor


Apology Letter to Hotel Guest for Construction

Format of writing an apology letter to guests from the hotel management who are currently under renovation and making the hotel more luxurious for the guests but it is also causing discomfort to current guests.

Sample Apology Letter to Hotel Guest for Continuing Renovation

Dear respected guest,

As you may have noticed, we here at Lakeview Inn are undergoing renovation in order to accommodate more guests and provide more facilities.  This is to give our guests an even greater experience at our hotel.

Due to this construction, there may be some noise at varying times throughout the day. We apologize for this in advance. If you wish, there are free earplugs available at the front desk as a courtesy to our guests.

Once again, we apologize and hope you have an excellent stay with us.

Management of Lakeview Inn
Quebec City, Canada

Apology letter to hotel guest for construction

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with an apology on behalf of the hotel management for the inconvenience caused during your stay. I am aware that you were disappointed with our services and I am very sorry for that. You scheduled your stay at the same time construction was supposed to begin at our hotel. We did not cancel your reservation since you had already booked a room two weeks ago. The construction was a nuisance indeed and caused much noise, especially at night. I promise to you that such a thing will not happen again and I hope you will give our hotel another chance to prove ourselves.

I am sorry once again and I hope you will be able to excuse us.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Hotel Management