How Will You Know That It’s Time to Call a Roof Contractor?

Although roofs last long, their longevity depends on good roof maintenance. Taking the roof for granted is a big mistake, and periodical roof inspection is the best way to ensure the roof lasts its full life. Since the roof is the single most significant home investment, ensuring its longevity is essential to get the proper return on investment. 

The best roofing companies in Southern Maryland offer a wide range of roof maintenance services, including roof inspection. However, since roof inspection is a yearly affair, there are chances of roof deterioration between inspections. Therefore, keeping a close watch on the roof should help to detect untimely damages early, and timely action can help avoid costly roof restoration or replacement. 

This article should help you identify some signs of roof damage that tell you it’s time to seek professional help to save the roof from further damage.

  • Missing shingles or granules accumulation in gutters

Shingles undergo wear and tear due to environmental exposure, and you should monitor the roof closely to detect damages early. Usually, the shingles start degrading over time, and gray or black granules make their way to the gutters. If, on checking the gutters, you find an accumulation of such particles regularly, then it’s a sign of weakening of the shingles, and it’s time to call a roofing contractor to address the issue. Shingles might sometimes go missing, and replacing these quickly can save the roof from further damage.

  • Leaks and water stains

Besides inspecting the roof periodically, keep a close watch on the areas adjacent to the roof, like the places where the ceiling and the wall meet. If you find water stains and spots in some places around these areas, it is a dangerous sign that water is seeping through the roof and reaching unwanted places. Often, clogged gutters prevent proper water draining, accumulating on the roof and gradually seeping within the layers of the roofing material. Another most visible sign of roof damage is when the roof starts leaking. A leaking roof can even damage the building structure, and you must act quickly to call a roofing expert to suggest repair and remedy. 

  • Damaged flashing

If you see worn-out and damaged or cracked flashing on the roof or worn-out gaskets around your chimney and vent stacks, lose no time and call a roofing contractor. The damages might point to some more significant issues with the roof. The chances of roof damage are much higher in places across the roof where the shingles meet a protrusion. Poorly installed flashing or failed caulking can make the roof vulnerable to leaks. Only a professional roofing company can help set things right and ensure the roof lasts longer.

  • Algae, mold, and moss removal

If you observe algae, moss, and mold growth on the roof, it’s a danger sign, which needs immediate attention. Inspect the corners and cracks to detect vegetative growth, as these are the most vulnerable and can damage the roof considerably.

Seek professional help to regularly remove moss, mold, and algae from the roof to increase longevity. 

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