OCR technology plays a prominent role in assets of the business that aims to streamline and ables you to enhance productivity. OCR stands for optical text recognition. It is the term that is used to recognize the text from the images. Whether you want to get the conversion for the scanned images or documents it is the best resource. It emerges as the prominent where every second counts.

Suppose that the image is blurred and you want to get the text of the image obviously, you need a conversion. Well, we tell you that about the image to text converter that is free of cost and no login requires to proceed further. 

In this dynamic article, we will shed light on the best tools that make for image to text conversion. We will also give you an overview of their applications in various fields. So, stay focused and stay with us and read on!

Applications of Image Converter:

This is a dynamic tool that uses the optical character recognition technique and allows you to get decisions in various fields by considering their situations. You can enhance the handwriting notes by taking the help of this as well as with accuracy, efficiency, and satisfaction. Hence look at the applications of this converter. 

Share Important Data:

With this converter, you can get the text within a fraction of a second by uploading the image. You can also upload as:

  • Scanned Image
  • Screenshot
  • GIF
  • Photograph pic 
  • Printed notes 
  • Self-made image 
  • Newspaper
  • Facebook or Instagram image 

Reduce Manul Intervention:

In this way, no requirement for data interruption because this helps you the fast conversion automatically. Enhance the ability of data processing and conserve the analysis for both terms of time and resources. 

ID Verification and Authentication:

The OCR gets the data from the documents by conversion of images for certain verification in the different fields. This allows you to achieve fetch precise results. 


Get the printed or scanned text from the images, documents, and even the screenshots within a fraction of a second with the help of the following tools and it also ables you to enhance the business. These types of conversions increase data extraction and save your time, searchability, and analysis. So look at the following dynamic tools:


This is the most reliable and dynamic source and if you want to scan the handwritten material, you have to need to upload the scanned image or with the help of a scanner first scan and then upload an image. 

Only gives the surety of image that the image will be clear and readable. So look at the features below:

  • It supports multiple languages and recognizes the data and turns it into the files 
  • It is a secure source of conversion and no need to login into this site 
  • Your data is always secure on this source there it is the best one 

Ability to handle multiple languages and fonts:

It can extract text from images format such as:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF

Download text file:

After all the above steps press on the download button to quickly save your text from the image in your dashboard in many formats;

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • DOC and Others

Converting physical writing into digital copy required human labor. Even you can find that an individual page would require retyping indicated as a time-consuming and error-prone job. 

How Does Image-to-Text Converter Work?

This allows you to convert images to text with three steps. Let us look at the points and get the immediate results:

  • Upload the image 
  • Press the “convert” button
  • The text will be in front of you
  1. Google Cloud Vision OCR: 

This tool provides you the optical character recognition and therefore it is a part of Google. It plays a prominent role to enhance the business by giving you the facility of data entry and indexing of the content. 

  1. Microsoft OneNote OCR: 

This is a dynamic tool that enables you to convert images into text. By this, you can also get the text from the scanned images, screenshots, and even from any time of images. This also has a user-friendly interface. 

  • Upload image 
  • Tap on the button “convert”
  1. Adobe Acrobat OCR: 

Convert the scanned images into editable text files instantly. It supports all types of OCR modes to get the conversion of text from the images. It ables you to achieve efficient and modified text extraction. 

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