Increase Credit Limit Letter Sample

Letter to bank manager for requesting increase of credit limit against your bank account, or credit card. Banks normally increase the credit limits because of good repute, or financial interests in the future. Sample letter to bank to increase the limit facility.

Increase My Credit Limit Letter to Bank


Branch Manager

Bank Alfalah


It is stated that I have business account with your bank, and my credit limit is 500,000/- per month. Now a days business is at boom, and there is high demand of our products. To meet this demand high production is required, and purchase of rew material is also needed.

I beg to say that kindly increase my credit limit to 750,000/- per month so I can purchase raw material from supplier on immediate basis.

Yours truly,

Muhammad Ahmad

Request Letter to Increase Loan Amount

Existing Loan Amount Increasing Request Sample


The manager, Bank Al HAbib, lahore,

Respected sir,

With all respect I wanted to ask for a favor, I have applied for the loan in your bank as I am going to start my own business of clothing. The bank has granted my loan application but the loan amount is not meeting my needs. The details are below

Shop price, 25 lacs

Material, 5 lacs,

Maintenance, 2 lacs

The written proof is also attached with this application. I would like to as for the increment in the amount your bank in giving me. The current amount I am getting is 30 lacs but I need 5 lacs more in order to start my business as soon as possible.

I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness, I am looking forward for a positive response as soon as possible.


Mr. Fakhir Ali

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