Letter for Booking a Venue to Community Center or Hotel

Request Letter for Booking a Venue, or Auditorium, hotel, conference room, training hall, studio, marriage hall, meeting room, room, or hall etc. Sample letter to reserve a hotel room is also available.

Letter for Booking of Auditorium

Dear Manager,

We are going to have an Inter School debate competition next month for which we wanted to book your auditorium. This competition is going to held on 5th of next month. The audience is estimated around 500 persons. The timing would be from 10 am to 5 pm.

We need that the auditorium should be facilitated with proper siting, ventilation, and air-conditioning. We also require a good sound system, two tables, and chairs on the stage. We also want a good drinking water, and washroom facility. It would be gratefull if you confirm the availability of the auditorium within a week.



Letter for Booking a Conference Hall

The Manager Continental Hotel,

It is apprised that our office management intends to arrange a party for the staff of our office, and their families in your hotel on the coming Friday night. The approximate number of persons including children can be five hundreds. In this party it intended that dinner will be also got arranged from your hotel.

In this context you are requested to book a hall with sitting arrangement in your hotel keeping in mind the number of heads as mentioned above. The menu for the dinner will be conveyed to you after your confirmation letter for the subject booking. You are therefore, requested to confirm this office in writing by tomorrow afternoon so that our representative may visit your hotel for advance payment, and other required formalities.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Qaisar Zaman

Auditorium Required on Rent

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter will find you in good health.

With reference to our meeting on 6th March (Date) I like to thank you for encouraging me.

I am starting a learning & development institute in the name of “AHF DEV” with an aim to offer the services at corporate, and social level.

I have learning partnership with C.M.D. for training & consultancy. Mr. Muhammad Hamza looks after the training, coaching, and consultancy services. My plan is to start from June (Date). I will need the discussed premises of seminar hall once a week (Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) with following requirements.

  1. Seminar Hall with round table setup for twenty to forty participants as per the response (confirmation will be made one week before starting the session).
  2. AC with back power supply
  3. Facilitation to collect fee on our behalf for which per person a fee can be charged.
  4. Hi Tea / Tea arrangements
  5. A support staff person / Attendant

Please let me know the charges, and all the terms, and conditions as per your organizations policy for further processing.


Mrs. Minahil Qasim

Letter for Booking a Venue
Letter for Booking a Venue

Letter for Booking Community Hall

The Manager,
Galaxy Community Hall.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my strong interest in booking Galaxy community hall on 29th December for annual function of our organization. Let me introduce ourselves; we are a team comprises of more than 400 employees, and work for the betterment of deaf, dumb & blind people. We educate them, and enable them to live their lives like a normal person in the society. In the last of every year, we arrange a function to encourage the people whom we prepare, and impart new life.

In order to arrange the above mentioned function, you are requested to please confirm the booking of community hall for the annual function of Eminent People’s Organization. For this purpose, if possible then direct your representatives to visit our organization to make contact on phone at least.

I would appreciate your immediate attention to this letter.

Thanking You,

Marlowe Conrad,
In-charge, Galaxy Community Centre

Letter for Reservation of Hall for Meeting

The City Library
United States of America

Respected Librarian,

With all due respect it is stated that I work in an NGO, my name is Smith, and my NGO has to hold a conference meeting for which we require a conference room. AS our NGO is non-profitable organization we are not being able to afford all those fancy conference rooms. I came to know that the city library has a very good, and maintained conference hall. Sir I would be very thankful to you if you reserve this conference room for one day to our NGO. The time, and date is mentioned below.

Please pay heed to my kind request.


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