Sample Letter of Supplier Evaluation Results

Sample letter for nominating the suppliers, and selection of supplier after the grading, and evaluation of the contractors, and suppliers.

Sample Supplier Selection Letter

Subject: Letter of Supplier Evaluation Results

Dear Sir

[company] the leading telecommunication company always goes for continuous improvement for the delivery of cost effective products, and services to its clients.

[company] has his own evaluation system for evaluating its subcontractor. On the basis of the input from the regional team, and management the [company] has finalized the score for the 1st quarter.

We congratulate you in getting the A grade for the 1st quarter in C1 Region, and we hope that in future you will also maintain these grades by using your good project management, and quality system.

Sincerely yours,

Top Evaluations Corp

Sample Letter of Supplier Evaluation, and Selection
Sample Letter of Supplier Evaluation, and Selection

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