Marriage Leave Application to Principal by Teacher


Sample marriage leave applications for school teachers of any grade or class in private schools, govt schools, etc.

Marriage Leave Application Sample for School

Dear Principal,

I want to request two weeks’ leave for my marriage ceremony planned on (date to date). You are cordially invited to attend the ceremony on (date here). I am looking for your kind approval. Thanking you in advance.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Leave Application to attend Marriage by School Teacher

Dear Principal,
Respectfully, I am performing my job as a junior school teacher in the primary wing. I am the class in charge of the grade 5 Class. My sister’s marriage is going to be held on Friday Dated… I would not b able to perform my duty these days. Kindly grant me leave for the said days. I shall b grateful to u for this favor. My particulars are stated below.

Rosey Sami
Class Incharge
Grade 5

Leave Application for Cousin Sister Marriage from Teacher

The Principal,

Star land school,

Dear Sir,

It is humbly informed that my cousin sister’s marriage will be held in the coming week. We all family members will leave one day before the day of function. I have completed the syllabus of this, and coming week that I had to teach to the children, so I request you to allow me a leave of five days so that I go to attend this ceremony.

Yours obediently,

Saba Naaz

Marriage Leave by School Teacher

Dear Headmaster,

I am Usman Aslam, teacher of computer sciences for the first year and 2nd year students. Sir, my marriage ceremony has been planned for next week, the date has been fixed, and preparations have been started. I request you to please grant me leave of one week starting from 13th September. I also invite you to attend my marriage ceremony, and the card will be sent to your office address by my elder brother. I will be thankful to you.


Usman Aslam
Computer Teacher

Marriage Leave Application for School

The Principal
Pioneer, high school

Dear Sir,

My name is Hamza Ahmad, and I am a student in the 9th class in your school. I request you for 5 days leave because my brother is getting married, and we all are busy at his wedding for some days. Due to his wedding, I am unable to come to school.

Kindly grant me leaves for 5 days. I shall be thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,


Leave Application For Brother’s Marriage from Office


Sample leave application for brother’s marriage ceremony from office, job, factory, or production units. You can also write this wedding leave application to the manager, boss, hr manager, or administrator for the brother’s marriage ceremony.

We provided many Formats of leave for Brother’s marriage with multiple scenarios like younger brother’s marriage, elder brother’s marriage, or cousin brother’s marriage. I hope we will fulfill your purpose. Further, you can ask if you need a different sample.

Leave Application for Brother’s Marriage from Office

The Regional Manager

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that my elder brother’s marriage date has been fixed to happen this Friday(date) at my home town.

In this regard, I need five days’ leave from the office to make the necessary arrangements, and of course to attend the functions. I shall be very obliged to you for granting leave.

Yours Sincerely
Territory Manager

Leave for Brother Marriage in Hometown

The Managing Director

Subject: Leave for Attending Brother’s Marriage

Dear Sir,

I am Hayyat working in Resource Department as assistant manager. I request you to kindly grant me leave for two weeks to attend my brother’s wedding in my home town, Pune.

Also, kindly sanction my early salary for this month to contribute with my family in covering the expenses. I shall remain indebted to you.

Most Respectfully,
Assistant Manager

Brother’s Marriage Leave Application from Office

Dear Atif,
I am Minahil, writing to request for leave of three days to attend elder brother’s marriage in the next week from (date to date).
I request you to please grant me leave to attend my dearest brother’s marriage ceremony.
Sincerely Yours,

Minahil Qasim
Executive Client Services

Simple Leave Application On Brother’s Marriage as a Female, or Sister

Respected Principal,

I’ Kanza Khan writing for one week leave for my brother’s marriage. I have only one brother, and I really want to enjoy this one-time function in his life. It will be a source of my great pleasure if you allow me one week’s leave from (Date). Thanking you,
Kanza Khan

Msc Morning, Kinnaird College

Leave Application to Attend Elder Brother’s Marriage

Leave application from an employee to the company for 12 days to attend elder brother’s marriage.

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I want to say that I have been a regular and punctual employee of the firm for the last three years. My elder brother’s marriage ceremony is going to take place next week. He has been available in every important event of my life.

Now it is my turn to pay back the favor. My elder brother will be busy with other matters, so I will also assign a part of management work. So my presence at the marriage ceremony of my brother is necessary. Kindly permit me to attend my elder brother’s marriage.

I hope you will grant me leave for 12 days to attend my elder brother’s marriage because of my past work background. I shall be thankful to you for this favor.

Yours sincerely


Leave Letter for Brother’s Wedding, or Shadi

The Manager Finance,
Wali Foods Pvt. Limited

Dear Sir,
I, Yasir Khalid, have been working in the finance department as a Senior Finance executive. I have one elder brother; I am the youngest one.

I am glad to inform you that the marriage ceremony date has been fixed for my brother and will be held in Sheikhupura on the 15th of this month. I have to complete all arrangements & inviting the guests to this marriage.

Therefore I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days. I will be thankful to you for this favor.

Yasir Khalid

In Hindi, and Urdu you may call it Leave application for Bhai Ki Shadi.

Maternity Leave Application For School


Want to apply for maternity leave? We provide sample applications for maternity leave or pregnancy leaves in school, college, or university. You can send in email or handwritten applications in the English language.

Maternity Leave Application by School Teacher

Dear Principal,

I want to inform you that I want to go on maternity leave for (3 weeks or 21 days) from (date to date). Therefore, I request you to please assign an alternate teacher for my subject/class during my leaves. If my leave plan changed for any reason, I will inform you accordingly. I can also provide the medical report from my doctor confirming the relevant details if needed.

looking for your approval for my maternity leaves.

Yours Sincerely,
{Your Name}

Pregnancy Leave Application for School

Dear Principal,
I am Rosey pre-school teacher at California School Systems. My family doctor recommended I have rest before admission to the maternity hospital. Now I will be on leave for three weeks from school, and I request you to please approve my leave and assign a teacher for my class during my absence. At the end of my maternity leave, winter vacations may start, and I will join the school after the Winter Vocations. Thanking you.

English Teacher
California Schools

Application for Maternity Leave in School

Dear Principal,

Respectfully stated that I, Amna Ashraf, have been serving in your school for 2 years as a science teacher. As per the discussion held with you a month ago, my maternity days are just near now. The doctor has suggested completing bed rest. Therefore, I want to apply for a long medical leave of 2 months. When my delivery is held by the grace of Allah, after 40 days, I will be back to my job. Therefore, I request you to grant me leave and arrange a substitute teacher for the subject of science.

Thanking you

Your Name

Maternity Leave Letter for School Teacher

Dear Madam,

Greetings! I inform you that Mariyam Khan has been working as a science teacher in your school for the last 3 years.

It is a pleasure to inform you that my family doctor has advised the time of my delivery. Hopefully, it is planned for next week. Therefore, I request you to grant me leave for 40 days. I will be grateful to you for this cooperation.


Mariyam Khan

Application for Maternity Leave From School

The Principal

School Name


Subject: Pregnancy Leave Application from Office

Dear Sir,
I am writing to request leaves of 3 months from (date). I am pregnant, and my family maternity doctor suggests rest for a few weeks before & after baby birth.
My colleague will handle all the routine tasks during my absence as I have already told her the details. Therefore, I request you to please arrange a teacher in my absence for my subject or assign my subject to Ms. Hammna, coordinator junior section.

Sincerely Yours,
Your Name and Signature

Leave Letter for School


Sample leave letter for school for students and teachers due to sickness, and casual leave for any purpose.

Letter for Leave from School

Dear Ms. Fatima,
OBTC School
New York.

Dear Ms. Fatima,

I Anushka student of A-Levels feeling sick since last week, and now my sickness doesn’t allow me to attend classes because of the flu and cough. I request you for leave of at least three days. If I require more leave, I will inform you and send you an email for leave after the medical checkup. I hope this rest will make me perfect for my studies, and again I will be the best student in my class.

Thanking you,


School Leave Letter to Principal

Dear Madam,

I am Sonia, a Teacher of the 9th class seeking leave for today from school. Actually, my father wants to visit my grandfather in the hospital, and he wants me to go with him. My father is admitted to Lahore, so It will take at least one day to visit him and return home. Seeking your urgent permission. I will be thankful to you for your kind approval.



Leave Letter for School

School name

Dear Dean!

I hope you find this in good health. Sir, my mother, has been discovered with cancer a few days back, and now her health is getting worse and worse with each passing day. If she would have lived in the same city, I would have taken her to my home. Since she lives in another state, I would have to go there for a few days to sort everything out and then move her here with me.

To do that, it would require me to spend a few days there, which would only be possible if you can grant my application for the leave that I am presenting with this letter. I shall be very thankful to you.



Leave Letter for School

The Principal,
Senior Model School,

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, it is stated that I will attend the funeral of my uncle in Vegas, on account of which I shall not be able to attend the school. You are requested to grant me leave for one day, tomorrow (Date). I shall be grateful to you for this favor.

Yours obediently,