Board Resolution For the Address Change

This is a board resolution template, and it can be used for the address change, or any other purpose. Modify it according to your needs.

Board of Directors Corporate Resolution

We, the undersigned, being the directors of (name of authority) willingly submit our consent, and agree that the the address of the following person (name of person) may be change from (the old address) to the (new address) This was decided in the regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the said corporation held on __________.

We certify that the said Resolution is still in force and has been amended, and revoked .IN WITNESS WHEREOF,we have hereunto signed this resolution this ____________ day of ______________at _________________.

The resolution was passed unanimously


Director :



Proposal Letter to the Principal to have a PE Attire introduced in School

Sample letter by student/ teacher to the Principal to introduce a PE attire. This can be used by students/teachers/ Student council members that have been facing problems during PE class due to lack of a proper uniform.

Proposal Letter to Principal to introduce PE Attire by a New Student in School

School Name,

School Address,

Respected Principal,

With due respect I, student’s name, request you to introduce a proper PE uniform for the students in high school. I have recently joined this school. The environment is very welcoming, and the teachers are also very accommodating. The only problem I faced in this school is not having a separate uniform for PE classes. In my previous school we had proper PE uniforms hence it was very comfortable to exercise, and play sports. Unfortunately, here there is no PE attire, and exercising in the normal uniform is very uncomfortable, and unhygienic. Please accommodate the students by introducing a new PE uniform. Hoping for a positive response.

Yours Sincerely,

Student’s Name,


Proposal Letter to Principal to introduce PE Attire by a Student Representative

School Name,

School Address,

Respected Principal,

I, student’s name, the Vice President of the ____(School’s Name) Student Council, have been recently receiving complaints from the Student body regarding the inappropriate PE attire. Many students mentioned that the current school uniforms are very uncomfortable while playing sports. There has been cases of student’s getting rashes, and allergies due to exercising in the current uniform. Often the PE classes are in between of of the day hence it is difficult to attend the rest of the classes in the same stinky, sweat covered clothes. This is very unhygienic, and also effects the performance of student’s in sports.

I hope that the administration understands the importance of a proper PE uniform, and assists the student’s. I shall be very thankful for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Student’s Name

Post in the Council


Proposal Letter to Principal to introduce PE Attire by the PE Instructor

School’s Name,

School’s Address

Respected Principal,

I, teacher’s Name, have been the PE instructor in this school for almost two years. I have been wanting to request for a long time to introduce a proper PE attire for the students but due to the many administrative issues I have been hesitating. The students in this school are highly capable of excelling in sports but not having a proper PE attire really limits their performance to much extent. In order for the students to perform well as well as stay fit they are in need of a proper uniform. Please Consider my request, and introduce a new track suit for them so that they can play sports without being uncomfortable.

Yours Truly,

Teachers Name


Proposal letter for offering School Premises, or ground for conducting Sports Activities

Proposal letter for offering School Premises, or ground for conducting Sports Activities

This letter can be used by any school, college, university, or any other educational institution who want to offer their own ground, and facilities to other schools for conducting of different activities.

Sender’s Address

Receiver’s Address


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this to you this letter with immense pleasure. We are offering our school’s grounds for holding different sports events, and activities. Having had the best sports facilities in town, we want your school to join facilities along with us. We have a ground that is collectively spread over an area of (area of ground). We have showers, changing rooms, national level swimming pool, baseball court, basketball court, squash, tennis field, cultural gymnasium, cricket field, indoor basket ball court, bedminton court, health centre, rugby field, football court, and other many facilities. Not only this, we also have professional instructors to invigilate all the sports activities. Along with that, we also have cafes for refreshments. All of this will provide amazing experience to students, and any vistor that comes along. We have air conditioned waiting area. Indoor sports facilities if it ever rains. We have a capacity to accomodate for over 350 students at one time. It will bring a lot of benefits to you which includes a well reputed sports gala.
It will be an honor for us to hold a sports activity for your school. You are always welcome to send in your request two week before holding the gala.

Anxiously waiting for your reply

Best regards,

Name of sender

signature of sender

Proposal letter for offering School Premises, or ground for conducting Model United Nations

Sender’s Address

Receiver’s Address


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to you with immense amusement that we will be very happy to offer you our school premises to hold Model United Nations. As you know that our school has been conducting Model United Nation since years, and we are known for conducting the model united nations in the most efficient, and profound manner. Having said that, we have baseball court, basketball court, squash, tennis field, cultural gymnasium, cricket field, indoor basket ball court, and bedminton court for any sport activity that you might want to conduct as a social. Moreover, we have another ground which has the capacity to accomodate around 700 people. That ground has all access to the electricity for the concerts, or any parties that you would want to throw as a social. Not only that, we have over 50 airconditioned rooms to hold different committee sessions. We have a large indoor hall as well incase the weather predictions go wrong. Furtermore, we have cafes for resfreshments, and a separate place for the food vendors to come, and install their stalls. Not only that, having such a large number of people on board brings along a huge security responsibility so for that reason we have CCTV cameras installed, and a professional security team who have been trained to take care of such situations. It will be an honor for us to hold a sports activity for your school. You are always welcome to send in your request two week before holding the gala. It will be an honor for us to hold any activity for your school. You are always welcome to send in your request two week before holding the event.

Best regards,

Name of sender

signature of sender.

Notice For Rental to Vacate a Place

Sample format of writing a notice to tenants whom you want to vacate your property till a specific timeline.

Notice for Tenant to Vacate Place

To: Mr. Golliday
Tenant, Room #45, Lafayette Apartments
Richmond, Virginia, United States

This is a formal notice that you must vacate your apartment by the 11th of December, as per our agreement. Please make sure all your belongings are taken with you by then, as we will not be held responsible for anything left behind.

Lauren Maulnier
Landlord – Lafayette Apartments

Notice for Rental to Vacate Place

To CEO Real estate office,



Dear Sir,

It is stated that I just retired from a government service last month. I was been allotted a house by the government during my service tenure. As I have been retired, I have to leave the house too. My own house is under construction. It will take at least 6 months to complete. I request you to find me a house on rent for a contract of 6 months as I have no place of residence for me, and my family till then. I hope that you will find me a place soon.

You can call me anytime in the morning between 9am till 11 am to discuss about the place.



School Project Proposal for Funding

Sample letter to donor for support of a new school project in underprivileged area.

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for all the support you provided for funding our great, and first of its kind project in the country.

I wish you to sponsor our new project of school in remote area near to my village in the district of T.T.Singh. The concept of the school will entirely be different from traditional schools. As this school will lead to be a university of the future.

Although many other schools of government already working in the area but they have limited seats, resources, old age teachers, and fortunately their environment is not for learning of the students rather to waste the precious life time of our youth, and students.

This school will have extension of college in the near future, and later state of the art university campus will also be added in this project.

Since long i wish to start a small school in this area but unfortunately due to financial issues i couldn’t start this project but few days back i decided to share it with you for financial support.

I want a school both for girls, and boys upto matric level at first stage, and when our first batch reach the Materic level surely we will start college in the same area with extension of the building, and land.

With, and after the college studies we will offer some additional courses of most advance studies leading to entrepreneurial concepts so our graduates will not look for jobs. Simply they will start the businesses.

Currently hardly any university offer business startup courses for mini budgets.

Al Qadeer

School + College + University

Self-Sustaining Education Project as Non-Profit Organization


To provide a quality education for underprivileged area with reasonable fee structure, and compensation to poor students with quota system

Startup, and Expansion Plan

On first stage a school up to primary classes will be initiated

Within 3 years school will be extended to Matric Level

After 5 years a college section will be introduced, and in 5 years it will be converted to a state of the art college for the area.

After 10 years post graduate schools will be started with affiliations

And within 15 years an IT + Business University will be started with latest educational trends, research, leading innovation concepts, and ……..

Budget Requirements

Land Acquisition: minimum 8 canals (Price can be from 2 million to 3 million maximum)

Building Construction: Minimum 10 class rooms, 4 Offices, Boundary Wall

Startup with at least 5 teachers

Total Budget must not exceed 6 million from the startup to become operational school system

Locality Information with demand of education


No major entries of competitors are expected in next few years.

Quality of Education with A+ grade management, and facilities + Campus Size

Electricity + Water + Road structure + Motorway

Center of Faisalabad & Multan


Major Expense is Transport: Available Transport is Riksha + Private Vans + Personal Convenience (motor cycles + cars)

Movement of girls for education


No major private school project on 30 KM long road has access to 30 villages

Easy Access to Lahore Multan Motorway for exposure of university

Huge number of females not going to college

No Existing Job Opportunities in the area for females

No University Exists


Quality of Teaching & Management Staff (Can be overcome by providing small staff quarters in the future with expansion to college, and university)

Letter to Editor Regarding Road Safety

Format of letter to editor of a magazine/newspaper/newsletter, and telling them how road safety is one of the biggest concern in our society, and what measures can be taken to control this issue.

Letter to editor regarding road safety

To the Editor

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice the issue regarding road safety.  Last week I was going to my daughter’s school to pick her up, and I was shocked to see children running carelessly on the road at home time. Such cases have been seen everywhere, and many times have been the reason behind critical accidents.

It is significant that we assign traffic police posts in areas especially commercial areas where there are such crowds. Campaigns need to be held in schools, and offices to teach road safety rules to people. Certain speed limits should be assigned, and a check should be kept on drivers. It is vital that we develop a safe traffic system.  Signboards should be put up so people can avoid accidents. It should be made sure that people do not use their electronic devices while driving which can distract them. People riding motorbikes should ensure they wear helmets for their own safety, and the traffic police should implement a fine system. Who so ever does not obey the law shall have to pay a fine, and then hopefully drivers will not repeat their mistakes.

I hope I receive a good response, and my suggestions are brought into notice.

Best regards,

Seemi Zameer

15th October (Date)


Request Letter for Photography Exhibition

Templates of proposal letter to send to principal, and telling them how beneficial it would be to arrange a photography exhibition will give students a chance to showcase their talent.

Application for Organizing a Photo Exhibition

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you that (name of society) would like to organize an annual exhibition on photography in our school. This will enhance the student’s talent in photography as this is becoming the most powerful tool of communication in this digital era. There is much to say but you already have great knowledge about the interests, and creativeness of the students.

I request you to please grant approval for this most wanted, and interesting exhibition next month(date), so we can have all the necessary arrangements. All Covid 19 SOP’s will be followed strictly. Your participation will be an honor for us. Looking for your kind approval.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your name, or Name of the Organizers)

Letter Requesting for Photography Exhibition in School

Dear School Principal,

I am writing to you because I would like to organize a photography exhibition. This is because I would like this to count as half of my final grade at the end of the year. It will hold all of the photos that I have taken, and underneath each photo, I will explain briefly what it is, and how I see the photo in between the lines. This will also give the school a great opportunity for the other students to show their potential at seeing what they can do with a camera.

I would also like it if we can invite some photo critics to help the school get a good reputation. I hope you can grant me this request, and I look forward to hearing back your response.

Kind regards,

(Your Name)

Letter to Principal Requesting to Organize Photography Exhibition

Dear Sir,

The photography club has always been a pioneer in winning prizes for this college. Our team has achieved many titles on the national level. With your kind approval, the club is now planning to arrange a photography exhibition.

Our talented students have won the first prizes in two consecutive National Photography Exhibitions. This year the club wants to organize the exhibition on our own campus. It is our achievement that the National Committee of Fine Arts has already approved our request. However, society needs final approval from the principal.

Sir, this exhibition will be an achievement for our college. This will encourage our students, and make our society nationally renowned. Talented students from across the country will come to our college. It will be a lucrative exhibition as it will bring huge media coverage, and good repute to the college.

The students are very hopeful of getting a positive response from your side. Kindly approve our proposal.


(Your Name)

Request Letter for Photography Exhibition

To: The Official Boston Photography Exhibition Expo
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

I am writing this about the annual Boston Photography Exhibition that will be taking place later this year. I am a professional photographer, and I believe my photos are worthy of being in the exhibition.

I am attaching a couple of samples in this letter, and I hope they are up to the standard. If I am approved, I will send more of my work.

Thank you,
Herbert Lepage
3781 Beech Street
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Request for Swimming Pool Construction

Sample format of proposal for pool construction in school, society, university, college for the enjoyment, and athletic activities of the students. As it can be great addition to the sports facility.

Application for New Construction of Swimming Pool

Dear sports minister,

I am writing to you because I would like to request the construction of the new swimming pool. The school would like to build a new swimming pool as the students want to learn swimming. This is the most requested sports to learn, and the school has the funds to build it. We can hold tournaments to give the students the chance to race safely.

If we do then the student for the future generations can learn swimming in a safe, and calm environment. We can even hold friendly races, and invite their parents to see their progress. I hope that you will grant us this big chance to help the students learn, and progress.

Yours sincerely,

Head school teacher

Request for Swimming Pool Construction


The residents of town have unanimously decided to build a swimming pool for the kids of our society.

We have a 500 sq yard piece of land besides the Water Treatment Plant. This plot is idle for a long time, and due to absence of road it cannot be used to build any house, or office. The site canb be utilized to build a swimming pool. There are already not much recreational activities for the children of our society. Building a swimming pool will please our children, and it will also become a source of earning for the society.

The residents are also agreed to fund the construction of the pool. All we need is a final approval from you

Kindly approve our proposal

Request for Swimming Pool Construction

 Respected Principal,

With due respect, I, as Head Girl, along the behalf of the whole student body council wrote this application to request you for swimming pool construction in our Campus. Swimming competitions are becoming a trend in every school, and it is also a great exercise for students.

The swimming race is also introduced in Punjab Olympics, and 80% of the student body of A level are willing to participate in it. Unfortunately, we do not have a pool in our campus, so we have to go to public pools for practicing which is very inconvenient. I request you to please approve our application for the construction so we can also make a swimming team, and participate in such competitions.

We would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir

A level Head Girl

23rd September (Date)

Request for Swimming Pool Construction

To the union

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with a humble request to please arrange a swimming pool for our building.  Recently, the heat has immensely increased, and summer vacations have started as well. The kids need an activity to enjoy, and keep them busy. We do not like to send our kids outside of the building as it is very unsafe. The swimming area in the building has been abandoned for years, and it is all broken, and filthy. It seems like the right time to utilize this opportunity, and get a new swimming pool constructed. The residents of the building have all agreed to pay a certain amount which can help fund the swimming pool, and its maintenance. The swimming pool should start being constructed within this week so that by the end of the next week we all have a new swimming pool to enjoy.


I hope you will look into our request, and work on this matter as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Request for Swimming Pool Construction

To: Landlord of Hillside Apartments
Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada

I am writing on behalf of 6 families living in your apartment building. We politely wish to request that a swimming pool be constructed for all residents of Hillside Apartments. It would be a wonderful, and welcoming addition for the summer, and it would be very convenient since we won’t have to go on drives to, and from the swimming pool to pick up our kids.

We hope you consider our request. Please get back to us.

Jennie Higgins
Ronald Hopkins
Emmanuel Donald
Betty Allen
Elizabeth Matthew
Raphe McNeill

Request for Swimming Pool Construction 


The principal, Saint Martin College

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that we have received the entire sports item that we had requested to you. It was such a quick response, and we appreciate that. As you know that we are extending our sports department, and now we are planning to have a swimming pool on our campus. I request you to allow us to construct a swimming pool on the campus. It will not only benefit the students but it will also throw impact on the image of our college. Such attractions bring more students to the college. Please consider my request. I am looking forward to your positive response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Sam Jackson

Head of sports department

Proposal Letter for Hosting an Event

Sample of format of proposal letter to aware your school head, dean, principal about what kind of event you want to organize, and what will be its layout. Most importantly convincing them that this an educational, and much needed activity for the students.

Event Proposal Letter

Respected Principal,

I along with some of my classmates want to host an event in Beacon House School System, JT Campus. After many successful events past years arranged by our seniors, and their seniors every year, we would like to continue this tradition of hosting one of the best events of BSS JT. Just like last year the event would include sports department (outdoor, and indoor games both), board games, and computer games. However, this year we would like to do something different, and innovative, and add Singing Competition too as you know that our Campus has one of the best musical instruments, and music department.

Furthermore, the names of past events were Wasal (Date), Wasal (Date), and so on, this year we would also like to change the name to “JT Explica” to make it more interesting. I, and my batch fellows who are interested in the management of the event have decided to host this event somewhere in January. As all of us will be done with our mid exams so the event would act as a refreshing agent from the tough studies of A-level. Besides, the weather in January will also attract more participants, and make is easier for us to arrange refreshments, and make the whole environment comfortable. In addition to this, we will have sufficient time to form an official management team, and make the rest arrangements.  We are also planning to arrange a concert, and bonfire as part of the event to make is seem more lively. If the concert wouldn’t be possible then we have thought of DJ Night as an alternative.

Our whole batch is hard working, and united so all of us will work together as a team to make this event successful, and memorable. In addition to this, some of us already have talked to sponsors for the expenses of event, and they are ready to give us a handsome amount of money if this proposal gets approved.  I am looking forward to a positive response. If you have any queries, or confusions regarding any detail you can contact me anytime.

Fatima Amir

Head Girl A-level

18th September (Date)

Video Concept of Fundraising for Schools, NGOs, Charity etc

This TVC concept is made for raising awareness regarding special children/disabled persons/neglected persons of the society, and asking the audience to give them respect, help them, and teach them to care such special people in life. This TVC concept is also asking for cash donations, and can be used on social media, websites, and all other digital platforms. You can also search fundraising proposal here.

TVC Concept for Fundraising Video Production

There should be two groups of kids of same age

  1. Normal kids
  2. Special kids


They are playing in playground, and all of a sudden they see special kids, and without knowing them, start bashing them like go away from here.


Parents of normal kids come forward, and ask them to apologize, and shake hands with special kids while giving information about “special kids” to their children.


Now to develop sense of empathy, and love towards “special kids” Parents bring their children with them to Sun Rise.


They come inside, and sit in office, and give money to the spokesperson showing that teaching their children that “They deserve love same as you do, and to show your love towards them, give funds, and help them”


Kids are playing with special kids, and giving them gifts in the end.