Follow-Up Letter for a Request for Proposal

Submitting a request for proposal (RFP) is a crucial step in securing a new contract or project, and following up is an essential part of the process. A well-crafted follow-up letter can help you express your interest, build a relationship with the recipient, and increase your chances of securing the project. In this article, we … Continue reading “Follow-Up Letter for a Request for Proposal”

Sample Request Letter for Office Renovation & Permission

Want to request office renovation? We are giving you sample templates to get permission for an office renovation. Format of permission letter from boss/employer/CEO to renovate the office up to modern standards, get rid of the old pattern, and design that makes departments look like they were last renovated ten years back. Sample Email Request … Continue reading “Sample Request Letter for Office Renovation & Permission”

Board Resolution For the Address Change

This is a board resolution template, and it can be used for the address change, or any other purpose. Modify it according to your needs. Board of Directors Corporate Resolution We, the undersigned, being the directors¬†of (name of authority) willingly submit our consent, and agree that the the address of the following person (name of … Continue reading “Board Resolution For the Address Change”

Proposal Letter to the Principal to have a PE Attire introduced in School

Sample letter by student/ teacher to the Principal to introduce PE attire. This can be used by students/teachers/ Student council members that have been facing problems during PE class due to a lack of a proper uniform. Proposal Letter to Principal to introduce PE Attire by a New Student in School School Name, School Address, … Continue reading “Proposal Letter to the Principal to have a PE Attire introduced in School”

Proposal letter for offering School Premises, or ground for conducting Sports Activities

Proposal letter for offering School Premises, or ground for conducting Sports Activities This letter can be used by any school, college, university, or any other educational institution who want to offer their own ground, and facilities to other schools for conducting of different activities. Sender’s Address Receiver’s Address Date Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing … Continue reading “Proposal letter for offering School Premises, or ground for conducting Sports Activities”

Notice For Rental to Vacate a Place

Sample format of writing a notice to tenants whom you want to vacate your property till a specific timeline. Notice for Tenant to Vacate Place To: Mr. Golliday Tenant, Room #45, Lafayette Apartments Richmond, Virginia, United States This is a formal notice that you must vacate your apartment by the 11th of December, as per … Continue reading “Notice For Rental to Vacate a Place”

School Project Proposal for Funding

Sample letter to donor for support of a new school project in underprivileged area. Dear Sir, Thank you very much for all the support you provided for funding our great, and first of its kind project in the country. I wish you to sponsor our new project of school in remote area near to my … Continue reading “School Project Proposal for Funding”

Letter to Editor Regarding Road Safety

Format of letter to editor of a magazine/newspaper/newsletter, and telling them how road safety is one of the biggest concern in our society, and what measures can be taken to control this issue. Letter to editor regarding road safety To the Editor Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to bring to your notice the … Continue reading “Letter to Editor Regarding Road Safety”

Request Letter for Photography Exhibition

Templates of proposal letter to send to principal, and telling them how beneficial it would be to arrange a photography exhibition will give students a chance to showcase their talent. Application for Organizing a Photo Exhibition Dear Sir, I want to inform you that (name of society) would like to organize an annual exhibition on … Continue reading “Request Letter for Photography Exhibition”

Request for Swimming Pool Construction

Sample format of proposal for pool construction in school, society, university, college for the enjoyment, and athletic activities of the students. As it can be great addition to the sports facility. Application for New Construction of Swimming Pool Dear sports minister, I am writing to you because I would like to request the construction of … Continue reading “Request for Swimming Pool Construction”