Request Application for Issue of Guest Coupon

This is a request application for issue of guest coupon for gate entry, launch, or attending a seminar of within, and outside of your organization. Keep in mind this type of coupon normally issued free of cost when you write application for requesting coupon. Request for Guest Coupon Date:________   To, The AGM Accounts, Company … Continue reading “Request Application for Issue of Guest Coupon”

Transfer of Office Accessories to New Appointed Staff

This is application to Transfer of Office Accessories to Newly Appointed Staff in your office. For Example If you are shifting your job in other department, or leaving the job, or getting promoted than you can write this application to handover your office accessories like computers, document files etc as clearance. If you got issued … Continue reading “Transfer of Office Accessories to New Appointed Staff”

Sample Certificate of Annual Registration

Sample Certificate of Annual Registration for the organizations who offer annual registrations, or life time registrations to the clients. This certificate can be printed on letter head of the company which is offering registrations. You can modify this certificate as per your needs. Publishing this certificate is prohibited. Annual Registration Certificate Format Registration No: 783746/USAID   … Continue reading “Sample Certificate of Annual Registration”

Sample Holiday Notification Letter Format for Office

Sample Holiday Notification format for issuing office holiday notice to employees. Annual leave notice sample format for offices, schools, colleges, and universities, hospitals etc. Below letter will help you to issue holiday notifications for all kind of occasions. Holiday Notification Order for Office Ref: 74g5Date: Office Order for Holiday Notification SemiOffice Group DHA, and Gulberg … Continue reading “Sample Holiday Notification Letter Format for Office”

Sample Quotation for Spare Parts by Suppliers and Manufacturers

Sample quotation for spare parts sale to clients, customers, companies, and businesses with specifications, and other details. You can copy the below sample in ms word, and make changes as per your needs. Spare Parts Quotation Sample OUR REF:———– DATED:——— M/S: ———— Address & City Tel # ——— Fax # ——— SUBJECT: QUOTATION FOR DIESEL … Continue reading “Sample Quotation for Spare Parts by Suppliers and Manufacturers”

Quotation Format in Ms Word Free Download

Sample Quotation format in ms word for suppliers, production units, online sellers, and shops. You can customize the attached file as per your business product needs. Quotations normally include the products/item descriptions, per unit rates per order quantity, terms and conditions of the quotation, the validity of the rates, etc. Some time percentage of advance … Continue reading “Quotation Format in Ms Word Free Download”

Sample Student Progress Report Format for Free Download

Academic Progress Report Bio data: Child’s Name:                 ____________ Date of Birth:                   ____________ Sex:                                   ___________ Father’s Name:                __________ Mother’s Name:              ___________ Date of Admission:         __________ Current Performance Mathematics She can recognize numbers from 1-100. She can tell spellings of numbers from 1-10. She can do addition and subtraction of two digits. She can tell shorter, … Continue reading “Sample Student Progress Report Format for Free Download”

Agenda Meeting Template for Companies

You can customize this sample agenda meeting template as per your needs. However, we recommend you should print this on the company letterhead. You can use this sample for any meeting of CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managers, and supervisor meetings. Company Name, and Address Participants:President/ CEO:   ___________Vice President/Dir:  ___________General Manager   ____________Finance Director    ____________Marketing Director … Continue reading “Agenda Meeting Template for Companies”