Love Letter for Dating a Girl

How to write a love letter to a girl for dating examples. You could use the letter to invite a girl from university, or other relation for dating if you liked the girl the most. The united states, UK, Canada, and European countries may use this type of letter.

Love Letter for Dating a Girl You Already Knows Well

My Dear Girl,

I am falling for you for a long time, and you may know that I love you too much. I respect you, love to spend time with you, love to talk to you, love to see you and gossips. I don’t want to waste your time reading, and the direct message is I want you to go out with me to spend some lovely time.

We will have a cup of coffee and some lovely moments together. I will also have a precious gift for you. I hope you understand my true feelings for you and give me some of your time.

Love You, Yours Only,

(Your Name)

Love Letter for Dating a Girl

Hey dear!

I will start from the day we met for the very first time in the cafeteria while you just walked away with your friends; I just saw you and completely fall in love. I don’t know that you believe in love at first sight or not, but I do from that day onward.

You were wearing that red and black dress and were looking stunning. I didn’t saw you before at the university. I think you are new to the university; maybe in the first semester, I don’t know. As I have been fallen in love with you, what else can I do instead of approaching you?

Actually, I want to ask you for a date, and I think we should know each other, our hobbies, and other things. For this purpose, we should meet first. I don’t have your mobile number and don’t even know your name, princess.

When I saw you for the very first time, I completely lost myself. Your eyes and your smile gave me some satisfaction. I don’t know what it is; I think that the only love. Dear, I invite you to lunch, will you be my lunch partner for tomorrow. I will wait for your answer, that could be yes, or maybe no, it’s all your choice, but please make it noticed. I will wait for you there at 2 pm afternoon.

With lots of love yours,

(Your Name)

Love Letter for Dating a Girl by the boyfriend, friend, fellow, manager, colleague, stranger etc

Love Letter to Someone You Just Met

A sample love letter to someone when you met the first time in person or online. Love letter first time I saw you. When I first met you love letters to send to your loved ones.

Short Messages to Send Your Loved One

Message 1: There’s nothing better than spending today with the person I love most, and it is you.

Message 2: My dearest friend. Remember, I always root for your happiness.

Message 3: I just thought I’d remind you. You’re amazing. You’re special and wonderful, and I love you.

Love Letter to Someone You Just Met to a Girl

My Dear Sweetheart, My mind is full of you.

How are you? I was missing you a lot today, and I got your letter and some lovely cards. I am so happy because you wrote me so many beautiful words as feelings. Is it strange, honey, that we just met and fell in love with each other? You became my life the day I saw you when I talked to you and the moment you became my girl. It makes me feel like flying. Please do not let me fall. I want to live in this dream where you are mine only. I love you with all my heart and soul. It is easy to say that I love you, I know, but people say those words often.

I will prove that my promises and love for you are true, and I am a man of my words. It is so true that now I am thinking about you all the time, really. I deserve you; I deserve your love. It seems that I was waiting for you for thousand years, and suddenly you came into my life. I want to say never leave me, and do not let me go anywhere. I cannot live without you, honestly, and I am really nothing without you.

Do you remember when we met at first? It is a great feeling to remember how accidentally we met, and it was a beautiful coincidence. Honey, do you know it is raining here since morning, and as I acknowledge you that I like to walk in the rain, it reminds me of your face and wet hair. By the way, I really like your hair and the way you blush. Your cheeks look more awesome when you smile.

How is the weather, honey? I am sure it would be so romantic because you are there. I wish to be with you there, enjoy the sunset together, look at the moon, and discover how much the sky and stars look beautiful when we are together. I wish to write more about you, and I cannot realize how happy I am to have found you, my love.

Please write me as soon as you get mine, waiting for you, honey.

Love you so much.

(Your Name)

Love Letter to Someone You Just Met to a Boy


Hello (Name of Boy) I hope you don’t mind that I send you this letter, but I just felt that I had to tell you how I felt. What is in my heart? I don’t know; honestly, it’s very confusing as we have only just met. I feel that our first date went well, and I haven’t stopped thinking about you. You took me to my favorite place for dinner and took me to the cinema, and you let me pick the movie even though you didn’t like the type of movie it was.

You are a kind, honest gentleman, and I could not have met a truer person. Thank you for everything. I hope you feel the same, or feel a little bit of the same, or this love letter will make me sound lovesick ha-ha.

Yours truly,

(Your Name)

Love Letter to Someone You Just Met

Love Letter to Someone You Never Met

Letter to a girl you never met. Love message to someone you have never met before in-person or online. You are expressing your love before we haven’t met in person yet to a girl or boy.

Love Letter to Someone You Never Met

Love Letter to Someone You Never Met

Dear Sweetheart,

How are you? I hope all things are going well there, and we will see each other very soon, If God’s will. I know that we never met or seen each other, but I do not know why my heart wants you badly. Some people say that we should not look at a beautiful face or appearance; I am totally agreed with them. However, I know you have a beautiful heart, the way you write me, the way you express your feelings and thoughts with me.

I cannot stop thinking about what will you be doing this time? Where will you be right now; will you be missing me or not? But I am sure that the fire of love is burning on both sides. Sometimes I feel how this is possible to love without meeting, but love has no boundaries. I do not know when but I fell in love with your words, your feelings.

Sometimes I sit alone, and think that how you would look like? Long black hair? Blushing cheeks? Lips like the fresh roses? You look like I totally fall; I would be grateful if you could hold my hands. I do not want to let you go. I want to be with you as soon as possible then we never get separated in life. You are becoming my desire, hope of my life and future. I want to spend my whole life with you.

Please take good care of yourself and pray that may God make way for us to get together soon. Only God can make this, as He has a plan for both of us.

OK honey, I love you.

Love Letter to Someone You Never Met

Mr. Right

It’s been a few months. I’m probably going to sound crazy, but I do care. I follow my heart even when my brain tells me it’s wrong. So we met online but haven’t really met in person. I used to think that love was not real, and if it was, then I didn’t deserve it, but then I met you, and it’s like my heart finally started to beat, and you gave me life.

This probably does sound like I need a mental hospital because why would you fall in love with someone I have never met in person? So anyway, here it is, Mr. Right, I love you. Would you like to meet in person? I know this wonderful place by the branch we can go for dinner, and watch the sunset. I hope you agree.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Right

We will be adding a few more love letters, WhatsApp, and SMS messages very soon.

Love Letter to Someone You Never Met by Girl or Boy

Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life, Wife, Friend

A sample love letter to the love of life or the person whom you love very much. This is a sample letter to express your love for your wife, love with your girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.

Happy Anniversary to Love of My Life

To the love of my life,

First of all, I had to say I love you so much. You make my life worth living. You are the reason I get up in the mornings. This is the anniversary of one-year marriage. I want to congratulate you on surviving one year with me. I know it’s been tough. So thanks for putting up with me. I hope we have many more years together, making new happier memories, and getting the opportunity to become mother and father. You are my heart, my life. You are the love of my life.

Yours always,
Your husband

Email on Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life

My beloved wife,

I cannot explain my feelings to write you, my love. Today is our 1st anniversary, and it is the biggest day for me because you came into my empty and incomplete life. I can proudly say that you are the love of my life, and I am so lucky to have found you. You made me smile, and you made my life. You are my life, my world. I thought about what I should present to you on this anniversary but could not decide because I wanted to make this day really awesome and special with you. I do not have much, but I can give you all my attention, care, love, and love every day till I am alive.

Now, nothing looks good without you. I am totally in love with you. I can hold your hands today, and I can scream to the world proudly that you are the love of my life, and you are my queen. I love you so much, and I wish you a pleased anniversary, my lovely angel.

I will keep my words, and I will complete my promises which I made earlier. Just be with me, and let me love you till the rest of my life. I wish you live thousand years, and our love never dies.

See you shortly, my wife.

Yours only

Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life, Wife, Friend

First Love Letter to a Girl You Just Met

Are you in love with a girl? The sweetest love letter for your girl you met online, in meetings, or on social media and includes the following qualities:  The best love letter for her, a Short love letter for girlfriend, cute love letters for girlfriend, a Love letter for her from the heart, Love letters for her that make her cry. Deep love letters for her to show your true love feelings.

A Love Letter to My Love of Life

Hi, My Princess,

How are you doing? What have you been up to? I am always feeling grumpy when I do not hear you; the world does not attract me. You know what? I do remember each second of our togetherness and the love we share. I cannot stay for long without seeing your beautiful face and your deep eyes, which always show unconditional love for me.

I am so delighted to have you, and I wish that I could spend all the time and the rest of my life with you. I am missing your magical voice, which awakes me, and my feelings, your innocent face, your beautiful eyes like an ocean, missing the tenderness and warmth of your touch and love.

You are all mine, and I cannot share you with anybody. You are the reason that I am living and breathing. You are my whole world, my love, and my soul mate. I love you, my beautiful princess, and I can do anything for you; be mine and hold my hands.

I want to fall in love with you every time. I am hoping to see you, hug you love you as soon as I am there. Till then, my love takes good care, and do not forget me.


Love Letter to a Girl You Met Online

Dearest Girl,

Thank you for the online chat. I express my true feeling after meeting you online, and I am sorry if you mind my words. I am writing to you.

This has happened that you are the most first attractive girl for me in this world. I love your first look. You have just stolen my heart. I couldn’t say anything online to you, but writing this to show you my respect, love, and sincerity. This is how you look to me. I love your cute face, sweet voice, speaking style, innocence, personality, and kind nature. I have no words to write my true feelings, but I want you in my life, and we will be a perfect match on earth.

Dear, I have all the blessings, and I can promise a happy life to you. I request you, please, don’t ignore me, and I assure you I can be the best boy in your life.

There is much to say, but I am ending here for your little time and attention. I will love to chat with you, and waiting to see you soon personally.

Warm Regards, (Your name)

If you want to date a girl, you meet online. We have a letter for you, and a girl from the United States writes this letter, so it can be most attractive to any girl you like to date.

First Love Letter to a Girl You Just Met

Love Letter to Propose a Girl for Marriage

Want to propose to a girl for marriage? Sample love letters to propose to a girl for marriage available for you. You can send it directly to the girl. Our best wishes are with you. Best letter to propose a girl for friendship and marriage because this has been used in the real proposal.

A marriage proposal letter shall be casual/personal and must get the reader smiled

Sample Love Letter to Propose a Girl for Marriage

Dearest Hammna,

Hello, I hope you are fine and doing the best in your life.

It was a great pleasure to have some interactions with you in the past few days, no matter all was by chance or luck. Anyways my extremely full-of pleasures heart forced me to write this message directly.

I have many wishes, goals, and plans in my life, but I always wish to do it all with my best friend of life. I am not like the traditional men; I love change, adventure, drive, hard work, friendship, and people with smiling faces, confidence, charming personality, and an intelligent mindset. I am sure all this is very near to me. In my contact list, she previously has worked for me and wanted to work with me.

I told you the story of the cute project. This name also explaining my wish that I want to turn my life into cuteness.

I am independent with almost everything I need to spend a happy life at this stage of life, but only one thing is missing “my best friend.” I recently want to go to Umrah, and couldn’t go because I am missing someone in my life. So I asked my parents to give me the company for Umrah, but they also forced me to find a life friend first and then go for Umrah with her.

I don’t know what you know about me, but I am sure what I want in my life is all that is in you. I really respect you and your family, especially your mom, because she works with me for a long, and knows about my nature very well. I found your mom extremely hardworking, sincere, compromising, and mostly feeling happy. You also seem like your mom, and I have a hard wish to continue this relationship with respect, dignity, and happiness. I hope your response will be friendly, and I will be waiting for your positive response. One more thing which is important to get started is Allah’s wish with Istekhara. You can also go for that and see the results. I am very sure that Allah will be in favor of our friendly relationship. You are welcome to ask or discuss anything regarding this matter for satisfaction. Would you please keep this secret?

best Sami

In case you forgot. I love you a lot. That’s no lie, not by a long shot.

In fact, I sent the above letter to Hammna, but she never replied to me directly, but I think she agreed to the marriage with me. The above letter is based on facts, and I can marry her if she agrees, although now she is already married to someone. I love you, Hanna.

Suppose you are reading this letter. Would you please comment to appreciate my true love for you?

Whatsapp Message to Propose a Girl for Marriage

Below is an original letter sent to a girl for marriage. She was already engaged with someone but she was proposed to marry.

Dear Rida,
Hope you are very well and happy. For a long, I have wanted to ask you for a very special request but I have never been able to. Because most of the time I am lazy to express and explain what I think and have in my mind.

Various times I wanted to discuss with you but I couldn’t.

I am not aware of the current status and the reasons behind delays in your marriage but your recent reply to a question about your marriage was just insisted me to write this long message.

Above all are the excuses. Simply I wanted to say marry me please 🌹🌹🌹. I am sure you will think about it seriously and if this is possible we can have a good time and good life partners as well.

You know me well and I hope my message will not hurt you. I am always late for good decisions. But I always hope for the best…

Very warm regards,

Only Yours

Love Letter to Propose a Girl for Marriage

Dear Rosey,

I am writing this letter with great honesty and love. I want to marry you and make you my wife. We have studied together, and I cannot get a better life partner than you. Your simplicity and honesty inspire me. You are the only girl for whom I have such kind of feelings in my heart.

I have always considered you my friend, but I believe that my feelings are much more for you than just a friend. I know that this proposal is sudden, and you need some time to think about your future with me, but I promise to stay with you and love you until my last breath. So you can think and take all the time you want. Waiting for your reply.


(Your Name)

Love Letter to Propose a Girl for Marriage