Proposal Letter to the Principal to have a PE Attire introduced in School


Sample letter by student/ teacher to the Principal to introduce a PE attire. This can be used by students/teachers/ Student council members that have been facing problems during PE class due to lack of a proper uniform.

Proposal Letter to Principal to introduce PE Attire by a New Student in School

School Name,

School Address,

Respected Principal,

With due respect I, student’s name, request you to introduce a proper PE uniform for the students in high school. I have recently joined this school. The environment is very welcoming, and the teachers are also very accommodating. The only problem I faced in this school is not having a separate uniform for PE classes. In my previous school we had proper PE uniforms hence it was very comfortable to exercise, and play sports. Unfortunately, here there is no PE attire, and exercising in the normal uniform is very uncomfortable, and unhygienic. Please accommodate the students by introducing a new PE uniform. Hoping for a positive response.

Yours Sincerely,

Student’s Name,


Proposal Letter to Principal to introduce PE Attire by a Student Representative

School Name,

School Address,

Respected Principal,

I, student’s name, the Vice President of the ____(School’s Name) Student Council, have been recently receiving complaints from the Student body regarding the inappropriate PE attire. Many students mentioned that the current school uniforms are very uncomfortable while playing sports. There has been cases of student’s getting rashes, and allergies due to exercising in the current uniform. Often the PE classes are in between of of the day hence it is difficult to attend the rest of the classes in the same stinky, sweat covered clothes. This is very unhygienic, and also effects the performance of student’s in sports.

I hope that the administration understands the importance of a proper PE uniform, and assists the student’s. I shall be very thankful for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Student’s Name

Post in the Council


Proposal Letter to Principal to introduce PE Attire by the PE Instructor

School’s Name,

School’s Address

Respected Principal,

I, teacher’s Name, have been the PE instructor in this school for almost two years. I have been wanting to request for a long time to introduce a proper PE attire for the students but due to the many administrative issues I have been hesitating. The students in this school are highly capable of excelling in sports but not having a proper PE attire really limits their performance to much extent. In order for the students to perform well as well as stay fit they are in need of a proper uniform. Please Consider my request, and introduce a new track suit for them so that they can play sports without being uncomfortable.

Yours Truly,

Teachers Name


Convert Residential to Commercial Property


Sample of Application Letter of Conversion from Residential Building to Commercial. Letter inquiring procedure to convert residential into commercial property.

Convert Residential Property to Commercial

Municipal officer,

New Delhi, India.

Dear Sir,

I am hereby writing this letter to request for conversion of my building from residential to commercial. That is because it is no longer commuted for residential purposes, and it is rented out to different companies for commercial use only. It is therefore informed to you about this happening.

As required by local laws, I have to apply for conversion of building to your office whenever such activity takes place.

Please grant me a certificate for the conversion as well as your approval. Feel free to contact me, or visit me for inspection of the building.



Convert Residential to Commercial Property

To: City of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, United States

I would like to make a request to convert my residence in Oakland Hills to a commercial property. I am a licensed psychologist, and I will be working, and treating patients from my home. I believe working from my home is the best choice for me, and it is the most fitting environment for my patients.

I am willing to pay all necessary fees, and fill any documents that may be required to convert my residence to a commercial property.

I await your reply,

Dr. Steven Louis
Oakland Hills, Pittsburgh, United States

Notice Letter for Delay in Handing over Possession


Compensation letter for delay flat possession, it’s urgent. Format of legal notice to builder for delay in possession.

Compensation for Delayed Possession of Flats

Dear lawyers,

I am writing to you because I would like to get compensation for a delay in a flat possession. It has been three weeks over the date at which the people that are living in my flat have been told to evacuate, and move out. As a landlord I have bills to pay, and more importantly I have mortgage to pay.

It is becoming quite urgent as I was supposed to pay these last month but due to my tenants not moving out, and not paying me the rent I am not able to get other people to move in that I can trust will pay rent on a monthly basis.

I hope that you can help me as I need this money as soon as possible otherwise i will be having the bailiffs round in my own personal home taking my own property to pay for this.

Kind regards,

Mr. Harry Harrison