Application for Fuel Allowance Increment

Sample application for requesting fuel allowance form company. This application is written by the manager/supervisor for recommendation of fuel allowance of subordinates.

Fuel Allowance Increment Application

Respected GM,

This application is to request an increment in Fuel Allowance. I had been promoted to Senior Inventory manager from Assistant Manager last month. My duties have increased as now I have to supervise all the warehouses of the company, of which some of them are out of the town and some at distant places. These duties have increased my fuel consumption. So I request an increment in the fuel allowance, which is although mentioned in the perquisites of my job but had not been approved till now.

Sincerely Yours,


Inventory Manager

Application for Increase of Fuel Allowance

Dear Mr. Ahmad Sahib,

With reference to Annual Increments of Resource Development Department in 2014 Mr. Babar Arshad received a very low increment against his performance and hard work. It is impossible for him manage all the field work within current salary after increment. The fuel price and maintenance cost of vehicle used by him is troubling his field work the most.

Donations/zakat collections, donation box collections and placement of new donation boxes are his major tasks and required lots of travel regularly. I request you to please give him Rs. 1,000/- extra fuel allowance and maintenance cost of motorbike with his current salary.

Thanking you,

Mrs. Saima

Manager Resource Development

Application for Increase of Fuel Allowance
Application for Increase of Fuel Allowance

Application for Fuel Allowance Increment

The HR Manager,

Respected sir, I t is stated that I live almost 20 kilometers away from the office. As you know coming in the morning with all the fuss on the road is very hard, it’s being very difficult for me to afford this much worth car fuel. You may know that my basic salary is very limited so you can imagine how difficult it would be for me to manage the fuel and my household at the same.

I request you to kindly grant me a fuel allowance increment so that I can come to the office on time and work efficiently without the stress of buying fuel for my car every day.

Yours sincerely,


Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer

Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer while doing job with scholarship from the company.

Recommendation Letter for Studies by Employer

The Institute XYZ,
Head of Department,

Subject: Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing in favor of Mr. M Umer Farooq who is working in my company XYZ in Power Engineering department. He is a talented and devoted employee and intended towards further studies in specialized field of power engineering. I recommend him for further studies in Masters of his desired area in Institute XYZ so that he may enhance his technical and critical skills.

Your Truly,

Muhammad Umer Farooq

Sample Recommendation Letter format

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Hammna is engineer at SemiOffice Corporation, working with us since two years for civil, mechanical & electrical works for our various engineering projects.

SemiOffice Corporation have a good team of engineers, supervisors and technical manpower of all grades and performs the work professionally and with devotion to complete the specified projects tasks within the scheduled time and to our client satisfaction.

We wish her every success in future and strongly recommend her to continue her further studies in her desired era of management. We would like to involve her again on our future up-coming projects after the completion of studies. We will also give her favour if she is interested to continue her job while studying. The company will facilitate her with office time relaxation, exam vocations and educational scholarship as per company policy.

For and on behalf of

Signatory Authority

Sample Recommendation Letter by Employer
Sample Recommendation Letter format

Letter of Recommendation for Further Studies by Employer

To whom it may concern

It brings me great pleasure to recommend Mr. Goldstein for further studies. He has been working at our company as Marketing Executive for two years. Given his experience and skills, he can improve himself by adding a master’s degree to his qualification. He is a graduate and has extensive experience in the field. He is currently working part time at our company and wishes to continue his studies in the morning.

He is therefore commended to any institution he may apply. I am willing to provide any further information related to this matter.


The manager

Reference Letter Format for Internship

Reference Letter for Internship Program for students of School, College or University. Sample recommendation letter for internship student from professor, college or university for employer or the company where you want to work as internee.

Recommendation Letter for Summer Internship

The Manager HR
The Aviation Research Institute

Respected Concerned,

It is certified that Mr. Alan is a student of aviation technology at Balkent University with excellent academic record under registration no. XX201504. This letter is to recommend him for the summer internship at your esteemed organization so that he may learn the aviation operations, research methodologies and work flows. Kindly enroll him in your summer internship program.


Balkent University

Reference Letter for Internship from Professor

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Miss Ayesha Manzoor Roll No 35 is a student of MSc Sociology Program (Semester 2)
(Replica) 2016-2017 of this institute. This program is interdisciplinary and provides training in a wide range of specialization in Sociology.

MSc Sociology is a two-year program and is comprised of four teaching semester, internship and thesis.

Internship is a requirement of this degree and is worth three credit hours. The internship is intended to be hands-on training to work in a good organizational environment. The duration of the internship is eight weeks. The intention is that students develop understanding about the functioning of an organization, office work, inter personal relations; and develop initiative towards improving working of the organization.

The placement requires the students to submit weekly and final progress reports duly certified by the supervisor in their pertinent organizations. These progress reports will be used to evaluate their interest, effort and performance in their respective organizations. The respective remarks from the supervisor will also be used in making the evaluations of the students. These internships are meant to impart training to students but this institute and students will appreciate if some honorarium is also provided to them.

Ms. Kanza Khan (faculty member) at this institute is coordinating this internship program and she may be contacted at tel: 042-3123456 or through email: for any queries or questions. Thanks very much for your support and cooperation.

Prof. Dr. Urooj Ashraf

Reference Letter for Internship
Reference Letter for Internship

Recommendation Letter for Internship from college

The College of Home Economics(CHE) post graduate program requires our students to complete a mandatory 4 weeks internship during the month of summer break.The College of Home Economics prepares its students in various areas such as Food & Nutrition, Textiles & Clothing, Human Development and Family studies, Housing, Home Management and Interior Design, Arts and Design, Education and Research.

Our girls are trained in the areas of dietetics institutional Managements, Textile manufacturing fashion designing and apparel construction, interior designing creative art and crafts, teaching, conducting research, report writing and community work to name a few.

We appreciate that your organization/institution offers a professional work environment and the experience gained by the interns will be valuable to developing their skills.

If applicable please provide the following information:

  • Name of CHE interns that you will be able to take this summer
  • In what different functional areas, are internship positions available
  • In which cities are internship slots available
  • Please describe your process of selection of summer

Yours Sincerely,

Govt. College of Home Economics
Gulberg, Lahore

Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship

The Principal
AH Foundation
Faisal Town,

Subject: Internship Letter of Recommendation


The following M.Sc students of this college from the department of Human Development and Family Studies is interested in internship in your department in your center,

  • Urooj
  • Sumaira
  • Ayesha

Your are requested to permit them for conducting the internship. Your kind act will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,

Govt. College of Home Economics
Gulberg, Lahore

Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary

Sample letter of recommendation for loan or advance salary from the company.

Letter of Recommendation for Loan


Mr. Janjuwa
Director Finance
Rochdale, United Kingdom

Subject: Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary

Dear Sir,

Mrs. Saima, manager marketing is working with our company since 4 years. She is devoted to her job and she is performing all of her duties very efficiently. I request you to please pay her $4000 as advance salary and deduct it from the scheduled month. Her application for advance salary is also enclosed with this letter. She need advance for the treatment of her Father. I will be grateful to you.

Warm Regards,


Mr. Asif

Director Marketing


Letter of Recommendation for Advance Salary
Letter of Recommendation for Advance Salary

Contractor Recommendation Letter Format

Below is the letter to recommend a contractor with whom you have worked in past or planning to work in future for contracts of multinational companies. It can be your own sister concern company or business partner company. Where you give evidence of your experience with that company and give recommendations about the efficiency, performance and co-project details. Find the below letter and make the necessary changes as per your requirements.

Subject: Contractor Recommendation Letter Format

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that [company] having its office at [address] is our sister concern company, working with us from last two years for civil, mechanical & electrical works for our various telecommunication projects.

[company] have a good team of engineers, supervisors and technical manpower of all grades and performs the work professionally and with devotion to complete the specified projects tasks within the scheduled time and to our client satisfaction.

We wish them every success in their future business and would like to have such relation with them again on our future up-coming projects. We would strongly recommend them for any multinational company who is looking for good contractors.

For and on behalf of

Signatory Authority

Contractor Recommendation Letter Format
Contractor Recommendation Letter Format

Job Recommendation Letter From Father to Son

Sample Job Recommendation Letter From Father to Son in wapda on the basis of Master’s of Business Administration with the reference of Father. Sample Request letter for son jobs.

The Chief Executive,
L.E.D Lahore

Sub: Application For The Post of Assistant Manager

Dear Sir,

It is stated that myself M. Zahid would like to bring in your kind notice that I have served as a Teacher in WAPDA Boys High School Terbela Dem for twenty years as Govt. Servant, I retired from services in 2017 from Terbela Dem project.

My Son M. Ziagal wants to serve under your kind control as Assistant Manager (CS). He has done Masters of Business Administration from HEC recognized university. Being a retired WAPDA servant it is my right to give an opportunity to my Son from my available quota of WAPDA Govt. servant.

I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Faithfully,

M. Zahid

Job Recommendation Letter From Father to Son
Job Recommendation Letter From Father to Son

Job Recommendation Letter from Father to Son

Mr. George Best
KPL Pvt. Ltd.
Birmingham, UK

Sir, I am Mr. David Kelly and I am writing this letter with reference to the job vacancy at your bank for my son Michael David who is also one of the applicants. I have a company of my own but my son chose to pursue his career in the finance sector.

Therefore, it would be an honor for me if he gets employed at your bank. He has been a distinction holder throughout his academic life and I am certain of the fact that he would excel in this field under your supervision. I would strongly urge you to consider him as a valuable asset. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours respectfully,

David Kelly
Ultra Co.
London, UK

Recommendation Letter for Job from Father

Colonel George Best
Chief Selector
U.S. Military

Sir, I am Mr. David Kelly and I have served in the military before I got injured at the border and got retired in the early 2016s. The military background that my son Arthur grew up in made him passionate and dedicated to the US soil. I have trained him myself to make him hard as a rock so he could prove to be a valuable asset to this country. My incapability to walk has turned my life upside down.

Therefore, I request you to please consider my son Arthur Kelly as a serious candidate for the next batch of cadets. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours respectfully,

Col. (R) David Kelly
Chicago, USA

Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship

Sample Letter of recommendation to refer someone for job, employment or internship. You can print this letter on your company/organization letter head or on white paper just for reference. These recommendation letters can be issued by professor, doctor, minister, boss or blood relations.

Job Recommendation Letter for Employee from Manager

To whomever it may concern

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss Mr. Lee Heading. Mr. Lee Heading is a former employee of mine. I am a company director of BHS (British Home Stores) I have a number of stores all across the United Kingdom and Lee was one of my very best managers his duty was to go to each of my stores and make sure that it is running smoothly. He would spend a week or two there send me the report then I will send him what I want changing if anything does and send him my views. Last week he left my company to go and get a chance to like his dream doing the one job that he has been wanting to do his all of life to become a care worker.

Over the years that I have known Lee I can say for certain that he is a very caring person and he will do anything to help people. Not only have I known Lee as an employee but as a friend as well. He asked me to write him a recommendation letter so here it is. Lee is a very good hard worker and he can do anything he puts his mind to. Very motivated and determined.

Kind regards,

Mr. Mike Lonesome

Sample Internship Recommendation Letter from Institute


This is to certify that Ms. Kanza Khan of Semester 4th S/D/O Faisal Khan is  a bonafide student of Kinnaird College. She is currently enrolled in the MBA Program with Media Studies Major. Our Master’s degree program requires hundred hours of community service/internship in a renowned institution to enable the students to enhance their practical skills. She has the motivation, skills, intellectual potential and perseverance to take on any responsibility.

I recommend her strongly to do Job, Internship or Community Service at your prestigious institution.



Department of Media Services

Recommendation Letter for Job Format from Professor

It is certified that Ms. Aiman Ayub of Semester 2nd D/O Ayub Malik is a bonafide student of Kinnaird College for Wemen. She is currently enrolled in B.Sc (Honors) Program with Applied Psychology major. I Strongly recommend her to opt for AH Foundation as Psychologist. She has the motivation, skills, intellectual potentials and perseverance to take on any responsibility.

I recommend her to apply for this post at your prestigious organization.

Dr. Sumaira Mohyd

Head of Psychology Department
Kinnaird College for Women

Letter of Recommendation for Job and Internship
Letter of Recommendation for Job and Internship

Sample letter of Recommendation For Job And Internship by the professor, lecturer, teacher etc.

The Technical Recruitment Manager
Insta Robotics,
Tokyo, Japan.

SUBJECT: Recommendation Letter For Job And Internship

Respected Concerned,

Hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing this letter of recommendation to you in favor of my bright student Mr. Wuhan. He has been a top student in BS class of 2017. His research has brought a good name not only to him but me as his mentor and the university. His conduct during studies and research under my supervision was as excellent as a competent student.

Moreover, he is a team player who has brought results from his research in collaboration with his team. I surely recommend him for internship/job in robotics R&D department at your prestigious company. Kindly consider his application with full good turn.

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Li Chin

Recommendation Letter for Job and Internship

The HR manager

Dear Sir,

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Nelson as a very promising candidate for any job. He has been a very hardworking and dedicated person in my observation.

During his studies he showed exceptional skills which will make him a valuable asset to any company he joins. Apart from studies he has also proved his proficiency in extra-curricular activities. I trust him and endorse him for any position of job or internship he is applying into.

Further information can be updated on demand.


The principal