Leave Application for Eid Celebration

Want to write a leave application for Eid Holidays? Best sample applications to get Eid Leaves from the office and school to celebrate Eid with family, friends, and relatives outside of the city or foreign country/ abroad. How to write a leave letter to the teacher for my child to celebrate Eid with family? Eid … Continue reading “Leave Application for Eid Celebration”

Absent From Work Explanation Letter

Sample explanation letter for absent to work or being absent from your office. Request letter from an employee to the general manager requesting him to accept the reason for being absent from the work or job. Absent from Work Without Permission (Without Leave or Without Approval) Dear Sir, I had not been to the office … Continue reading “Absent From Work Explanation Letter”

Leave Application for Village, or Home

Sample Leave Application For Going to Village home to visit your family members, parents, siblings, etc. Email, Whatsapp, SMS to Apply for Leave to Visit the Village Dear Sir, I want to visit my village for five days. Therefore, I request you to please grant me a five days leave from (date to date). I … Continue reading “Leave Application for Village, or Home”

Leave Application for Honeymoon

Sample leave application to go for honeymoon after marriage from office, school, factory, etc., to go out of the country, out of the station, abroad, or northern areas, and any other place you have planned to go or want to go. Leave Letter to Go for Going on Honeymoon Dear Sir, I am newly married … Continue reading “Leave Application for Honeymoon”

Leave Application for Bed Rest for Office School

Sample leave application for best rest after doctor’s prescription during pregnancy, maternity, childbirth, and delivery time from school or office. Leave Application for Bed Rest To Manager/Office Dear Sir, I was undergoing treatment of (mention the problem/disease) and now I feel very weak. The doctor advised me to bed rest for 15 days. I request … Continue reading “Leave Application for Bed Rest for Office School”

Maternity Leave Extension Letter Sample

Extend maternity leave letter sample from an office, school, principal, manager, or boss for females after the child delivery or pregnancy period. You can use this maternity leave extension letter in the UK, India, Canada, Australia, and other world countries. Maternity Leave Extension on Medical Ground or Prescribed by the Doctor Dear Madam, I am … Continue reading “Maternity Leave Extension Letter Sample”

Leave Application For Going to Home Country

Doyouwanttowritealeaveapplicationtogohome.Sample Leave Application For Go to Home Country, Motherland, country of birth, or country of your parents where you were born. Office leave applications to go to home town for a visit, meet your family, and parents. Leave Application for Going Native Place in Home Country Dear Sir, I want to travel to my native … Continue reading “Leave Application For Going to Home Country”

Leave Application for Hajj for Employees and Students

Sample leave application for Hajj to perform the hajj from office, or school, and college with pilgrims on Eid ul Adha. This leave for hajj is for use in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, UK, USA, Europe, Turkey, and all other Muslim countries for teachers, headmasters, principals, lecturers, professors, job holders, managers, executives available for download, and … Continue reading “Leave Application for Hajj for Employees and Students”

Leave Application for Umrah by Employees and Students

Sample leave application for Umrah (only for Muslims) from office, school, company, or any workplace/job. Umrah is Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and Muslims are advised to perform this Sunnah whenever they have a chance. Leave Application for Umrah from Office The Manager MarketingZainab Group of Companies,Lahore Dear Manager, I hope you’ll be fine … Continue reading “Leave Application for Umrah by Employees and Students”

Maternity Leave Application For School

Want to apply for maternity leave? We provide sample applications for maternity leave or pregnancy leaves in school, college, or university. You can send in email or handwritten applications in the English language. Maternity Leave Application by School Teacher Dear Principal, I want to inform you that I want to go on maternity leave for … Continue reading “Maternity Leave Application For School”