Application for Compensation of Expenses

Sample application to request for sharing of expenses or compensation of expenses by company or employer. This letter can be customized for compensation of any expenses from the office. Application for Compensation of Medical Expenses Dear [Employer], I am writing to request compensation for medical expenses that I incurred as a result of an injury … Continue reading “Application for Compensation of Expenses”

Request Application for Issue of Guest Coupon

This is a request application for issue of guest coupon for gate entry, launch, or attending a seminar of within, and outside of your organization. Keep in mind this type of coupon normally issued free of cost when you write application for requesting coupon. Request for Guest Coupon Date:________   To, The AGM Accounts, Company … Continue reading “Request Application for Issue of Guest Coupon”

Promotion Request Letter, and Application Format

Sample application letter requesting promotion on you job. This letter presenting the reason for promotion is education, and qualification. You can write¬†this letter for promotion to your boss, manager, or director. Of course it is your right to be promoted if your company policy permitted this. Request for Promotion Letter Sample The Managing Director, Massbuild … Continue reading “Promotion Request Letter, and Application Format”

Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary

Want to write a recommendation letter for advance salary? We are giving you a sample letter of recommendation for the loan, or advance salary from the company to employees. Recommendation Email for Advance Salary to Female Employee Dear Madam, (Name of Employee) applied for an advance salary of next month (month name/year). I endorse her … Continue reading “Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary”

Application for Advance Salary for House Maintenance

Sample application for advance salary for house maintenance from employer, company, school, or any other working place. You can customize this application as per your needs. Application for Advance Salary for House Maintenance To, The manager Dear Sir, With due respect, it is stated that I need my salary in advance this month. Due to … Continue reading “Application for Advance Salary for House Maintenance”