Speech on Cleanliness to Community Members

This speech can be used by students, professors, speakers, principals, teachers, or anyone to spread awareness about unclean water and the diseases it is bringing along. You may modify it according to your needs and circumstances. You can add religious quotes, examples of people who died due to an unclean environment, or examples from history. … Continue reading “Speech on Cleanliness to Community Members”

How to introduce a Professor in a seminar

How to introduce a professor in a seminar, workshop, school, college, university. You can use this to introduce a guest speaker, chief guest, speaker, topic etc. Introduction of a Professor (related to science) in a Seminar These words can be used to introduce a professor, instructor, teacher, technician, researcher, scientist, poet, educationist, NGO worker, or … Continue reading “How to introduce a Professor in a seminar”

Speech on Life in Rural Areas

Sample Speech on Life in Rural Areas.  Advantages rural life. Urban life vs rural life debate. Debate on city life vs village life. Advantages of living in an urban area. Speech on Rural Livelihoods, and Food Security Today the issue that we will discuss is not the most talked about issues in recent times. The … Continue reading “Speech on Life in Rural Areas”

Speech on International Women’s Day

Sample Speech on International Women’s Day in simple, and easy words. Women’s Day speech for college, university, seminar, conferences etc. Speech on International Women’s Day Beautiful audience, my seniors, colleagues, and all the brave women sitting out here today, Welcome to the annual women’s day ceremony. I thank you all for taking some time out of … Continue reading “Speech on International Women’s Day”

Speech on human rights in english

Format Of Speech on the topic of human rights to present infront of a school, or university crowd. Public Speaking On Human Rights We are gathered here to celebrate the diversity in this amazing country today. Diversity is something that makes countries great. It does not only show that we all humans are beautifully different … Continue reading “Speech on human rights in english”

How to Speak in Public with Confidence?

How to speak confidently in English? Tips to overcome fear of public speaking. How to speak in public without fear, without being nervous? How to speak in public for the first time? How to build confidence while speaking? How to speak speech in English? How to speak speech on stage? How to Speak, or Address People in Public? Speaking … Continue reading “How to Speak in Public with Confidence?”

Eating the Flesh of the Dead Should be Banned

Sample opposition speech for school, and college students for internal debate on the give topic. In colleges if you personally believe that is a wrong thing, still you need to oppose being teach. This below content is written by student of world renowned Aitchison College. Only points are discussed to deliver the speech. THBT: THIS … Continue reading “Eating the Flesh of the Dead Should be Banned”

Public Speaking Speech Examples

Example of short speech about life. Example of short speech about friendship. Speak in front of public. How to speak in public without fear? Address People in Public It is said that a man is known by the way he behaves. A man who takes care of moral principles is always respected by the others. He … Continue reading “Public Speaking Speech Examples”