Speech on Technology is a Bliss, or a Curse


This speech can be used an essay, or as a speech, or a debate. You may modify the sample according to your needs, and circumstances.

Technology is a bliss

Respected Teacher , and my worthy classmates. A very Good morning to you All. My name is (mention your name). Today,The topic under discussion is “Technology of 21st century is a bliss, or a curse”. This topic is too wide to be covered in few minutes but I shall try so.
Ladies, and Gentleman, today I shall speak in the favour of the topic. Social Media , and advancements in technology are not agents of change. They are just tools – tools which will function in the hands of their owner- tools which themselves can’t do anything. We the connected people are responsible for the change, the effects, and the positive, or negative. More than anything, the advancements in technology is my need, your need, and OUR Need.
Everything existing in the limits of time, and space has positive, and negatives effects. I would like to ask my opponents which are against the topic that would you prefer getting information on one click from internet, or going to library, and studying for hours? Ofcourse sitting with a cup of coffee, and getting information. Dear Friends, Would you like to go to the PTCL exchange to call, or would rather whatsapp your friends? Ofcourse Whatsapp. Would you like to walk for hours, or just sit in your car, and wheel to the destination? Ofc wheel. As students, another question very close to the reality is would you like to go to different entertainment complexes for enteratainment, or just hold the control, and switch stations while sitting in an air conditioned room?
Dear Friends, This World was made to evolve. Nature was created to Evolve. Technonlogy is made to improve. As users of the technology it is our responsibility to operate It in the best possible manner. Tehnology can’t be blamed. We are the users who are accountable. Muhammad Zaeem signing off Thankyou

Speech on Cleanliness to Community Members


This speech can be used by student, professor, speaker, principal, teacher, or anyone to spread awareness about unclean water, and the diseases it is bringing along. You may modify it according to your needs, and circumstances. You can add religious quotes, examples of people who died due to unclean environment, or examples from history.

Speech on Cleanliness Specifically unclean water

A very good, and pleasant morning to the residents of Wapda Town. Before I start my speech as the president of this awareness programme, I want to congratulate each, and every child, adult, and labour. You all must be thinking why? As soon as I saw such number of people emanating from the hall, I realized that we have already succeeded.

Ladies, and gentlemen can you imagine? Can you seriously imagine that the time it took you to clap me on the stage, Seven Pakistan children had died. Yes every five minutes, seven Pakistani children die; they die because of contaminated water. I am talking to you about the world’s worst way of dying, the third largest crisis, and the reason behind a steep increase in death rate. I am talking to you about unclean water.

Today, I am not addressing any class of this society but everyone. This is a problem that everyone contributed to, and this is the problem, we all will find the solution of. Unclean water is not only increasing the death rate but is having adverse effects on health, and environment. Water coming from fields carries fertilizers which drain into ponds, and lakes causing eutrophication. The industrial waste is spilled out into lakes which has high concentration of heavy metals. This is leading to death of marine life as well as humans because fish is the main constituents of one’s individual. The main cause of diarrhea, typhoid, and other stomach diseases is unclean water.

This is our Mother land we need to own it as much as anything. We exist because Earth exists. This is our Planet. No alien is going to come, and save it. Ozone layer is deteriorating with time. Its messed up. Everything is. The Climate change is unpredictable. We are not only destroying ourselves but the under water creatures are dying. So are the birds. Due to the slightest climate change, Dinosaurs vanished from the face of Earth. So many reptiles are no more. Our generations to come will have to suffer a lot. a lot. Not for ourselves but for the sake of our generations we will have to save this planet. We will have to take an action. If not now then when? If not us then who? We can not continue to ruin this world. Else Humans will be only a history like dinosaurs are. We will be no different than extinct creatures.

Dear ladies, and gentlemen, In the end, I am not asking for much but a slight change in your habits. We can’t do much but at least we can conserve water; we can avoid spilling sewage, and other household wastes in to ponds, and lakes. It is our Homeland, and its protection is the responsibility of every individual. Let’s save lives of three children every minute. I am looking forward towards your cooperation. Thank you! Stay blessed.

Speech on Gender Roles in Society


This speech can be used in any event related to Equality or Gender roles, or feminism. You can modify the speech according to your circumstances.

Speech on Gender Roles

“As a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” ― Virginia Woolf 

Aristotle affirms in a misogynistic manner in his preeminent work, “Timaeus”, that from the dust of mischievous, aberrant men are coined the flawed architects of this generation – the ‘female is a deformed male’ (Aristotle, Book III), probably because he lends his semen to women which merely works as a recycle bin in creation of this sullen world. The word feminism was coined in France in late 1800 says McCann& Kim,(Date), “Femme” is French for woman, and ‘ism’ being French for “political position” , feminism channels for gender equality, and women empowerment. A desultory peek over the annals of history would lead us to conclusion that the idea of man centric society has always been a point of dispute.

woman are not only created to fit into glass slippers but rather be the manufacturers along with men. Moreover, ender-based oppression like assimilation of sexes in their traditional gender roles, and societal expectations, for instance, how a man is destined to be, and to perform more aptly in high managerial posts. Further iterated the need to fill the loop holes of feminist movements, and how gender is a social institution, which by some sort written rules divides the economic, social, political privileges into the 10:0.1.  

Feminine can also be a feminist. “Women Do Theory” clearly states that “Within feminist theory is a commitment to change oppressive structures, and to connect abstract ideas with concrete problems for political actions.” 

“Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression”

We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. We say to girls, you can have ambition, but not too much. You should aim to be successful, but not too successful. Otherwise, you would threaten the man” She is so right when she says this.

Adichie says in “Danger of a single story” she mentions, “The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”

Deeply rooted in this patriarchal society are the roots of toxic masculinity. “But by far the worst thing we do to males — by making them feel they have to be hard — is that we leave them with very fragile egos. The harder a man feels compelled to be, the weaker his ego is.”

Simone De Beauvoir in her journey to kindle activism has profoundly been known to state that, “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” Nature versus nurture has always been under debate by psychologists, and it needs to be hashed out this debate in a very light tone, aiding it with her personal experiences. Having critiqued the clichéd title role affiliated to genders, we need to go on to implicitly state that it is so puzzling when populaces point to evidence of biological impact on conduct, and identity. Sociology should be the differentiating factor rather than biology. “What are female tears, anyway? Are they more fragile, and delicate than male tears? Do they wear pink?”

Speech on School Life is Wonderful


This speech can be delivered by an alumni, or a current student, or someone else, or by a teacher, or a principal on how important school life is. There is no better life than school life, and the students currently enrolled in school should make the best out of their school life.

Speech on School Life is Wonderful

Good Morning Everyone!

I stand here today as an alumni of your school to tell you that cherish every single second that you spend here. I might look like a complete stupid to you when I say cherish the fights, cherish the failures, cherish the work load, cherish the punishments, cherish the Parent Teacher Meetings (I can see those glares already but Haha I am serious), cherish every single moment you spend here, cherish the As you get because there might be a day when you forget how As look on your transcript. To the back benchers, cherish the punishments, cherish the food that you sneak in class, and lastly cherish the calls to the Principal office.

So when you look back on your class photograph, you smell the nostalgic scent of all the tiny bits of fun that turned into a ball of amusement. But the fact that the ball rolled downhill just too quick, somewhere saddens a part of us. It will be quicker than you think. You will miss playing in the ground when teacher used to be absent. Trust me, the tan will fade but no the memories.

A good school turns you into a better person, infect a better human. There is much more to school rather than grading. You learn how to love ( you know what I mean), you learn how to be patient, and how to choose the best. You get to explore yourself. Who you really are. Your purpose of life.

I request you not to waste school life, it is like the best life one could ever think of, or wish for. You all are so privileged that you get to study in such an amazing school with so many amazing facilities. Do not wait for the right timing, or perfect time, choose today, and make It right. Get up, and do what you think will invoke you. Do what triggers you. Do not lie down on coach, and waste days. Use your legs before you are too old. You will get a lot of time to rest then. I want to give three pieces of advice to all of you.

Number 1: When the mirror of life gets dirty with the fog of difficulties, try wiping it with the faith in Allah, and you will see a clear reflection of your dreams again
Number 2: it gets better, when you get better.
Number 3: It is a lot less scarier than it looks.

Today, when I look at back at my school life, I realize that there is a lot I could have done. I could have made the bestest out of my school life. This all might not make sense to few but one day it will. One day, everything makes sense, every single thing. You will understand why it happened the way it did. You will understand the bliss after each failure. You will understand that when you thought things were falling apart, they were actually falling into perfect place. You all have a unique talent. Each one of you. Some of you might know it, and for some it is still undiscovered. No talent is small. No talent is less. Talent is talent. Refine it.

In the last, all I would say is make the best out of your life. You get to live only once.

Speech by a Candidate Contesting for the Batch Representative position in a University’s Council


Sample Speech by a candidate in front of the student body. This speech can be used by anyone running for a Batch Representative/President/any leadership post at their University or School.

Speech in School, or College for Contesting Elections

AOA Everyone, today I stand in front of you as a possible candidate for the position of Batch Representative. My fellow students, and my dear, respected opponents, I am immensely thankful to all of you for allowing me to showcase my potential in front of you. Most of you know me or have at least seen me around the school. I will give you one reason: I want to become your Vice President so you can all start calling me Veep. It’s that simple, people. When I walk down the hallways at school, I want to feel like I’m in one of those YouTube videos for kids where a grown man drives tiny toy trucks around. Veep! Veep!. Hahaha, Just Kidding. I have been at this school for a long time, four years, and have seen the various principals, administrators, and teachers. I have seen what this glorious school needs and how to change things to fit those needs.

I am here today because I see myself as someone honest and capable. Being a former President of a Student-run NGO gave me many experiences in leadership and teamwork, and surely I will use all that I have learned in those years to better this university and the Student Body. I will be a transparent leader and a helpful fellow—someone who is approachable and friendly.

As your student council president, I vow to end all homework. Just kidding. I can’t do that, but what I can do is be your voice with the school administration. I will introduce ideas for events, such as a weekly game competition after high school basketball games. We’ll work together to help the community through volunteer work and show them just how dedicated the students at this school are. I will always put forward my council duties over my personal matters. I am motivated to work hard, and my efforts will definitely portray my devotion.

We need to understand that we will have to own this educational institute. It is not about you, or it is not about me. It is about us. It is about us being a family. We will make it better. We will make it the best school. We need to set ourselves right.

On the last note, I genuinely try my best to benefit my fellow students. However, your vote is your right as well as your responsibility. Do not vote based on peer pressure or lobbies. Instead, vote for someone who you see fit to be your leader.

Thank you so much for being so patient.

Cell phones should Not be allowed in Classrooms


This speech can be used in a college, university, or school, in a competition by the students, teachers, and administration who do not support the use of cell phones in class rooms. This can also be used as an essay whilst only eliminating the Good morning, and other first person pronouns to third person pronouns.

Good morning my dear Fellows,

Today, i stand here to speak against the allowance of cellphones in classrooms. This topic has been widely discussed in every household. This topic is too wide to be covered in few minutes. I agree that mobile phones are undeniable means of communication today. I also understand that more than a want it is a need today. In contemporary world today, almost everybody has a mobile phone. Being very honest, it is a never ending race of technology. Formerly, it was only used as a portable means of communication but in the era we are living today, the function of a mobile phone has developed into entertainment that includes watching movies, taking pictures, and playing games.

Furthermore, mobile phone has also come into the schools, colleges, and university. However, it has both positive, and negative effect on students. Students are always the fashion followers. Mobile phone, with the symbol of fashion, popularity, and innovation, fits in with the psychological characteristic of adolescents nowadays. However, the use of cell phones will bring more negative than positive effect for students. Of course, students use it as a mean of communication, and sometimes for an emergency call if they need it. Yet, there are many other ways to misuse this demon of our society.

In the today’s time, allowing cellphones is more like calling out your own destruction. This will not only be a distraction for the student using it but also when it rings, the entire class will be disturbed including the teacher. It is not only going to break the moment of the class but such distractions will affect the teachers planning on completion of a specific part of syllabus.

Moreover, it will initiate a race among students. Any student who is relatively well off will bring a more attractive looking, and expensive looking cell phone to the class. This will not only make the students from a humble background feel inferior but also make them feel deprived of a facility, which just looks as a blessing, and truly is not.

Furthermore, with the cell phone in your hand you can take pictures of who so ever when so ever you want. It will create a very uncomfortable environment in classroom, and not only that it will also be a tool that can easily be used to invade someone’s personal space, and privacy which is totally wrong.

Another drawback of allowing cell phones will be that students will begin to record lectures rather than taking notes, and that will dull their brain, and their memorization ability to a very large extent. Students learn better by writing rather than listening, and that will further lead to low grades. Students will no more be in practice of writing, and that will eventually lead to poor time management, and other issues.

Above are few of the reasons i have mentioned but there are plentiful of them. We can look into alternate ways of the reasons which force school to allow cell phones, and opt for them instead of allowing mobile phone. That is pretty much it of what i had to say. Thank you for your patient listening.

Graduation Ceremony Speech by Student


Sample Graduation Ceremony Speech by Student. University graduation speech by students. High school graduation speech sample. Sample college graduation speech. Student graduation speech examples. Short graduation speech.

Graduation Ceremony Speech by a Student

Good morning everyone!

It still feels so surreal to have the degree in my hand that I have been working to get from the past four years. When I started my graduation I thought I was just learning, and then I will be given a result card at the end just like school but turned out it was more than that. From registering courses to all the spontaneity in the class presentations we all learnt a lot too.

One thing that I can say surely is that we all have turned more responsible regardless of in which rank we passed. We all have learnt something, and grown up while doing it in these last four years. Our teachers deserve this ceremony more than anyone else, they believed in us even when we did not believe in ourselves. They taught us something beyond books, they taught us how to handle difficult situations, how to handle the curveballs that life will throw at us, and most importantly how to stay true to ourselves.

I have learnt something from each one of you people present here, and I am sure you all must have too. I would like to give an honorable mention to our administration staff that was there for us if any unpleasant situation occurred regarding our grades, or our student accounts. On behalf of every student here I would like to thank each one of our parents, or guardians present here a big thank you to all of you without your guidance, and help we would not have reached here.

And now a well-deserved congratulation to all of us, who studied, learnt, passed all the assessments, and successfully got the degree of our bachelor. A huge round of applause for everyone present in this convocation.

Alumni Meet Speech by Students


Speech on the occasion of alumni meet. Dear friends Can anyone send alumni speech Thanks, and regards

Sample Alumni Speech by Student to Colleagues

Dear friends

Who would’ve thought that we would be standing here after so many years of being apart all living our own lives making our own families, and marking the world with our stamp. We are all former student of Stanford University.

I would like to thank all of the teachers who were stricked on me. Even the time when I didn’t hand in my assignment a day late, and I got two hours of detention for it. And the time when me, and a few of my friends got into trouble when we played a big prank on the football team at the end of the first year. There was many times during my time here that I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it, and that I would fail. However the one thing that got me through it was my family saying that I would fail, and that because I am a girl that this type of career isn’t for me. Well I would like to say that I proved you all wrong, and today I have come a long way from where I was ten years ago when I was last standing in this very spot.

I am a very successful business owner with three establishments on the whole of the United Kingdom. There are a few people who are here today with me who I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have without them. These three people stand with me side by side as equals  and partners in my business one of which I my husband. So with this note for the very reason that we are all standing here today have fun, and recount the past memories that each of you had in this very hall, and don’t forget we are here to remember, and make new, and fresh memories for the future.

Kind regards

Mrs. Fiona Ghana

Debate on Barrier to Women’s Advancement Vs Men


Format of debate on barrier to women’s advancement Vs Men. What are the challenges that are faced by men, and what are the hurdles that women face in their professional career.

Debate on Barrier to Women’s Advancement Vs Men

As a principal speaker in an inter-collegiate debate, write your contribution for, or against the motion; “Women do not have as good a chance as men as succeeding in life”

This world is ruling by men. Women do not have a good chance as men for succeeding in life. Elaborating it, when we want to decide something we always prefer the decision taken by a man. Whether we are living in America, or in third world countries we always give preference to men. No woman in America ever became president, and ruled the country.

Talking about Pakistan, whenever a woman says that she want to get education,  56% of the families refuse her request, and the rest of it admit them to schools just for status. The illiteracy rate in Pakistan is higher than the literacy rate because the men here still thinks that women cannot do anything, she is only for house hold jobs.

Men are responsible for this they cannot even see women successful in lives. If we talk about single mother if they do jobs for their earning they face a lot of problems, and difficulties, just because of men

Debate on Barrier to Women’s Advancement Vs Men

The barriers that women face in terms of advancement towards men are sickening. Women are treated like objects, and most women do not even come forward if they are harassed, or assaulted in fear of ruining their family’s reputation, the fact that the police will not care, or they will blame the woman instead.

This is the sad state of affairs in our country. Women do not have equal opportunities in this country, and we are falling behind. With the rise of feminism in other countries, we are still stuck in the same mindset that a woman should stay home, and cook, and clean. Women get high level degrees only to have them wasted because they are forced to work at home. For jobs, men are chosen as preference over women. Extremely few women work in the parliament, and government.

These issues are commonplace. The worst part of it is, our superiors, and authorities are actively participating in these horrible actions. They pay the police to turn a blind eye. People with money are able to get away with harassing, and assaulting women because their families’ are powerful. This is a severe issue that must be investigated, and exposed.

This is the kind of activism we need in our society; something that awakens a revolution among us. Something that tears down the walls of everything we know, and allows Pakistan to progress. We cannot ignore issues that affect half of our population. I believe all humans want to leave a legacy behind, and this could be your legacy.  You, the editor, could be known as the person who has exposed crimes against woman by high-level officials as the next Watergate, or Panama Papers. You could leave a legacy behind, and be known as a hero for women in Pakistan. Think about what you want, and think about what is right.


 It is an acknowledged fact that women have always tried to walk pace to pace with the men either by hook, or crook. They have most of the time, tried not to sit within the four walls of the house, and enjoy the meals earned by the men. That specifically, and more appropriately goes for the well educated, and responsible women of our society.  These women have despite of all the efforts they do to enhance the shape of the society, become a target of criticism, and are often bullied by the so called influential men of the society. There are many barriers facing women in our society. First of all the nuisance of the notion that a woman must stay at home, and cook for the family members discourages the inner lying paradigm of action, and strength in a woman. Secondly there are families which still believe, and  implement that a woman must be covered in many layers of a veil before she steps out of the house. They fail to understand that a woman is in all aspects equal to men, she can learn, and earn for the family, and her gender must not be a barrier for her in any way. Another important aspect of this situation is that the men would not allow their women to step out of the house because their advancement can be a trouble for their dignity. Such a thought in our modern day society is such a shame for the entire nation. Jane Topkins, a famous author, once said in her novel ‘Me, and my Shadows” that  “It enrages me how women are used as extensions to men, devices to show men off, devices to help men get what they want. They are never there in their own rights.” Thus in order to make the women advancement a possible phenomenon all what one requires is to mend, and enhance the thinking of the society altogether. Another debatable aspect is that it is not always the men who bring shame to the concept of women empowerment. Often we see women round shaming, and bashing other women down. We would hear an old lady in the town coming up with a stance for her next door neighbor that ‘How shameless is she who has got kids, and a household to look after, and she goes out to earn, what a stain on her man’s dignity”. Such heart wrenching comments from the women for the women have made our society look decrepit enough. It would be a better, and peaceful society if women are treated on an equal standard to men, both in private, and public spheres

Speech for Students on Teacher’s Day


Sample Speech for Students on Teacher’s Day. Inspirational speech for students on teachers day. Thanks speech for students on teachers day. Short speech for students on teachers day.

Speech for Students on Teacher’s Day

Respected Principal, My dear students, and faculty fellows. Hello, and welcome to the Teachers Day Ceremony.

This is the first time that our school is holding this ceremony, and I am more than happy to be your host for it. As I was told that I am to deliver an opening speech dedicated to the teachers today…, and when I sat last night on my couch with my favorite coffee in my hand, I was at a loss of words. What could I say in favor of teachers? What words could I use to define them? How could I actually, and properly appreciate them for what they do, and what they’re capable of doing?

There was nothing I could write but then, a memory from my past struck me. I remembered my teachers, the one who helped me stand where I am today, and I started writing in their respect.

A teacher is someone who decided to dedicate their life for the betterment of a nation’s future. Do you think that Teaching is a career path that one was forced to choose? No… Teachers choose to help, choose to help a nation build up on its youth, and its children.
How would you describe your teacher? Someone who comes in your classroom, tells you a few aspects of some academic stuff that you take an exam for later? Well that’s not what teacher actually is.
Although there are no words to explain the importance of teachers but one has to start somewhere. If you believe that a school is your second home then you would also believe that teachers are your secondary parents…

Parents who take care of you for more than 8 hours a day, teach you things that maybe your real parents might not be able to…Teaching you decorum, and ethics is just a part of your academic upbringing but the best part is that both ethics, or decorum are not a part of your academic syllabus. It’s something the teachers choose themselves to teach you on their own, and one can’t thank them enough for that.

Frankly speaking, standing here today, talking to all of you, my memories come flashing back, and all of my teachers that helped me climb my academic stairs. That helped me stand where I stand today…They keep coming back, and all I can see them is smiling whilst watching me speak in respect for them today.
I would like to end my speech by saying that, please! Respect your teachers, not everyone has the capability of being one!

Thank you!