Morning Assembly Speech Examples


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Sample Speech during Morning Assembly by Teacher/Principal

Good Morning My Students,

Hello once again, welcome to our weekly assembly. Last week was huge for our second-year students who completed all their exams. However, this upcoming week will be even more significant as all of the teachers have come together and come up with a rewarding week, so every time you get a good grade or have good behavior and effort in your work, you will get a reward. At the end of the week, the year 11 students will get a certificate for their patience with their exams and hard work.

We have also got a big reveal that will change the school for the future at the end of the week. This is a week where you can get rewards doesn’t mean that you cannot work hard and not study and learn. So please, humble request, keep up the hard work and make your teachers proud.


Morning Assembly Speech by Principal

Hello, and good morning everyone!

I hope you all are doing well and are equally excited to learn all the knowledge these teachers have to pass on as they teach us. The spirit that you feel in the morning before going to classes is the one that stays with you all day if you feel excited and eager to learn, so the rest of the day becomes easy and full of excitement for you. Still, if you feel down and show no enthusiasm, you drag the day with no productivity.

We all should feel lucky to be here and be in a school where millions of children do not get to school. Yet, we come here daily with tidy clothes and enough money to buy ourselves food. We should be honored that our teachers are qualified from top-notch schools in this country, and they are the best at what they do. We do not just learn how to read and write; we learn how to live our lives here. We learn how to conduct ourselves in the world out there and live an exemplary life.

I hope that when you go to classes after this assembly, you may be buzzing with excitement to learn new things and have tons of fun while doing that. So you all may proceed to your classes now. Thank you.

Speech for Father’s Day


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Father’s Day Speech in School

Dear my students

As you all know today is father’s day. I want you all to enjoy this day as we have let you bring your fathers into school to spend the day with you to help them see what you go though in class, and to help you both to better bond with each other.

Hopefully today will be a good day as not only if your fathers with you but all of your teachers together have arranged a treasure hunt with each right question answered, and each activity completed as a pair you each have the ability to win something at the end of the day. So to each, and every one of you go have fun, and bond even I will be taking part with my son, and daughter.

Your principle

Speech for Father’s Day

There is no job in this world that is more difficult in the world than being a father. A father is a guardian for his children, a protector of his family, the rock that stands solid beneath the surface of his whole family. As long as I can remember for me the word father is a synonym for safety.

A hand over my head meant that he is always there for me no matter what , a little pat on the back meant that he believed in me when even I wasn’t so sure of myself, and when he looked at me with a polite smile meant he was proud of me no matter what anyone thinks.

Father’s efforts are usually overshadowed by a mother’s love as much as they both means the world to everyone, a father’s love do need to be recognized sometimes, and appreciated as well. On the behalf of all the society I want to say thank you to all the amazing fathers that keep on taking care of us every day, and all they expect from us is too stay safe, and be happy.

Sample of End of Project Speech


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Sample of End of Project Speech

Dear fellow students, colleagues, and respected teachers.
I, and my team members (Enter Student Names Here) have been working on the Virtual Barber project for six months now. I am happy, and proud to announce that we have now completed our project, and on the final phase which is testing by you, the users.
I would like to take this moment is explaining our startup project to you…Our project “Virtual Barber” is a software which you can install in your desktop computer, your mobile phone, and any of your android devices.

The virtual barber will help you choose your favorite hairstyle, the beard style that suits you, and whatever you think of having at a barber shop. What if I tell you, that you can now see yourself in the hairstyle you want, or the beard style you want even before you get it? You can actually take a picture of yourself through the front camera of your phone, or the web camera of your desktop computer, and fashion yourself up respectively.

You don’t need to worry about having a bad haircut, or a beard style now with the thought that “I knew this wouldn’t suit me” when you can now see yourself, or should I say a future version of yourself in your favorite hairstyle, and decide your fate yourself.

We have installed a few versions of our virtual barber in the university systems, and the android phones here in the hall as well. You can all use the phones, and the computers to test run the software, and provide us with your much needed feedback.

In the end I would like to thank all of my colleagues, my teachers who helped me, and my team at every part of our journey, and in making these projects a success. Last but not the least I would like to thank my team, my friends for helping me through the project. We plan on releasing an iOS version of our software as soon as we can.

You may now proceed for the testing phase of our software. Thank you for listening!

Speech for Students on Education


Sample speech on education for school students. Speech about education is the key to success.

Speech for Students on Education

My dear fellow students, teachers, and everyone siting in this hall today, my name is ——, and I’m here today to speak on the topic “Education”.

Education is made up of the word “To educate” which means to tell, to transfer knowledge. Knowledge is a very broad, and a much scoped word when I say it. By knowledge I don’t only mean your academics, by knowledge I mean everything you need to know today including academics.

Education is not limited up to your academia but also cover every other aspect of your lives. Being good in academics doesn’t make your literate but being a good person is what makes you literate.
Education is something that everyone needs to have, the poor, and the rich, the young, and the old, the women, and the men, education is not limited to anyone, and everyone has the right to be educated, and to be told what to do, when to do.

My dear students, consider yourselves among the lucky ones if you are subject to education, if your parents can afford your education, and can handle your academic expenses, a lot of people today even in the 21st century are unable to educate their children just because how schooling, college, and academics as a whole has just become a business. It is a shame to know how some people have snatched this right from others just for the sake of making this a business.
To survive in this growing, and this competitive world, education is something that needs to be addressed, and that needs to be handled carefully.  As I mentioned before about how education is not restricted to certain things, the making of a child to a man is based upon his / her education as well, that education can be your home education too.

Home education is a field of education that is as important as your academic education, children start their education from their homes, The manners to talk, to speak, to sit, to stand, to walk, to sit on the table, the manners to eat, your posture, and everything you can think of is a part of your daily education, and is a very important aspect of your brought up. I can’t even begin on talking how important education is, what is the first question they ask you whenever, or wherever you go for a job interview? All they ask is how qualified are you? Which means how many years of education have you completed?
Today being a qualified is a thing to be proud of, being qualified means that you are better than most people out there, and you know certain things that most people don’t which indirectly makes you better than them in certain aspects of life. Being qualified is not only necessary for you to get a livelihood but is also very important in the brought up, and upbringing of your future children.

I would like to end my speech by saying that the highly educated people today are all successful, and are all assets to their countries, and it is their rightful duty to pass this gift onto others below them , to educate them, and to show them what’s it like to be educated, and how to compete in this rising age.

Speech on Social Media is Going to Decline Social Values


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Speech on Social Media and its Impact on Social Values

Speaking ethically, values / social values are defined as the degree of importance of something, that something can be some action.

According to a UK based study, social values are impacted greatly because of our everyday deeds. This varies from time to time, and from thing to thing. I ask my audience today, how do you think the world around you affects your social values? Everyone here will have a different answer to my question but, what if I tell you, Gadgets you use every day are also a part of your contribution socially.

From media all the way to social media, the word has changed its form. Social media however is the elephant in the room no one mostly bothers to talk about. Social media has indeed taken over the world faster than a war would. You think an infection, or a plague spread is fast? You haven’t met social media then.

My point is that a lot of things today are being made up, focused especially to make your social life better. Mobile companies, and a lot of organizations that make up gadgets make sure that they are well optimized just to answer your need to use social media in time. It is quite clear from the aforementioned fact, that social media is a powerful yet a dangerous thing to be on. Why I used the word dangerous? It is because it is dangerous. You see you are being monitored all the time, Whatever you do, wherever you are it is being monitored. Your privacy is not your privacy anymore, and to me that is quite dangerous. However it is not the social media that I am against, I am against the way it is used.

Social values are affected greatly due to social media. When was the last time you went to your mother, sat close to her, and talked about how her day went? That’s right you don’t remember because you were too busy socializing with some people you probably won’t ever meet in your life. This can be changed through some very easy everyday practices, and you might have even tried to do it, But failed as your Facebook Status bar demands an everyday status.

Socializing every day, people have lost interest in their own lives, and gained more in how others are spending theirs. 10 years ago people used to exercise every day in the morning, however now you wake up in the morning, grab your smartphone, turn your Wi-Fi on, receive a lot of notifications , and spend at least 30 minutes more lying on the bed staring into a phone swiping up, and down.

I ask the audience today…Do we even know what is real, and what is not anymore? The life you’re spending on social media is basically a 50% virtual version of the real you solely made to impress unknowns. Where did we lose it? How did we come to this conclusion that I am standing here talking against the most viral trend of the past decade?

Social media has not only made us dummies to the internet but also has affected our health, and our social values altogether. Friends used to go out together, spend time together, come back with a lot of memories, and talk about it later. What now? Now you go out with your friends to a concert, and instead of enjoying the moment , you take out your phone , start filming what’s happening around you, and post it online just to see unknown people react, and comment on your activity. What’s the fun in the that? What you lost in that very moment was a bundle of memories watching your favorite singer performing for you.

Not just this , hearing my speech you yourself will go home, and think what you lost in the past week , how much time that could have been spent on something useful was spend on something you probably forgot the next hour.

People start comparing themselves to other people of the same sector, this grows a sense of complexity among them, and that’s when bizarre events start happening. A study shows that the sense of complexity alone in the US (Through a survey) states that people think their neighbor looks better in the pictures than them.

There is still time to come around, and fix what you lost. There is still time to think, and manage your life , see the people around you more often , Spend time with your families more than you already do. There is time, but what I am saying is useful only, and only if you’re willing to make a change yourself. Social media can be used for better purposes also, use it for that, and you’re on the list to making a change for the better.

I am going to make an end to this speech by saying that “Lets reverse the changes social media has made to us, you were born, and original, do not die a copy.”