Disability Certificate Format In Word for Free Download

Sample Disability Certificate Format is available for free download in ms word and ms excel. This sample disability certificate template is normally used to get government benefits for disabled children or persons and get jobs in the government sector or in multinational companies.

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Certificate of disability includes the type of disability and cause of disability as evidence with recommendations to perform jobs or any special tasks where the disability doesn’t matter or disturb the performance of a disabled person.

This certificate can be issued by govt departments on a simple letterhead or in printed certificate format. Doctors and Hospitals can also use this format to issue disability certificates or recommend the person get a disability certificate with this template.

Please check the text body of a disability certificate taken from a government document. Please copy and paste in word, excel, canva, or online editors like live documents or google document platforms and design according to your needs. Republishing this certificate is prohibited for more information, please check our terms of use.

Disability Certificate




DATED:—————-           REG. No. PCRDP:—————-



  1. Name: —————   2. Father’s Name: ——————
  2. Spouse: ———–   4. NIC/CNIC/NICOP No: —————
  3. Date of Birth: ————-    6. Type of Disability: ————–
  4. Qualification: ————–    8. Nature of Disability: ——————
  5. Cause of Disability: —————
  6. Permanent Address: —————————————————————————————————-
  7. Present Address: ——————————————————————————————————–
  8. Finding of the Board
    (i)       Fit to Work —–              (ii)      Not fit to work ——
  9. Recommendation of the Board

(i)     —————————————-

(ii)   —————————————-

(iii)   —————————————

Name: ————————————

Chairman, Assessment Board

Secretary PCRDP/D.G.S.W or

His Representative                              District: ————-

Disability Certificate Format
Disability Certificate Format

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