Complaint About Heavy Electricity Bill Problem

Format of complaint letter to government institution responsible for electricity about the pay bills to be way too high. The electricity does not come that often which means the voltage that are used is also limited so how come the bills are too pricey.

Complaint about Heavy Electricity Bill Problem

To: EBCOR Electric Ltd.
Houston, Texas
United States

I am writing a complaint in regards to the rising electricity bill. The electricity bill has been extremely high lately. I am a single mother with a few children, and I cannot handle such high prices.

I would specifically like to know if there is any kind of issue with my electricity meter, as I have been using the same amount of electricity as other months, and yet my bill is extremely higher.

I know that I have not been using more electricity than before, and I have not been using any power-consuming large electrical appliances. Therefore, I believe there is a problem with my electricity meter.
I ask that you send someone from EBCOR Electric to come, and inspect it as soon as possible so that I will not be overcharged again.


Eleanor Crawford
Dallas, Texas
United States

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