Complaint Letter against Electricity Theft

Write a complain letter to electric department of the robbery of electricity. With the prices of electricity increasing higher everyday this kind of theft is getting more common which is becoming an alarming situation for the citizens.

Letter against Electricity Theft


To manager of complaint department of WAPDA!

Mr. Mike!

I have been meaning to complaint about the excessive charges in our electricity bills from a few days now. I have tried calling your department but either your phone line is always busy, or if someone attends the call they keep the other person on hold so long that end the call is the only option left. I have been observing from the last three months that my electricity charges have increased drastically whereas my usage is pretty much the same.

That has happened with some other houses in my block as well which means someone is robbing our electricity which is a very serious crime. It is my humble request for you to find that culprit, and charge him with heavy fine, and some jail time so that no one ever dares to do the same again.

I really hope that you will look into my complaint, and will take a strong action against the criminal.


Complaint Letter against Electricity Theft

To the Electricity Department of Punjab;

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Block A, Johar town, and wrote this letter to inform you about the illegal act that is being done by people in neighborhood. Few months back while I was driving back from my office, I noticed that there were wires connected to the main electricity line from the middle which was definitely odd. I was ignorant of this in the beginning thinking that maybe I am being delusional.

Anyway, last week I tried to figure out that where was the other end of wire connected, and was shocked to discover that it was further linked to small wires which were headed to some houses. I put two, and two together, and knew that the residents of those houses were stealing electricity. In the beginning, I ignored it but thoughts would not just leave my head that how unfair it is to other people, and as a citizen, it is my responsibility to report this unfair act to the authorities.

You can contact me for any further details, or confirmation. I hope you look into it, and take very strict action against them.

Yours Sincerely;

Ali Haider

Contact ____

Address _________

Complaint Letter against Electricity Theft

To: Supervisor, Dallas Electric Ltd.  Office #243
Dallas, TX, United States

I am one of the new employees who have begun working at Dallas Electric as a meter checker. Since I have started this job, I have noticed electricity theft mostly in the older homes, as they have old meters installed.
These dated meters do not have modern anti-tamper protection, and therefore it is easy to change the electricity units, and provide an inaccurate measurement.

I advise the management to look into these crimes, and provide all the old homes with new electric meters.

Trevor McCoy
Employee at Dallas Electric, TX, USA

Complaint Letter against Electricity Theft

 Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter to complain to you about the electricity theft situation happening in my neighborhood. Yesterday, I was walking outside my house, and noticed some extra wires attached to my house’s electricity meter. I did not completely understand the situation, and so I checked other meter’s to see if they had such wires attached to them as well. None of the meter’s had such wires attached except mine, and this deeply worried me. I followed the wires to see where they where they were coming from, and upon my inquiry I found out they were attached to the house behind mine. That is when my brain clicked, and I realized that they are stealing electricity, and this is the reason why I am getting such expensive electricity bills even though I am not home the whole day. I am very upset with this situation, and urge you to help me with it.

I hope you will look into this theft complaint, and resolve the issue soon. For further inquiries you may contact me at the number given below.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Complaint letter against electricity theft



To The chairman,

It is stated that I (Name) resident of (Area) is living here for 4 years. The amount of bill from past few months is beyond our expectations. I have been paying bill for past 3 months but this time I was shocked to see bill which was 35000 more than usual. It’s unbelievable so I checked the amount of units used. My doubt was right. The units were mentioned more than we used. Our new neighbors have a suspicious behavior. They do not turn their street lights even during the day time. We have seen them wasting electricity a couple of times. I have a doubt that they have connected their main electricity wire in our meter. I request you to send someone from your head office to look forward to this issue.

Kindly look forward to my request as soon as possible so I have not to pay additional bill which I have been paying from last 3 months. I shall be grateful to you.



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  1. My area goons and criminals were stealing electric from my meter box, how can I complain to crack about this

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