Complaint Letter for Rude Customer Service

Format of complaint letter to send to a restaurant, company, outlet if anyone from their customer service has behaved rudely with you. This template will help you write a good complaint letter that will tell the inconvenience you had to face.

Sample Complaint Letter for Rude Customer Service

To: McDonalds Canada
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

I am writing in regards to the extremely poor customer service I had received during my visit to the Terrace Hills location of McDonalds in Brockville on the 9th of October.

I had ordered a Happy Meal for my two children, and I noticed that there were no toys included inside. The reason I specifically go to McDonalds is because of the toys in the Happy Meals that my children love.

I politely asked the workers about the missing toys, and they said that they had run out of them. I then asked for a refund, because I was not informed before about this.  I deemed this to be a reasonable request. However, the workers said it was not their problem, and they told me to speak to the manager on duty. I then spoke to the manager who was very rude, and told me to simply order from another McDonald’s location, and that there was no reason for a refund over such a small amount of money.

I am not filing this complaint over the money, rather I am complaining about the service. I am appalled at this behavior from the manager, and workers, and I am disappointed that I was not informed beforehand that they had run out of toys.

I request that you take disciplinary action against the workers, and manager of this location.

Carol Crisfield
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Sample Complaint Letter Rude Customer Service

 To the Delivery Service,


I send this letter to file a complaint on the behalf of High Tech Communication Company as their manager. Yesterday, due to a delay in delivery service which was ordered by our company, one of the employees called the helpline which was given on the confirmation slip while we placed order.

According to the employee, the person who was talking on the other side was not helpful at all, and got really rude after a while. In addition to this the language he used was also not appropriate. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. Such kind of behavior with anyone working in our company will not be tolerated under any circumstances so please look into the matter, and make sure that such incident does not happen again. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor


High Tech Communication

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