Complaint Letter to Police Station Against Wife

Sample letter to police against wife, in-laws for harassment, harassing children after a dispute, quarrel between husband and wife because of any dispute. Before submitting any of the below applications to the police, please discuss with an attorney.

Please consult with a lawyer before submitting such legal applications because these applications later can become part of your court cases. Therefore, it is much better to get this application approved by the lawyer or the console.

Complaint Letter to Police Station Against Wife

Dear Sir,

I’m writing an application to complain about my wife’s attitude towards my kids that she’s planning to kill them, as she is doing unusual acts at home. And I’m afraid of her behavior and suspicious activities. So please give me and my kid’s security, or arrest her on behalf of my complaint.

Please do it as soon as possible.


Your Name

Complaint to Police Against Wife for Suspicious Activities

Police Station,

Dear SHO,

My wife is causing a lot of problems in the house, and she has also called some suspicious people. They come around the house every day and try to stop me twice. They also come to my house in my absence.

Therefore, I request you to arrest my wife immediately and interrogate her along with suspicious people. And this problem should be solved forever before any other loss or damage to my life.

I will be thankful to you.


Your Name and Address

Complaint to Police against Wife for Her Sexual Relationship with non-mem

Dear Police Officer,

My wife has relationships with non-men. And they come to my house in my absence. So I suspect my wife is having an affair with him. Because the number of condoms in the place also decreases day by day. And my wife’s attitude towards me is not good either.

I suspect that in the coming days, my wife is planning to harm me along with these non-men. Nowadays, she ignores me at all, and her behavior is suspicious. Therefore, you are requested to take immediate action so that no harm is done. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name & Address

Complaint Against Wife for Steeling Gold Ornaments

Dear Police Officer,

My wife has not been well at home for some time, and her parents have been giving her bad advice. She also stole 1250 grams of gold ornaments from my mother’s locker in the house yesterday. And she said that she did not even know. But later, keys of the locker and about 20 grams of gold were found in her bag (she packed to leave my house).

When asked, she started threatening me, and she is in touch with her parents and is planning a big conspiracy against me. I am sure she did all on the advice of her parents. Therefore, you are requested to immediately arrest her and question her parents to avoid further problems and gold recovery. I will be thankful to you.


Your name and Address

Complain Against Wife Who Ran from Home with Her Boyfriend

Dear Police Officer,

My wife ran away from home with her boyfriend. She had been doing suspicious things for a few days and did not answer any questions on asking what was wrong with her. She also took $20,000 in cash and 5 grams of gold and some valuables from the house. So I request you to find her and recover my valuables and stolen goods. Thanks.

Sincerely Yours

Your Name and Address

Application to Police Station Against Your Wife

Dear Sir,

I want you to register FIR against my wife after her recent threats to me and my family members for killing with the help of her brother and friends. She has also made recent calls to unknowns and asked them for help.

I think she is not mentally well because she regularly tortures my kids on petty issues and does not perform her part in happy family life. Therefore, I request you to please register my report and immediately investigate the matter before any loss or dangerous act.

We have been married for ten years and have two boys(mention ages) and two girls (mentioned ages). We are all in danger during her presence at my home. I am waiting for your quick response and action. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name & Address

Letter to Police Against wife

Dear SHO,

The reason to write this is for my life safety, including my kids and my mother. So far, my wife has given four complaints about me in the police station and women’s cell charges demanding dowry, mental, physical, and sexual harassment. But none of them proved anytime, but she spooled my image in relations and neighbors.

She all the time demands me for divorce, but she doesn’t file herself. I don’t want to lose my kids. In front of me, she only abused them, beat them without any reason. She tried to kill me three times, and I am not sure next time I will be alive or not. I would need help file complaints against her and her family members if anything happened to my mother or kids. She and her family members will be responsible. She is torturing me mentally and physically.

Would you please take necessary actions as per law?


Your name

Complaint Letter to Police Against Wife

The Police Station,

My wife and I have been having problems since the start of our marriage two years ago. We thought that having children might change things between us, but alas, it was of no use now. I have two beautiful daughters now who are afraid of their very own mother.

Last week when I was on a vacation, I had to leave my daughters alone with their mother; however, when I came back, I found bruise marks all over my elder daughters body, and upon inspecting, she told me that her mother had beat her with an anonymous object she don’t remember what.

When I talked to my wife about this, she refused and said that she had no business with my daughters, and she had not done it. I trust my daughter as she has no reason to lie to me. Thus, I would request you to take strict actions against my wife kindly. I have already filed a divorce and have a court hearing soon, but until then, I would request you to kindly charge her with “Child Abuse” and punish her according to the law.

Thanking you,
Your Name & Address

Complaint to Police Against Wife for Suspicious Activities

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3 thoughts on “Complaint Letter to Police Station Against Wife”

  1. Complain against my wife, harassment me mentally and physically, stole gold ornaments and money, threats for suside.

  2. Hi Sir,

    I want to know why Indian law is made only to support women…….Why our law says only women are harassed in India. There are so many men like me who are harassed by such cheap women but struggling to get justice. Why our law takes its own time to give us justice….. By such process there are people like me who are so helpless who has only one option left to kill themselves or kill the family who is harassing and spoiling our lives. I would request to go through my painful story and tell me how to get justice

    This is letter to say “what I want now”. Couldn’t get a good married life, now I want a good future. I want my daughter to be with me to see and live a beautiful life rather than being a victim of our bad marriage

    It’s a fight I want or I am doing it only for my daughter who is also a part of my life and “very important part”.

    I want to move on in my life with her not without her. So would like to tell people what I have gone through and need support to come out from this issue and want to move ahead with my daughter with me.

    By writing all these I want to expose Rahmi and her Family how they have harassed me, my family. So it should be a lesson to all those kind of parents and the woman who should not do or attempt to do such kind of damage to any body’s life and misused the Indian women’s law.

    I got married in 20 Dec 20xx and just after 7 days of marriage I came to know that she was pregnant with someone else, it was just shocking for me then I asked her to go back home but she said I will not go back home but I will abort the child and if you tell my parents then I will commit suicide there was no option left with me so I accepted her, that was the blunder I committed even when I asked her why you got married to me if you were into relationship with someone else then she said my parent did my marriage forcefully. On 3rd Jan 20xx we went to Australia and there she aborted child in Woman & Children Hospital (which I have a proof).
    Even after marriage no physical contact established between us for long as she refused initially.
    I felt after aborting everything will be all right. I forgive her and was expecting my marriage life should go smoothly and happily. But things became worse and worse.
    Her parents were just diffusing her mind with all the negative thoughts and their main aim was to extract money from me and they always withdraw money from Rahmi’s account in which I always deposit for saving purpose but they used my all money which I deposited in her account.
    With her behavior I always had a feel that she was mentally unstable, still I managed with her and tried my level best to make a peaceful married life, though she had never shown any kind of interest in taking care of house or of me as a husband.
    When we came back to Pune in 20xx, she never had shown any interest in taking care of house .The house used to be taken care by house help, still her parents used to interfere in all our family matters and with only one intension to grab money from me.
    With that fear factor I never attempted to buy a house, as I always used to feel they will snatch the property from me.
    It was not only her parents who had misused me and my money. I was the victim by her brother also. Her brother had killed a man by driving without license and to curb the case they had taken money from Rahmi’s account without my knowledge.
    Her parents used to asked Rahmi to pay their bills by using my card and she paid their bills several times without asking me.
    Her parents used to come to my place and used to flicked things from my house without my knowledge. Being a parents they used to take things from daughter’s house without any shame.
    She was least interested in my family members and she never wanted me to have a good relationship with my family member’s.
    The worse thing was happened, when they got my daughter’s surgery done without my knowledge. My daughter had a birth problem of ankylosed tongue, I had consulted several doctors regarding this, but as per doctor’s suggestion this surgery supposed to be done after 4yrs of age to avoid any side effects of anesthesia which would have impact her brain development. As it was not an issue in verbal communication, so as per doctor’s advice I had thought to get this surgery done after her 4yrs of age completion, but Rahmi and her parents got this surgery done at age of 2.5yrs without consulting me.
    When I was in UK her parents come to my home and they have taken all the gold, diamond, silver and all expensive items (most of the gold items are given to me by my family) with them. Also they had taken my daughter with them by spoiling her half year study.

    During my stay in UK for daily expenses I had given my ATM card to her to avoid facing any kind of financial issue, where as she used to withdraw money frequently and used to give it to her family, when I used to ask her the reason, she never used to share the reason of these withdrawal, so forcefully in Apr’15 I had to block my card.

    In April 2015 when I came back to India I requested Rahmi and her family several times to allow me to meet my daughter , they never allowed me to meet my daughter not even allowed her to talk to me over on phone.

    Rahmi’s parents and her brother threatened me to kill if I will try to meet my daughter. Then I tried to go to their place again along with few of my relatives to request to allow me to meet my daughter and to close this separation process ass a mutual divorce, but they asked me to give us Rs.20 Lkhs, then we will allow you to meet your daughter ….. What kind of justice is this that to meet my own daughter I have pay Rs 20 Lkhs.

    Now I am fighting for divorce in Pune court which is going from last 1+ years but I am unable to see any conclusion, as I have been getting only dates no action is being taken by court, by buying this time its only me and my daughter who are suffering and I am getting mentally harassed by all these things, which is impacting my, my family and my career.
    Apart from all the above things which I have gone through, there are so many other things which I have faced but cannot write down here.

    I am hoping and believing our Indian justice will consider this as a strong reason to give my daughter’s custody and give a end to this divorce process. So that I can live a peaceful life.

    With my current mental state I am feeling completely helpless and harassed by a lady and which is making me weak and pushing me to commit suicide

    With such influencing parents I feel my daughter’s future is not safe there, so to secure her future and give her a better life I need my daughter’s custody.

    I need justice for myself and for “MY DAUGHTER “. By doing this I am sure we can save life of so many such helpless kids and helpless FATHER.


    Her Details:

    1. Hi you can Consult National Legal Services Authority of India (NALSA) find the near center in your area.
      they help speedy resolution of cases.

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