Formal Complaint Letter Against a Co-worker

This letter can be used by any employee working in hostel, company, or office, or any other possible place. It can be used to file a complaint against your co-worker, or any member of the administration, or staff. When contacting your respective authority, provide your full name, the date the incident that took place along with any proof. You need to modify this sample according to your needs, and the kind of complaints you are filing.

Complaint letter against a co-worker who has been having unethical approach

The Officer (mention her name)

Name of the office (or Branch name)



I am writing this letter to bring in your notice a conflict between me, and (name of the person)working in the sales department. There have been several incidents over the last few days, and I feel that it is time to report a formal complaint against him/her.

On (mention the date), I, and Mr (mention name) had an argument over his habit that we all (complete staff) has been ignoring since a while now. He has this bad habit of poking his nose in other people’s personal affairs, and not only that he passes comments on everyone. We have been tolerating it but now it is getting out of hands. He did that to a customer, who fortunately did not hear it. However, on the above mentioned date, I confronted him, and told him that his this habit makes everyone working with him feel uncomfortable, and not only that, it also is very unethical. However, he got offended, and started being very offensive.

His unethical behavior is not only limited to this but also he has this bad habit of getting into people’s cabins without their consent. He not only uses their personal computers but also their personal belongings. He has also been reported to have changed the data in computers, and to have stolen food and money. He also tries to be in the highlight by mentioning his name at many of the works that others do, and tried to get into good books of the heads by using wrong means.

You can ask about his such unethical behavior from anyone. As I feel that I am a loyal, and hardworking employee, I feel concerned about the situation as it affects me as well as others due to the ordeal created by that person. It has caused troubles to many workers and has made are home like office an uncomfortable place to work in.I would like you to resolve this issue as soon as possible, and request you to understand my situation, and take appropriate action.


Name of Employee

Employee code

Position in Company

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