Letter for Theft of Material to Manager

Letter to inform about the theft/robbery of material/equipment/items etc. to the manager.

Letter for Theft of Material to Manager

Dear manager

I am writing to you because I have to report a theft. Over the last few days, I have been covering for you. I have been doing the inventory and managing the equipment and materials. Now I’m sorry that I didn’t notice it sooner, but I didn’t think anything of it as it was a very small quantity. The first time I noticed that there was some fabric missing, or at least not accounted for. And then yesterday there was some thread missing, or not accounted for, and today there are scissors and a sewing machine missing.

I am very sorry that I didn’t report it sooner, but I just didn’t think that it was a big problem and that the material would show up for the first few days. I hope that you understand and that I also hope that you catch the thief in our team. I am very hurt that someone in our team is stealing from us, seeing as we all look out for one another and are all close. I will see you on Monday.

Kind regards

Mr. Frank Martin

Letter for Theft of Material to Manager

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I’ve received a complaint about the theft of some material of Miss Bella Michael from her cabin, this is so sad to hear that you are not managing the office properly. Please take some action against it, as this is an unbearable act whoever done this . Find out, and ask from security guards as well about it.


Anna John

Letter for Theft of Material

The manager,
ABC supplies

Dear Sir,

I am writing this with great concern about our supplies being stolen from the store. Recently, I have noticed that materials are missing from the store. Furthermore, no employee has logged any permission to use said material, which urges me to believe that someone is stealing materials from our company.

I am requesting you to look into the matter and provide us with missing materials so that we can continue our work.

Yours sincerely

Shift in-charge
Kanye Brown

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