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I am father of two growing baby girls, living in a small flat and doing job since 10 years but after struggling hard I couldn’t manage to make my own home because of low salary, flat rent, utilities and family expenses. I have two baby girls and try to make my own home since years.

I manage to save $10,000 USD but increasing property prices has become big hurdle to buy a small piece of land to construct a small home where I can live happily with my baby girls. Because now living in flat with two baby girls is becoming insecure due to outdated building and insecure area.

I need $10,000 USD more to buy a piece of land and start construction of the house which may take 18 months more get shifted in that home. But with $25,000 USD I can buy a small home where I can shift immediately with my baby girls.

I request you to please contribute for my home as much as you can. I will ask my babies to pray for blessings on you and your family. I am sure you will get much more in return from the God.

Special Appeal to UK residents:

If you are from UK. I request you to lend me USD $25,000 or equivalent in GBP and I will return this amount in monthly instalments from 250 GBP to 500 GBP. This offer is for everyone who can receive amount in UK banks only.

If you need any further details please email at

Thanks for your time and I really appreciate your kind contribution.

Stay Blessed and Make your Contribution Now

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