Request Letter for Photography Exhibition

Format of proposal letter to send to principal and telling them how beneficial it would be to arrange a photography exhibition as it will give students a chance to showcase their talent.

Letter Requesting for Photography Exhibition

Dear school principle,

I am writing to you because I would like to make a request. I would like to organize a photography exhibition. This is because I would like this to count as half of my final grade at the end of the year. It will hold my all of photos that I have taken and underneath each photo I will explain briefly what it is and how I see the photo in between the lines. This will also give the school a great opportunity for the other students to show their potential at seeing what they can do with a camera.

I would also like it if we invited some photo critics this will help the school get a good reputation. I hope that you can grant me this request and I look forward to hearing back your response.

Kind regards,

Mr. Karl Fox

Request Letter for Photography Exhibition


The photography club has always been a pioneer in winning prizes for this college. Our team has achieved many titles on national level. With your kind approval, the club is now planning to arrange a photography exhibition.

Our talented students have won the first prizes in two consecutive National Photography Exhibitions. This year the club wants to organize the exhibition in our own campus. It is our achievement that our request has already been approved by the National Committee of Fine Arts. However, the society needs final approval from the principle.

Sir, this exhibition will be an achievement for our college. This will encourage our students and make our society nationally renowned. Talented students from across the country will come to our college. It will be a lucrative exhibition as it will bring huge media coverage and good repute to the college.

The students are very hopeful to get a positive response from your side.

Kindly approve our proposal.


Request Letter for Photography Exhibition

To: The Official Boston Photography Exhibition Expo
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

I am writing this letter in regards to the annual Boston Photography Exhibition that will be taking place later this year. I am a professional photographer and I believe my photos are worthy of being in the exhibition.

I am attaching a couple samples in this letter, and I hope that they are up to the standard. If I am approved, I will send more of my work.

Thank you,
Herbert Lepage
3781 Beech Street
Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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