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  • The Equality of Children: Embracing Gender Neutrality

    In contemporary society, it is essential to recognize that gender equality extends beyond mere rhetoric. Rather than debating the superiority of one gender over another, it is imperative to focus on creating a society where every child, irrespective of their gender, can thrive. Instead of perpetuating the notion of superiority, it is crucial to foster…

  • Write An Essay to Suggest Ways to Promote Creativity at School

    Do you want to write an essay to promote creativity at school? We are providing you with a template essay that can be customized as per your needs. Original Query by Our Visitor at Creativity is considered an essential factor to spur development in all aspects of life. In about 250 words, write an…

  • Misuse of Mobile Phones by Students

    Sample essay on misuses of mobiles phones by students in schools, colleges, universities etc. This is an essay about the good, and bad of mobile phone, and how people have miss-used them over time in the modern age. I’m going to give some examples when phones have had an effect on people especially in the…

  • Misuse of Mobile Phones Essay in English

    Misuse of Mobile Phone In the fast pace of 21st century, technology is the part of everyone’s life. Things have become much more convenient. In the past, people faced many problems to perform simple calculation, and day to day task but with the invention of mobile phone everything is just one tap away. The world…

  • Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in School Essay

    Sample essay on disadvantages, and misuses of mobile phones in school, college, university, or tuition centers. Detailed Misuse of Mobile Phones Essay Mobile phones are something you will see everywhere today, among children, senior citizens, laborers, workers of every kind. Mobile phones went viral faster than any other plague in the history of this world.…

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  1. Creativity is considered an essential factor to spur development in all aspects of life. In about 250 words, write an essay to suggest ways to promote creativity at school.
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