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  • Essay on My Favorite Teacher for High School Student.

    Sample Essay on My Favorite Teacher by a high school student who feels passionate about their art teacher who helped them love and appreciates art. Please DO NOT COPY this essay as that will result in strict action due to plagiarism issues. My Favorite Teacher Teachers are the guiding figures of a person’s life. They … Continue reading “Essay on My Favorite Teacher for High School Student.”

  • Essay on Women Disparity for Students

    This Essay can be used as a speech as an essay, as an awareness speech, as something to draw attention towards stereotypical views of the society, or anything else like that. It can also be used to bring into consideration a lot of things. You can modify this sample according to your needs, and circumstances. … Continue reading “Essay on Women Disparity for Students”

  • Essay on Should Music be made Compulsory in schools

    This essay can be used as a debate, or a speech, or an essay. All the research that is used is cited at the end of the essay. YOU NEED TO GIVE CREDIT TO THE PEOPLE. ANYTHING PICKED FROM INSIDE COMMAS HAS TO BE PICKED ALONG WITH THE AUTHORS NAME AND CITATION. Any such material … Continue reading “Essay on Should Music be made Compulsory in schools”

  • Personal Statement for University Applications

    Personal Statements can be both emotional, and practical. Depending on what you prefer to write ,you can build your personal statements for university applications in any shape, or format. Use the samples to get an idea regarding what a personal statement should be like.This kind of personal statement can be used for college, university, and … Continue reading “Personal Statement for University Applications”

  • Essay on Student Life for Students

    An essay on how amazing is our student life, and one should never take that time for granted, and should always make the best use out of it. Student Life Essay Essay on student life Student life is a life of care free as well as responsibility free days. The only thing that creates burden … Continue reading “Essay on Student Life for Students”

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