Essay on My Favorite Teacher for High School Student.

Sample Essay on My Favorite Teacher by a high school student who feels passionate regarding his/her art teacher who helped him/her in loving and appreciating art.

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My Favorite Teacher

Teachers are the guiding figures of a person’s life. They are not just role models for their students but also a source of inspiration and motivation. They play an important part in not just improving the students regarding their knowledge about certain things but they also help in establishing a sense of responsibility and accountability.

For me, my favorite teacher has been and will always be my arts instructor, Miss_____. From a very young age I had never like arts. It made my shoulders hurt. My hand would cramp up because of the hard work and I would not find the peace and solace most of my co students did when they completed their art pieces. Miss ___ ,however, changed my perspective about arts altogether. She made me realize the creativity and the imagery behind all what seems to be just a few smears of paint from left to right. Her descriptions of each work piece captivated me to such regard that slowly and slowly I also became an art lover ,just like her.

Today, I stand in front of a canvas and the first thing that come to my mind is my teacher’s words, ” A famous person once said ‘Creativity Takes Courage’,hence I want you be courageous and adventurous”. Such simple words convey a huge message. I have found my inner peace using the same words. I put in much effort in every piece I worked on. I would convey the same message to anyone who was finding it hard to paint and sketch. My favorite teacher was not just an art instructor, she was an activist putting in her best to encourage her students. She taught me to respect others and their work, even if I found their work hideous. Her theory behind this was that everyone puts their best for what they believe in ,hence we must believe in them to make sure they find their inner peace too.

I thank her for all she did for me.

Please DO NOT COPY this essay as that will result in strict action due to plagiarism issues

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