Experience Letter for Special Person or Person with Disabilities

It is better if you avoid using the word disabilities for persons with special needs. You can call it a person with different abilities.

Sample experience letter for a special person, special child, special volunteer, special trainee, special trainer, or with any other special needs. Experience Letter for Disabled Person or person with a disability is available for download.

In an experience letter or certificate for a person or child with special needs. You can mention the capabilities in detail, work efficiency, skills, and weaknesses to help the next employer to understand and analyze easily.

Whatever you write, keep their emotions in consideration and always be polite and soft with them. Keep them happy and motivated.

The below letter is a good example template to write your experience letter for a special person, a person with special needs, from the united states.

If you are a school for persons with disabilities, then you need to write a detailed recommendation letter for a person with disabilities including all the skills, weaknesses, medical issues, strengths, physical abilities, and needed work environment.

Experience Letter for Volunteer Work (By Person with Special Needs)

To Whom It May Concern

“Name of Person” has been volunteering at our agency for three months. He enjoys organizing bookshelves and can do so by color, shape, and binding style. He has also helped with mass mailings and can fold, stuff, and tape envelopes/staple envelopes. He can follow multi-step directions. Further, he is also able to use a paper shredder but may require some supervision to prevent paper jams.

“Name of Person” takes pride in his work and enjoys helping others. I am confident that he will make a personable volunteer wherever he chooses.

“Authority Name”,

Social Worker
Holly Center

Experience Letter for Person with Disability, or person with special needs

If you are looking for a new or different letter, please let us know in the comments. We can write a custom letter as per your needs.

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