Sample Experience Letter for Nurses

Comment: I am a nurse. I want an experience letter.

Below we are providing your required nursing experience letter and staff nursing experience certificate sample format as per your requirements. Please feel free to ask for any changes or improvements. In the future, we will also provide a work experience certificate sample for staff nurses.

Sample Experience Certificate for Nurses

Letter Of Experience

Letter No.: XAD-01

Date: 5-16-(Date)

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Mrs. Linda, Passport no. XCSGF has been functioning in the Royal Hospital as a head nurse since 16-2-15. The main duties she is responsible for under this position are:

  • Maintaining the medical and diet records of patients under medical supervision in duty wards.
  • Make sure the timely observations of the patient’s biomedical readings.
  • Coordination with purchase staff and scheduling of nursing staff in ICU/CCU wards.
  • Making urgent preparation to tackle emergencies.
  • Coordination with the On Duty doctor and shift staff for smooth routine operations in the hospital.
  • She has been witnessed as completely compliant with her duties with a positive attitude during her tenure.

Managing Director

Royal Hospital

Experience Letter for a Nurse

To Whom It May Concern,

We are pleased to verify that Miss Maria has been working for this hospital for three years, from 1st April ___ to 30th March ____ in the acute patient care department. Her duties included maintaining records of admission and discharge of patients, assessing patients’ medical data, and assisting senior doctors in surgical operations.

During her tenure here, her conduct has been exceptional. She is a dedicated, hardworking, and self-motivated employee and an avid member of our team. She has in-depth knowledge of her profession and has proved that she can work under pressure in a fast-paced dynamic environment. She will surely prove an asset to the team that she joins. We wish her the best of luck in her future appointments.

Dr. Smith

Managing Director

Care Hospital

Application for Experience Letter by Nurse

The Administration

(Hospital name)


Subject: Application for experience letter

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I have been working here for the last five years, and now I want to move my work to another hospital, but before leaving, I want to reward my services in the form of an experience letter on behalf of my services.

I shall be very thankful for this act of kindness.

Yours Obediently,

Name of Applicant

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  1. Sir, I am working as a sanitary inspector in a hospital voluntarily. Actually, I did in health sanitary inspector … I need an experince certificate …..kindly plz you make a sample of it for me…I shall be very thankful to you

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