Gate Pass Format For Goods Sample Free Download

Need a Gate Pass? Sample gate pass format for factories, production units, textile mills, offices, schools, organizations, and companies is available for free download in Excel, pdf, and Word formats. Gate Pass is a compulsory document for companies, factories, and offices to bring goods in and take goods out of the premises.

Four gate passes templates available and can be used within the factory or office as internal gate passes, outside to move goods/items, and transport gate passes for vehicles.

Some well-known gate pass terms are inward gate pass and outward gate pass, which are normally used in production units and warehouses. Please let us know if you need a new one in the comments form.

Sample 1: Material Gate Pass Format

We are adding a New Format of Gate pass for ERP Sofware of the Company.

Gate pass format in excel for companies and businesses
Gate pass format in excel for companies and businesses

Download the Gate Formats from the Below Links:

Gate Pass Format in PDF for Free Download

Inward, Outward Gate Pass Format for Companies, ERP, etc in MS Excel File

Gate Pass Format in MS Word Free Download 

Sample 2: Gate Pass Format for Incoming & Outgoing Items

Internal Gate Pass

Company Name & Logo

Sr.# _______

Mr/Ms. _______________ E.Code: ______ Deptt: _______ Date: _________

Allowed to take the following items/articles Out/In Form: ______ To: ______

Sr.#Item CodeDescriptionUnit QuantityRemarks

Note: This gate pass used only for internal purposes

Prepared By Received By Head of Department


Security Incharge

Sample 3: Gate Pass for Vehicles with Meter Reading

Company Name & Logo

Traveling/Transport Gate Pass

Date: ____________

Name: __________ Department: __________ Places to Go:___________ Druation(Aprox): _____________ Signature: _______________
Vehical No: _____________ Driver: ____________ Senior Manager Admin: __________
Meter Reading at Departure: __________ Time Out: ____________ Meter Reading at Teturn: ____________ Time In: ____________ Distance Covered: ____________ Sign Driver: ____________

Sample 4: Gate pass Sample for Employees to Brings Items in and take out

Sample gate pass format for ERP software of companies
Sample gate pass format for ERP software of companies

Gate Pass for Regular Items

Internal Gate Pass Free Download

Transport Gate Pass Free Download

Sample Gatepass Format for Goods

[Your Company/Institution Name] [Address] [City, State, ZIP Code] [Phone Number] [Email Address] [Website (if applicable)]


[Date: ____________]

Gate Pass No.: _______ Valid Until: [Date: _______]

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

This is to certify that the following goods have been approved for exit from our premises, subject to the conditions mentioned below:

1. Consignee Details:

  • Name: _____________________
  • Company/Organization (if applicable): _______________
  • Address: _________________________________
  • Contact Number: ___________________________

2. Description of Goods:

  • Item 1: _____________________________
    • Quantity: _______________
    • Serial/Model Number (if applicable): _______________
  • Item 2: ________________________________
    • Quantity: _______________
    • Serial/Model Number (if applicable): _________________

[Add more items if necessary]

3. Purpose of Exit: [Specify the reason for the goods’ exit, e.g., shipment, repair, exhibition, etc.]

4. Date and Time of Exit:

  • Date: ________________
  • Time: ________________

5. Authorized Personnel:

  • Name: _________________________
  • Designation: ______________________
  • Signature: _______________________

6. Conditions:

  • The gate pass is non-transferable and valid only for the specified consignee and purpose.
  • The goods must be accompanied by this gate pass throughout the exit process.
  • Any damages or discrepancies in the goods’ quantity or condition must be reported immediately.
  • The goods must be returned to our premises by the specified “Valid Until” date if not permanently removed.
  • Our company reserves the right to inspect the goods upon their return.
  • The gate pass is subject to cancellation or revocation at our discretion.

7. Additional Notes (if any): [Include any specific instructions or notes relevant to this gate pass]

By signing below, the consignee acknowledges receipt of the goods and agrees to comply with the conditions mentioned above.

Consignee Signature: ___________ Date: ___________

Authorized Personnel Signature: __________ Date: __________

Issuing Authority Signature: ___________ Date: ___________

Note: This gate pass is a legal document. Unauthorized duplication, alteration, or misuse is strictly prohibited, and offenders may be subject to legal actions.

Thank you for your cooperation.


[Your Name] [Designation] [Your Company/Institution Name]

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