Application for Duplicate Leaving Certificate from School

Sample application for issuance of duplicate school leaving certificate to the headmaster of the school in the private sector, or government sector. A school leaving certificate is a compulsory document to provide for admission when you change your school or college. This certificate verifies that you were the student at your previous school of a particular class with your date of birth, and clearance of dues with passing classes, and grades.

Application for Duplicate Leaving Certificate in English

Dear Principal,

I want to request a duplicate copy of my school leaving certificate for my next admission. (use next sentence if you want to mention the reason like loss) The first copy was misplaced and I want a second copy immediately. I will be grateful for your cooperation.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter for Duplication School Leave Certificate for Next Admission

The Admission Office

Subject: Issuance of a duplicate school leaving certificate

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I’ve lost my original school leaving certificate at the campus cafeteria yesterday. I came to look for it today but couldn’t find it. It is my humble request to you to kindly cancel the validity of my original document if found, and kindly issue me a duplicate school leaving certificate so that I can use it for my admission process ahead. I shall be very grateful to you for this kind favor.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Obediently,

Your Name

Application for Duplicate School Leaving Certificate

Respected Headmaster,

I am (Your Name), recently passed my 5th class with roll number 14 from this primary school. For further studies, my parents want to send me to Lahore in class 6th. Previously I got the school leaving certificate but unfortunately, I lost it somewhere during the travel. I request you to please issue me a new, or duplicate school leaving certificate for my admission to the new school as soon as possible.

I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,

Your Name

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