Application To Bank In Order To Change The Signatures

Application letter to bank branch manager to change the signature for your account, your company account, or shareholder account for further transactions.

Application to Change my Signature in Bank


The manager, JS bank, US

Respected sir,

I would like to bring it to your knowledge that due to some security issues I have changed my signature on my ID, and I would also like to change my signature for my bank account, I have submitted all the required documents along with this application. Please consider it, and give me a time slot to see you, and perform all the formalities at the bank. Please process my request on urgent basis as my 3 accounts are running in your bank, and I have to draw money on weekly basis, looking forward for your response. Thanks.


Mr. John bannet, LA

Application for Signature Change in Bank Account

Respected Bank Manager,

I want to say that I have been the customer of your bank for 6 years. At the time I opened my account in your bank all the procedure was very simple, and terms, and conditions were easy to agree upon. The conditions, and affairs of the banks were also clean, and transparent. I had to sign an agreement for opening of new account in this bank, and the format of the signatures used at that time was very simple. As you know the fraud attempts in banking business has increased to a great extent. I fear that someday anyone can take away cash from my account by copying my signatures. Therefore keeping in view this scenario, you are requested to allow me to come someday, and change my signature.

I hope that you’ll spare some moments out of your busy life, and grant me the permission to change my signatures. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Thank you,

Saqib Sultan

Sample Letter to Change Signatures on Bank Account

Dear Branch Manager,

This application is to request a change in signature. In the last two months many transactions  had been cancelled due to non verification of my sign. It was due to my fault because I was unable to reproduce the same sign that I had given to the bank. So I have decided to change my sign to save me from any other problems in future. I request the bank to change my present sign to the sign I am sending with this letter.



Signatures Old:

Signatures New:

Sincerely Yours,

Shabbir Malik

Application To Bank In Order To Change The Signatures
Application To Bank In Order To Change The Signatures

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