Letter for Adding Name in Bank Account

How to write an application for adding name, or your spouse, family member, son, daughter etc in bank account, or bank locker. Write an application to your bank manager to my account to add my wife.

Application for Adding Name in Bank Account


Letter for Addition Name in Bank Account

The Manager,
Standard Bank.

Dear Sir, 

I wish to apply for getting my bank account shared with my wife. I am a regular user of your bank through my bank account, and have always complied with its terms, and conditions. For some unavoidable circumstances I may not be available in the country for a few months, and in my absence my family will make transactions on my behalf. In this situation, I authorize her to use my account without any restriction.

You are requested to please give my wife (Mrs. David Bochum) complete access to my bank account.

Your cooperation in this regards shall be praised.

David Bochum,
Account No.0000.

Letter for Nominee in Saving Bank Account

The manager, Citi bank, US

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that I have been diagnosed with cancer, and I am being treated at the hospital, as I have lost all hopes because it is 3rd stage cancer I would like to add nominee for my saving account in your bank. I would like to nominate my daughter, Jane Shaw to claim all my savings after my death.

Please find attached documents related to her, and her ID card copy. I request you to send someone from your bank to the hospital for other formalities as I am not able to go out of my room. Being your priority client, I expect this favor from you. I shall be really thankful for speedy actions to my application. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Sam Shaw

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