Letter to Grandparents about Education

Format of letter to your grandparents, and telling them about your education routine, and how it is shaping up your life.

Letter to Grandparents Regarding Value Based Education

To my dearest grandparents,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you of how my education is going, and on what I have learned so far. Last year you sent me to a school that is value based. I have made lots of new friends that will be there for me always. Value based means that they teach us about the value of life. Teaches us the importance of things, and how everything fixes together to survive.

Yesterday I learned that everything has a purpose, and usefulness. For example how the moon help control the tide without the moon then the tides will be out of balance. Also the moon is a light during the night time. And without this how would we humans guide ourselves at night. There are many things I can say, and many more things I have learned but I think that this is the most important. I hope you are well, and I hope to see you soon at the summer holidays. Take care.

Kind regards,

Your loving granddaughter

Letter to Grandparents about Education

Dear grandma, and grandpa,

How are you? I hope the both of you are doing well. How is everything back home? I miss you both very much, and cannot wait to visit you for the holidays. However, in the mean time I am occupied with my rigorous college schedule, and academics. I used to think that high school was difficult, and that once I got into college I would be a free bird. I was so wrong. Ever since college has started it is so difficult for me to manage my academics, quizzes, extra curricula’s, my job, sleep, and my social life which is almost dead by now. The academics take the largest fraction of my time, and I have such less time to enjoy myself, and talk to my friends, and family. It’s not all bad though, I enjoy working on engineering projects, and meeting professionals from well known companies. It gives me the exposure that I was never able to attain in high school.

Although for now I can’t wait to visit the whole family in the holidays, especially you two. Take care!

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Your grandson

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